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  1. And BaC is stuck in a half finished state as far as quests go and CTD's often during most quests. Damn shame. I lightly mod Oblivion unfortunately.
  2. So there's no quest or anything to be captured and forced to be a milk slave? I mean the Orc Strongholds already have the locations.
  3. Is there something I can do in the MCM to get rid of this? I checked the disable hair color control option in the YPS settings. That may fix it. I'll update this post to confirm if this works when I can get around to it. Disabling the feature makes my characters hair remain the color it is with no change. I decided to remove YPS entirely and the hair didn't grow as well as not change. So basically there's no way for a "gradual" hair color change as far as I can tell. The only reason I use the mod is for the Bimbo and Futa options though so I set the "Breast Swell", "Belly Swell", and "Butt Swell" Modifier to 0 so none of them could change through excessive sex. Do those settings also apply to reverting back to normal? I feel like the Bimbo mod expands the breasts but not through the Hormones swell system so I might be unable to have them reduce unless I enable them in the swell sliders. So the clothing is expanding but the body behind them isn't? Obviously LOOT it just to make sure if you haven't already. If that isn't it then it might be an issue with whatever body mod your using. You might have Bodyslider for clothing/armor working right but there might be an issue with your actual characters body. I use cosioHD for example, so whatever you're using i would try and see if you have all the required mods for whatever you're using installed and functional. Though I'm pretty dumb with modding this game so this might be worth making a troubleshoot thread with your load order posted if you can't figure it out. Only other possibilities I can thing of is SLIF being buggy as it tends to be. Also be careful with Beeing female. You can't uninstall it and continue your game. You have to start a new one which means editing your MCM menus all over again.
  4. Ahh ok. I'll screw around with YPS and make sure this is the case. Any reason my characters hair isn't gradually turning blond? It just goes full platinum blond the second they get the curse. Also will my characters breast size reduce over time? Or is that permanent even if the bimbo curse isn't at the final stage? Either way thanks for the info. Understanding mods is easy but understanding how they function together is annoying.
  5. Yea but my character still has blond hair, tattoo's and increased breast size when I gave him the heart before it was permanent. The stat reductions are the only thing back to normal.
  6. Really? I've been playing a bimbo for a while now. Thanks for the heads up. So we're not at the point where curing yourself will revert the changes I mentioned? The only way I would know how to do that would be to uninstall/reinstall the mod and edit race menu.
  7. One of those mods I was really looking forward to seeing finished or worked on. Shame.
  8. Alright cool I imagine the final step is when your feet becomes permanently arched? This makes sense though since my character isn't reverting, or at least partially. My MP is back to normal and I don't drop weapons and her hair isn't forced to be long anymore. But the tattoos are still there and her hair is still blond as well and breast growth isn't diminished so I imagine it's a bug. This is the case even when I remove the curse via MCM (unchecking the bimbo curse). Either way I wish there was some in game dialog from the outcast saying it was permanent and he can't fix you to avoid this issue. More in game feedback from this mod in general would be great since half the time I don't know if I'm running into a bug or if the mod is working functionally. Also my characters hair color doesn't change gradually. It just fully applies as soon as the curse starts.
  9. Wait it can become permanent? And yea I'm also having the issue where giving the outcast at Dragon Bridge a deadra heart to cure my character does nothing. Is this currently a bug or am I not doing something right?
  10. It wasn't working because I'm stupid and forgot to install FadeTats. Thanks for bringing it up.
  11. Set Slave Tats to disappear in 24 hours in the MCM and it's not happening, they just persist. Any help?
  12. Well I took all the files in the "CD device removal DDv4 update v2" and replaced/put them in the "CD Part 1 - Esp and Scripts - v4.15" manually and installed that. Would that work to fix it even in MO? I know you're not familiar with the software but it's still not working and I don't know why it would do such a thing.
  13. So this fixes the bug in the Embassy quest with them never removing your armbinder even in conflicting animations? If so I can't seem to install the file right on MO.
  14. Is the author dead? I have the same issue everybody else seems to have and I deleted the old version.
  15. Well the Bimbo hair isn't working for me. As well as the succubus hair.
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