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  1. I did have it installed when I started my game. I have tried uninstalling just SA, just SH, and both with on luck. I sat down and waited 3 in-game days each time. Not sure which of the other mods would be doing it. Is there any kind of catch all "RemoveMorph" command?
  2. That command fixed half of my problem, so I'm thinking the other half might be coming from the SH mod. I should have included my load order in my first post; but in case anyone can help me here I'll attach it. FO4ModList.txt
  3. Not sure if my issue is with this one or with Sexual Harassment; but my problem is that the body morphs are not returning back to the normal body after waiting any amount of time. I like the cumflation aspect of this mod but now my character has a saggy butt and pudgy belly. Is there a fix for this that I'm missing?
  4. I have changed her gender in the Animation Settings tab in Sexlab ( I am using v1.62) but it changes back to Female after sex. I have also tried turning off the "Females use Strap-ons" setting and only lesbian animations play. If I change Gender but leave the strap-on option on I get what happens in the screen shot. Thoughts? ScreenShot6.bmp
  5. Off topic, but does anyone know what tattoo mod was used in this screen shot?
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