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  1. Hi, me again - out of curiosity is this going effect all VampLord transformations (as in npcs) or just the player character?
  2. dbruto99

    Black faces bug

    I had this issue as well and found that once I removed KS Hairdos that it fixed my problem. Not sure what to suggest other than that.
  3. Will definitely be keeping my eye on this mod, as you are doing a really fantastic job and I can't wait to see the end results . I have been looking for a good VL transformation for god knows how long. Hopefully when you are done I'll be able to wrap my head around how to swap the pieces around (I really want the Blade & Soul Infernal Armour with the More Draconic Dragon Aspect wing to make my VL look well, more Dragon like) as I can't make heads nor tails when it comes to attempting to mod. Oh a quick question - will you be doing a male counterpart to go with this mod?