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  1. Hello. I'm having a problem with the latest 2020-02-20 version, it works just fine up to a point then crashes due to a 'missing' belly node ( sexlab inflation Framework sends that message ), so I tried an older version 2018-08-29 and the problem vanished, unfortunately that's the only older version I have so I was wondering if anyone out there had more up-to-date versions that I could try? on a side note I use the uunp special body and maybe that's the problem but honestly have no idea.
  2. Hi Lupine. Been playing with your mod installed for a good number of weeks now and love it, i kinda finally figured out why i never got a buff in Alchemy, stumbled upon it by accident. I put my girl into some DD items, restrictive boots and gloves, in the worn section i gave a buff of 50 points to both Archery and One handed skills if the gloves were worn for 24 hours, when i checked the buffs after a few mins of playing the one handed skill was there, but no archery, instead i had an Alchemy buff! ( i hadn't added an alchemy buff to any section anywhere ). So i removed t
  3. In the arousal section both Alteration and Alchemy were effected, Alteration would sometimes have its buff sometimes not, Alchemy would never have its buff, i didn't add buffs or debuffs to either of those skills in any other sections. The guys in Riten didn't follow me around, they went about their normal daily routines, Balimund worked at his forge, Tythus chopped wood and walked back and forth past Honeyside, Bolli wandered the market before heading off to his fishery, but i could not interact with them, any time i came near them they just kept saying the same rape dialogue and
  4. Thank you for the reply, i played some more today and it might be on my end, something that interrupts things as my game is being loaded so that not all things get re-applied, I used to suffer from the old FootIK problem that caused a CDT on load so i use Load Game CDT fix from the Nexus and that got rid of that problem, maybe its somehow doing something as my game loads that interferes with the buffs, i dunno its just a guess. I also use SKSE plugin preloader, maybe that's affecting it too, either way i wont ask you to go on a hunt for something you cant reproduce, i'll just ignore the p
  5. Hello Lupine, first let me say thank you for creating what i can only describe as an awesome mod, the possibilities with this are staggering, it has a very 'professional' feel about it in the MCM and now i can finally have a speed debuff on my girl as her pregnant belly gets bigger. One thing i have noticed is not all buffs and debuffs will get applied when loading a saved game, i set the time rate for calculating the buffs/debuffs to 10 seconds. I set a range of buffs and debuffs in the arousal section, all fighting skills to get a -10 debuff at 100% arousal and all ma
  6. I'm sorry I don't know how to do that, I did look that up and after a couple of hours in the Creation Wiki i tried to do what it said but always got this fail message and realized it was out of my depth, would probably take me days to figure it out and i don't have the luxury of that time. I can wait, there's no rush, i do hope you get your Skyrim up and running again, and thank you for taking the time to help me with this, I do appreciate it very much.
  7. Hmm.... I use Defeat, and the Hentai Pregnancy MCM shows but no pregnancy happens in game, sounds like a mod I have installed is somehow blocking Hentai Pregnancy from initializing at the start of a new game. You are quite the detective chevalierx, I never would have guessed this could be the reason in a million years, thank you for this and I will try your solution on a new game now.
  8. That's good to hear, I've been wrestling with this issue for weeks myself and got nowhere, I like to try to solve things myself if I can but honestly this has me stumped. I'll post my Papyrus log but can't see anything in there about Hentai Pregnancy ( no warning or error messages ). The log is right at the start of a new game, I use Live Another Life and chose to start at the Four Shields Tavern in Dragon Bridge, had sex with Julienne ( Vaginal ), got no impregnation message ( Sexlab female cum is enabled ) then shut the game down. I'm using V. 2018-08-29 and Hentai P
  9. Just tried V. 2018-08-29 in a new game and got the same result as i did with V. 2018-07-01, no impregnation at all ( that is set to 100 % in the MCM ), no idea why V. 2018-05-20 works for me and the rest don't, but i guess that's just life
  10. I also had this issue with the 2018-07-01 version, ( Not tried the 2018-08-29 version ) yet the 2018-05-20 version works fine for me, I never posted about it though cause I know Ed86 will just say "Works for me" and that will be it, and to be fair we can't expect him to fix a bug he can't reproduce, but somethings not right somewhere.
  11. Hello Ed86 I'm really enjoying this mod and everything is working great, only thing iv'e noticed is what Tumai said, like my wife will have 14 days to deliver a baby, then on next game load she might have 15 or 17 days, it's never consistent, i'm thinking maybe that difference of 1 - 5 days that gets applied at the start of pregnancy is being re-applied each time you load your game? I dunno but anyways apart from that it's fantastic. Edit - Sorry didn't see you'd updated the mod, I was using 05-06 version, I will try the 05-20 version now.
  12. Hello again Ed86 Iv'e been using your updated version of this mod for over a week now and I'm very happy with it. The only thing I feel lacking right now is more information when the PC is lactating, right now it says her breasts are full no matter how much she has. It would be better I think if the messages said something different at 25% 50% 75% and 100%. Also it's a bit of a pain to cast the milking spell over and over just to empty her boobs, could it be set so she milks everything on one cast? but leave the 'squirting' spell as it is, that's a nice bit of fun you
  13. Cool, Thank you. I once tried Aroused Creatures, but found NPC's being 'got' by chickens and goats a bit much, so I guess I'll stick with Puppet Master for the friendly animal stuff.
  14. Hello egon123 Thank you for fixing this, unfortunately it still doesn't work for me. I installed the files, ran FNIS and in game told Defeat to reconfigure, then imported my saved settings and went to Riverwood and tested on Stump, I kept the 'H' key held for a good 10 seconds or more and still got nothing other than the dog just looked at me then ignored me.
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