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  1. I just looked on the Steam Workshop page for CK3 and there are already several mods out for it.
  2. Have you made sure that Cheri Tentacled Dreams is checked? If that is checked, then make sure that both the file and the (for me is a triangle play icon) is there. If the mod shows up on your list of mods in the launch menu, then one of those is missing and needs to be added
  3. I am stuck on the dragon. After sex, he just stayed where he was and didnt go to the beastess lair. I tried the shout afterwards, but after sex, he is still there in his original location.
  4. Not within your reach? This mod is totally awesome. Sure a few things can be tweaked here and there, but most of what you are asking for would be a total rewrite
  5. Sounds like she had a good time then!
  6. I just started a game last night and took over West Francia in 867. The game worked fine for me
  7. Thanks. I had to reinstall steam on a new computer and had to download everything again which brought me to 2.5.
  8. Are you guys getting it to work with 2.5?
  9. Is there a plan to have machine pops breed with xeno organics? Like if you were playing the machine race, then when you come across your 'neighbor' who is an organic species, then you would be able to breed them out and possibly create hybrids. Another thought that I just had was maybe do the same thing if you found another machine civilization, but this would eventually overwrite their code by having their 'children'
  10. now that would be something to look forward to.
  11. Looks like it. I am trying to figure out the balance of all the new types of buildings now. Like how many housing units, resource generating buildings, and districts.
  12. possibly that as well as combined with the Snu Fever traits from SSX? I mean that there could be a tradition to fuck all aliens to combine their DNA with your race for more powerful units or something. Or to leave a small percentage of their population alone and use them as lab rats. Now that would be a twist haha.
  13. Your idea of sexual traditions is intriguing. I agree that it can be difficult. I reinstalled the game and then installed your mod. I love it so far, but I do not really like the updates to the game itself. I have yet to come across any tile blockers for example. I have come across the techs for removal, but I have not seen them as of yet. I wouldn't mind seeing more events fire off to break the long monotony of sitting around, and waiting for something to happen during colonization, random or otherwise..
  14. definitely loving this mod and cant wait to see what else you add to it
  15. Still awaiting word on the future of the mod.
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