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  1. Tera Succubus Armor CBBE HDT with Bodyslide support

    Tera Succubus Armor CBBE

    This is my first time to upload a mod to LL. I always download mods but never offer something to this site. so I ported tera succubus armor (code name: pc event f 16) to skyrim and decided to upload here. If you find any problems about this mod feel free to ask me then I'll fix as soon as possible.
    This mod adds tera succubus armors in your Skyrim game. It consists of 4 different colored armor sets and each set of armors has 8 armor pieces.
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override HDT Physics Extensions XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE  
    (Optional) Requirements:
    Heels Sound 1.5 (you need to replace the main plugin file with the one in the folder called 'Optional esp for Heels Sound')  
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer  
    How to get this armor in game:
    you can use AddItemMenu to get this armor or you can craft and upgrade them from daedric section at a forge and a grindstone. 
    En Masse Entertainment/Bluehole Studios for their amazing armors billyro for good quality cubemaps



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