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  1. Sorry to point this out but the scripts you posted in the quote from 01/21 above are exactly the same as the ones in the mod download (at least for me and notepad++ tells me they are identical)? It sounded like you made new changes compared to the files provided by the main download...
  2. Cool! Thanks a lot! By the way @Bad Dog, I also noticed that there is a "result := v" statement missing in the isHeadgear function of "Armor Fixup" xEdit script distributed with v10. I also figured that one would probably need to switch "NakedSnowLeopardFeet" and "NakedTigerFeet" in the LoadBareFeet() procedure as well as removing the "NakedFeetDarkElf". The switching of the former is needed since Snowleopards use the Tigers as an armor race. As a result, Snowleopard's AAs always need to contain Tigers as a valid race which again means that Tigers would use the SnowLeo
  3. Hi @Bad Dog, i wanted to report some minor issues and its solution with the latest YA version 10. Specifically, in the armor records of "YiffyAgeInvisBoots.esp" & "YiffyAgeDigiBoots.esp". The problem I faced was that Tigers, Snowleopards and Lions had Khajiit textures applied to their naked feet when I equipped boots from either of the esps. For Panthers, the feet textures got completley messed up (Pictures in Spoiler below). All other Races' feet textures were fine. Also, when equipping open gauntlets (Hide Bracers) all races use the Khajiit Hand textures.
  4. Hey Blaze, first things first, thanks for setting this mod up. I just wanted to tell you, that some collar ARMAs have the wrong nif file for male characters. Usually, there is an additional "1" missing at the end of the file name, e.g.: devious/devices/CuffsPaddedCollar_1_kha_m.nif -> devious/devices/CuffsPaddedCollar_1_kha_m_1.nif It is inconsistent sometimes though, as the "1" might be missing in the middle of the file name instead. I think this naming issue is present in all ebonite, leather and padded collars, maybe in the posture
  5. I've had this problem as well (and was confused). The reason is I think, that @Bad Dog disabled the RCAE dependence on the schlong arousal (namely: disabling the appropriate lines in the script 'BDSOSSchlongPlayer.psc' for RCAE.RegisterForAnimEvent() ) and is required for updating the arousal state of the schlong. If you look really careful, you can actually see a little tip sticking out of the sheath bend with the SOS keys but due to RCAE dependence gone, the arousal state is not updated and the schlong stays flaccid. The anthro schlongs are based on the standard SOS schlongs and
  6. I am aware of how North America spells sabre. I meant the spelling in the folder structure, since the files for saberlion won't overwrite the folder from the original which is spelled sabrelion
  7. Hi Vale, first of all I love the work you are doing for the community! And I wanted to inform you about a spelling mistake in the Male Texture Variant V3 where you accidentially put "saberlionmale" instead of "sabrelionmale" as the folder name^^ Cheers
  8. I was able to find the source of this problem. The 'Mmm... I suppose we could...' reply which follows after the 'Greetings' or 'Hello sweetie' persuasion prompts triggers the script SLD_TIF_RomanceSex.psc which uses the function StartPlayerRapist() from SLD_QST_Main.psc. This function initiates SL interactions via the QuickStart() function from SL Framework which is sensitive to the order the actors are passed in. If an actor is marked as victim in QuickStart(), it will only count towards the statistic and the facial expression applied, not the position of actors. So, it completely
  9. @DeepBlueFrog I am using LE. But I will check again if I have the latest version actually installed. EDIT: I got the most recent files for both SD+ and SLD but I think my problem might be related to SLD rather than SD+ since the 'Hello sweetie' dialogue comes from SLD. You are probably referring to issue #890 from github which I did not think was my problem here. During enslavement and using the begging dialogue, the victimisation of the PC works correctly as per the Event PCSubSex . Only when initiating a SexLab scene through the _SLD_rapistMenu() the PC will al
  10. Hi, I encountered a problem when using the 'Hello sweetie' dialogue option on a NPC: the PC always ends up on the receiving end even if the PC is male and the NPC female. Sometimes the notification 'tries to claw at your face and bite you' pops up after the '[Resists weakly]' notification and I could not find out, where it is coming from (Specifically, which script causes the claw at your face notification). I would appreciate some help with this. Cheers
  11. I sometimes encounter this problem, especially the "..." dialogue, when the PC and follower get enslaved via SL Defeat, also in the newer versions of SD+. I noticed that cleaning all actors affected by SL Defeat using the Defeat tools on "0" usually resolves that issue. At least for me.
  12. Thanks for the answer. This is strange, however, because I am using EFF, too and if I switch versions of SD+ mid gameplay multiple followers are getting enslaved but with the newest version (github version) only one as if the game only recognizes one active follower. I will try to test things out, if necessary I will post my load order. Edit: I just went through the papyrus log files for the case of getting enslaved by SD+362beta3 and the newest version. I found that in the newest version the same follower gets enslaved 4 times while in beta3 the followers are processed indivi
  13. Does anymody use a mod which adds multiple follower slots like EFF? I was wondering, if you have more than one follower with you wether all followers are supposed to be enslaved? Since when I have two or three followers with me, only one of them gets enslaved while the other just stands up (after defeat event) and starts following me again without being enslaved. I remember that in previous versions all followers would get enslaved EDIT: I tested this issue with previous versions and in SDPlus362beta3 all followers would get enslaved, while for beta5 and later only one fo
  14. Thank you Blaze69 and Bad Dog for your help. I was able to find the problem. I simply forgot to update my bashed and merged patches as well as some SkyProc patches. After I updated those, the NPC's I checked had no more problems. If someone is interested, I'll leave the patch I made for OBIS here. Cheers YA5_OBIS_Patch.7z
  15. Thanks for the reply Bad Dog. The problem NPCs look fine in CK, so head colour matches the one seen in xEdit. The exported textures are also fine as far as I checked and are overwriting the original mod. In game however they have their original body colour with a grey head which usually means that there is a mesh conflict...
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