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  1. You need to increase your skill either by doing actions or using cheats to up your skill and also buying the exhibitionist reward trait. Just click wickedwhims on another sim and the options will come up. Also next time post in wickedwhims tech support.
  2. El módulo rizado CNWW agregará cosas de tipo sub y dom en el futuro. Asegúrese de que cuando haga una solicitud, publíquela en la sección de solicitud y búsqueda del foro.
  3. They have a patreon to help them if you are interested financially backing them.
  4. Chisami's tublr got deleted so a majority of her NSFW stuff has disappeared.
  5. The animations he made are made with the nanashi rig/standard rig. Although it would be nice to get a public release of the titan rig I have been waiting for something like this and it inspired me to want to animate.
  6. You are welcome. They overlooked it because they are dicks and probably think modders will fix all their shit for them while they put out endless game packs that to me lack a lot of content or should have been part of other packs. I agree I wish it was more finely tuned.? Also if you click on the door you can exclude Life's Drama people from just barging in.
  7. If you want something that is effectively gossip ruining lives I would recommend sacrificials mod life's drama, but you would have to enable it for every npc. https://sacrificialmods.com/downloads.html Make sure to read up more on it that way it fits what you are looking for.
  8. You either have 2 default penises or your penis needs to be updated.
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