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  1. If you're using BHUNP, are you on SE? You need mfg fix for the mouth to open in SE for the gags. It's not related to the body or head.
  2. The DD 5.1 update goes below DD 5.0, yes. The download for DCL is still for the beta, and is still just LE. You can run it through CAO and it will work. You should copy the bodyslide files from DCL SE 8.4/8.5 to overwrite the DCL 9.0 bodyslide files (take the caliente folder from the old version and copy it into 9.0) if you want the outfits to fit and if you're using CBBE. I won't be converting it until it's out of beta. DCL 9.0 requires a new game, you cannot upgrade from 8.4/8.5. DCL LE 9.0 beta 3:
  3. It's a new setting in the DCL 9.0 beta. Traps are supposed to be less punishing ones. It doesn't take long to level up that far, just play a bit and check again later. Percentage is the percentage in a set of possibles. Even setting to 100% has been problematic from what I've seen in the LE thread. I don't know if that's a bug or just Skyrim. I have noticed when looting anything, traps/keys/whatever are only updated when the container is opened, so auto loot won't trigger it, and i think quick loot fell into that category. The rape scenes (any sex scenes reall
  4. I think not honoring the settings when low level was brought up, but don't recall the time frame (not sure if it was after or before beta 3). If you're still seeing it after level 5 might be worth mentioning on the LE thread to make sure that it gets addressed in the next beta patch. Make sure you don't have anything else that could alter traps, like deviously enchanted chests.
  5. No bodyslides yet, I was just looking through nifskope before working on updating the bodyslides, to see what was new. Looks like just the shellbug stuff. There's two versions of that particular mesh, the one in the alternate textures download has the issue. The one in the mod is fine, that's the texture you have. I've been skipping it since the mod has the right one, but thought I'd mention it in case someone just copies the files from the alternative textures. the bodyslide uses the version from the mod.
  6. @DeepBlueFrog Just took a quick look through the armor to see what I need to update. I noticed the liquid and mystofdawn textures are missing from the alternate chaurus queen assets. Also, there's several _sd_ textures used in the parasites mod. not sure if you meant to include those or not. i can get a list if you need it. For the updated mod, the dwarven cyborg textures are missing. The male 1stperson meshes don't match the armor, and the male armor doesn't match the female armor. it's more like clothing than dwemer?
  7. What level are you? A lot of this is blocked until after level 5. And if you're on DCL 9.0 beta, this may not pop with mercyful dungeons, since that tries to avoid wrist restraints in dungeons.
  8. As elsidia said, it's random. You can modify your chances to hit the quest in the events section of the mcm. default is 5%.
  9. If you aren't using an SE version from this thread, run the mod through CAO to convert the animations and meshes. Check FNIS after your run it for errors as mentioned above. Could be a conflict, but the only way to know would be to strip your load order down to just the mod and it's requirements, make sure it's working, then add things back in.
  10. It's working just fine for me in SE. If you cycle through too fast, you might not see it.
  11. You need another mod to get into it. It's used in some of the DCL quests / traps that I'm aware of. I got stuck in that position once and had a hard time getting out, especially with all the reiklings not leaving me alone. I ended up loading a previous save because i was so screwed. Sorry for the misunderstanding. It's called dcur_hogtie or maybe DCLHogtie, but I've no idea how to call idle animations on demand. I think elsidia explained to you on the DCL thread.
  12. No, it's just that your only options for bodyslides for the new items will be for CBBE SE, not 3BA. Your breasts may sometimes bounce out of the outfit, but that should be about all that happens.
  13. My issue was never that corsets didn't show, but that they weren't using the combined mesh. That was my misunderstanding, they don't show as combined any more. You've got a different issue. If you've got DD for Him, try upgrading to DD 5.1. The upgrade files are on the troubleshooting post. Make sure you don't have any other mods overwriting DD, with the exception of DCL. Old patches will break things. Go through the conflicts in the troubleshooting post and make sure you don't have the conflicting mods. The symptoms may not always be the same.
  14. Don't use DDa items to test with, use the DDx armbinders.
  15. Not updated for the new stuff in 5.0/5.1 yet, but yes.
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