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  1. Chroom22

    A Rubber Facility

    Shame if that's the case. But I generally hold out hope when it comes to modding here. We still got people devoted to modding Oblivion sex mods here who resurface after years to continue their mods. Either way the content here is really promising. At the very least I hope the content here is continued.
  2. Chroom22

    A Rubber Facility

    Really looking forward to this mod. Has all the fetish buttons I like to see pushed. Are the outfits going to be body slide compatible later down the line?
  3. Chroom22

    Content Consumer's Alternate Starts

    I'm having the "fade to black and nothing happens" bug that occurs commonly. I'm running Mod Organizer and I've ran the common save editor fix and removed the script instances (as well as any other scripts on a separate attempt just to be sure) but the problem persists. I'm not running JUG's or any of the other problem mods listed in the OP. But just in case I'll post my load order at the end of this post in case there's any less obvious mods that were name dropped. I've also ran a new game multiple times (while following the advice in the first post about how to start a new game and get this mod to work) and have unchecked multiple esp's that might be the cause of the issue to no avail. Any advice or support for this would be appreciated. I'm almost sure it's a specific mod that's conflicting/breaking ccas but I don't have the time to uncheck the ones that are reliant on other esp's unless I know which one it is specifically. In any case here's my load order. If there's anything I'm forgetting to check that was mentioned in the OP or any obvious fixes I neglected please remind me. My Load Order (Ran through LOOT)
  4. Chroom22

    Devious Training

    If that's the case then that explains my issue. It's difficult to accurately describe why I thought that the changes would be instant but I'll just say it's primarily because the bugs I was encountering earlier lead me to think that I would see the changes instantly. But if you're saying putting on a corset won't make my character thin instantly that's basically a load off of my mind since I've been going insane trying to figure out why it wasn't happening instantly. Oh ok that explains why I've been having problems with progressing the effects in order to debug/change any issues with the mod I had in the MCM. I figured setting everything to ultra speed was all I could do. Edit: Also after debugging, my character is still getting fat instead of shrinking around the waist. I'll just post my load order since my DTII settings are pretty vanilla. If this doesn't absolve the issue I don't know what will.
  5. Chroom22

    Devious Training

    I have Devious Training 2.6 installed (I'm assuming anything after 2.0 is DTII) and the latest SLIF files installed (1.2.2) And the patch (2018.12.01) and I made sure they were recent. Now nothing happens when I wear the corset. Even worse I checked SLIF values and there's no belly morph at all in the Devious Training II section. Just neck and head. I made sure to install SLIF and its patch AFTER Devious Training 2.6. I've also ran LOOT to make sure the load order is appropriate. At this point the only thing I can think that's creating these issues is either a corrupt save (I haven't started a new game) or some other mod that's effecting it. I even went out of my way to make sure it wasn't hormones or Beeing female by disabling any inflation settings for debug purposes. I'll start a new game I guess but I'm not looking forward to the hour and a half ordeal of making the character and then editing all the MCM settings. Thank god Cursed Loot allows you to import settings.
  6. Chroom22

    Devious Training

    Well I know it's DT. It's stating my belly node is inflated. It's also just inflating the characters belly even though I'm not even wearing a corset. Anybody's guess as to why it's doing this?
  7. Chroom22

    Devious Training

    Any reason wearing a corset would make my character fat instead of skinny? I feel like SLIF has something to do with it but at this point I have so many mods that change the body scale I haven't got a clue.
  8. Pretty positive it's my nails. Only other items I'm wearing during the mod is makeup. I haven't even had anything pierced at all during this playthrough. All I'm saying is that I see no reason the item removal fine is "on" by default.
  9. Any reason I'm owning money to Dibella's beauty fund when SD+ quests engage from Death Alternative? Also my items are removed despite the quests not really having any reason for doing so. Edit: Never mind. Turned out to be the fine you get for taking off your nails and the bound spriggan gloves take their place. Dunno why it's on in the MCM by default since they automatically re-equip anyway if you were to take them off. Really I can't think of any real reason the fine mechanic exists to begin with since it's immersion breaking (how does your money magically teleport to the fund?) and serves no purpose outside of making things inconvenient for you. It only makes things worse when you realize it's incompatible with DD gloves.
  10. Is there an update/patch or something I can do to have the COS body function with this mod? The spriggan infection clothing is making my character bald with an obvious neck seam.
  11. Chroom22

    SexLab Aroused Creatures (2016-01-20)

    Is there any way to raise the creatures arousal ratings more quickly? I have the arousal ticker and I've never seen a creature with an arousal above 20. Does editing the MCM in Sexlab Aroused also affect the creatures?
  12. Chroom22

    Milk Mod Economy

    Any reason the Breast Enlarge Potions wouldn't be working? I have HDT/Bodyslide all the framework installed but nothing. Do you have to be a milkmaid for it to occur? Are there any special requirements?
  13. Another day another bug. I'm dong the slave quests and I was told to get materials for the Ork colony for the second time. I say "hey there" or something, he says "you're back", and then nothing happens and the dialog window closes. I read this occurring on this thread before but it got no reply. Any help here?
  14. Chroom22

    Being a Cow

    I'm just going to make a wild guess and ask if you're using an ENB. It might have something to do with that. Otherwise what do you mean by "glowing"?. Is it just not being shaded properly and it looks awkward? I can't really help you but you might want to post a screenshot of the hooves so people can see for themselves what the issue might be.
  15. "(holds the primary removal function for the standard devices)" Does this answer my question for the arm binders not being removed for the Party Favors quest?