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  1. I've generally found, through a couple iterations of this quest, that the movement speed that results from this combo is low enough that my character sometimes has a hard time overcoming inertia, and gets stuck momentarily. Just mashing WASD (or whatever the movement keys are set as) has always gotten my character moving again though.
  2. After doing some poking around in the CreationKit. It looks like the ARMA object for the rope armbinder for this quest (Assuming dcur_ltr_ropebinder_inescapable_rendered is indeed the right one, this would be dcur_Armbinder_RopeBlackAA) has the "zadx_rope_BlackTS" texture set to the hands, as well as all the ropes, which is presumably why the hands show up black. At a guess, it was only supposed to be applied to the ropes, and Kimy got trigger happy with the texture applying 😝. Edit: In retrospect, this seemed potentially more offensive than playful (the latter being intended, the former not so much), so...No offense intended! Just trying to help out a bit.
  3. While I can't say for certain if this is the case for you, I think this occurs due to the feature added awhile back to choose less punishing devices until level 3. I noticed DCL ignoring my MCM settings in new games until level 3 as of 8.5, if not earlier (I forget when this feature was added offhand). My guess is that the separate list of devices used to pick less punishing restraints for low level characters doesn't check itself against the MCM settings. Things I probably should've posted about a while back, but I was busying being a lurker...
  4. This is pretty much precisely what I meant, but I used the poor phrasing choice of "device", without specifying I meant furniture/contraption devices. I've since edited my original post to clarify the intent of my suggestion. Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks it would be a neat feature; gives me some hope it might make it in. Though naturally that's ultimately subject to whether Kimy decides to do so or not.
  5. Wanted to note that I also had the no MCM problem, but that this procedure worked for me. Also wanted to make a suggestion, if I may, since I believe Kimy said she was still taking those for 9.0: As an alternative to the left in the wilderness (in chains) outcome for combat defeat, maybe you could spawn the player in a random contraption/furniture device instead? The hogtie animation hasn't worked for me in some time (I think this broke around the same time as the damsel quest). This would provide an alternative, and should be minimal work, since the framework for spawning these devices on the player exists with the traps (Disclaimer: I have not tested these features yet in 9.0, but didn't see anything about the left in the wilderness outcome in the changelog). Naturally, you're free to use or ignore the suggestion as you see fit, but I, for one, am excited to see furniture integrated in DCL, and this seems like a neat way to do it with minimal investment. Random sidenote: this is my first post after like 5 year of lurking here, lol. Edit: edited for clarity. Original phrasing of "device" may not have made it clear I meant a contraption / furniture device (though hopefully context would have eventually)
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