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  1. Hey @Monoman1 I know.. I ve been soooo gone again, especially since I went to the dark side of SE Loving all the improvements! These patches that bring like SLA and SLS license together are an awesome add! Much love to you and your expanded conversion and adding team 🤗
  2. My only thing of note.. and I have loved this on LE and here on SSE... is the script load is HUGE. Way huge
  3. It's not that important thank you for the answer tho'. I just wanted to use it as more of a pay follower thing, currently I ll do what I have done for a long time in LE and now here for SE.. I just give my followers some money with my SLsurvive running, and they sticky finger away some.. follower paid LOL
  4. Best SE conversions around. All of them work great if you follow the requirements :) 
    Thank you for the work 💖

    Now.. if you get could PoP up and running again.. I give you a sloppy 💋

    1. nomkaz


      Awww...THANKS! I do what I can with what I have. 

    2. Bushi Neko

      Bushi Neko

      Well.. I never doubt a mod I see your name on for the conversion. A+++ work! 

  5. I see what you did there.. You mean... Do not reward by giving the punishment desired, instead deny the sought after reaction. I am enjoying this.. but the tick system has me greatly confused I must confess. IE: the payment is extremely high for a debt especially in a money is SCARCE modded Skyrim. At 6 ticks default I wind up owing my follower more than 100 coins in less than a day, which is almost as much as I can make at all at low end ... more so with SLSurvival and license fees etc. In other words.. by following me, my follower is essentially earning more than I do on aver
  6. This is awesome for a neat little different prison / jail misery mod Plus it seems to be problem free on my SE setup
  7. You have to ( if you have not found out yet.. ) Install sexlab animation loader ( SLAL ) and once you have it on your MCM, you ( easy way ) GENERAL \ ENABLE ALL \ REGISTER You can also go in and select each pose by toggle before you register. MAKE SURE YOU RUN FNIS before enabling in game
  8. Not to ME! Totally worth it. My problems have been minor.
  9. I LOVE this mod. Any weirdness I ever experienced has usually been an easy fix or nothing to really worry at all over. Just in the moment oddity. Usually only associated with some out there mod items I have...
  10. Sadly, other than loan sharks they do not inherently have that.. 😕 as you know. But depending on how you play ( as often is the case ) you can at least make them work for you. I swear by Banking in Imperial mail. Being able to dump money in a safe place is a blessing if your able to lose your money, and you can jack the bank fee's up to make it more oppressive. The Investments are a bit.. meh.. but still better than core I think. But I never invest at all anyway. I generally only go as far as a yard sale with Marketstall. At any rate.. anyone can refer to those links no
  11. You did have some good ideas.. but they are actually out there now. Loans can be easily handled by Loansharks of Skyrim with of course a customizable MCM Banking is really cool with Imperial Mail and Chequebook to supplement it. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/63247/ <<< Banking and lastly.. investing is altered and handled pretty well with Trade and Barter All good, and existing ways to get some of what your after. And all with an MCM for setting up how you like. https://www.nexusmods.com/sk
  12. I ve never been gone really.. just not talking much in here. Nor playing much until now again. Good to see you!!! I find it to be very rewarding now. Well.. at least from an RP perspective, without all the intrusion of the PC to Follower enslavement mods making a muss of things. I wish it were possible to have a fully setup / never need open MCM.. but sadly I do not think it's possible. To many variables can happen. Yes!!! Non Dragonborn adds a unique perspective. Without the shouts it's not a matter of not using them.. VS Shout Like a Virgin where I literally wen
  13. uh.. what does she look like in game?
  14. @Monoman1 Well, I ve recently been back to playing more ol' Skyrim again myself, and I now have a probably over complex way of using SLS but for RP in my mind.. it works great. Step one. Turn off Escort required and all the licenses. Step two. Spawn into world for the first time. I use random in Unbound ( this is important as it sets the tone for how the other stuff gets activated. ) Step three. If PC lands in a small town, leave escort and license off. Now, this is where it gets down to other mods mattering for the moment. Since misogyny is all on, and I use Bu
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