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  1. Then why, the problem of disappearing strapons during sex, is also solved by replacing the current version of the file SexoutCommonResources.esm to an older one (from 2018)? It may be the case in some script? To test, I used Sexout NG 97 and 98 beta 2, as well as mods like SexoutSexKey, SexoutSex, etc.
  2. I did as you said, problem solved, strapons no longer disappear during sex. Thanx.
  3. Problem is in the SexoutCommonResources.esm. I replaced SexoutCommonResources.esm version 2019 with the same file version 2018, the problem is solved. I didn't touch the resources (meshes, textures, etc) at all. The test was performed on Sexout NG 97 and 98 beta 2.
  4. In the new version of SCR, the strap-on first appears and then disappears when sex begins. With the old version of SCR (2018), strapons don't disappear during sex.
  5. CC packages of your v2 club doesn't loading correctly.
  6. Try to ask on ea support site. It seems to be a seasons error, wait for a new WW version. Try repare files, this LE is not informative.
  7. Try with only WW + Basemental. Other your mods still not stable. (IMHO). Try use MCC for skills management and autonomy tunning.
  8. The LE should show up, when you play a certain sim. Find that sim, remove the umbrella from his inventory. After that, you may also safely delete the cache folder, cachestr folder, and localthumbcache.package file. The game will generate new ones.
  9. if an 'injector' of a mod shows up in the LE, the only meaning is, that there is a piece of code of this particular mod which is 'listening'. It doesn't necessarily mean, that this mod is broken or the culprit. The problem is caused by Umbrella
  10. Same issues on populated lots. Without WW, there are no simulation lags. Sorry for my Eng.
  11. Hello! Which version of "unethical deeds" is less bugged ?
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