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  1. Fuck me sideways, I've never seen that before, only newer versions, thank you!
  2. I've been off the game for a while now, since at least a patch ago, converting the latest WW and extra skin tones packages now, will add them here, I cant test them at the moment but if you downloaded my old versions just delete those and replace with these. For version 153D+ public FHQ__WW_RLE2.package FHQ__WW_RLES.package If you use the extra skin tones packages. FHQ__WW_EST_RLE2.package I noticed the filesize increased for the base mod conversion so guess they added or changed something, would explain why they stopped w
  3. Eh... is this a new bug/limit? *looks at the 28 locked and loaded mods that are working fine*
  4. Might need to change their act or location, examples being depending on what animations you have installed you may not have or allow with settings. Example one, location only has oral animations, no compatible oral climax on that object/location, changing to vaginal allows it to complete because it does have a climax animation for that location. Example two, same as above but it doesn't have any climax animations for any act, change location to another object/location type and choose your poison. Example three, go nuts downloading way too many animations
  5. Anyway to change it so strapons are disabled by default, rather than enabled by default, just my towns population is mostly strait and its getting irritating, would be much simpler to add it to sims when appropriate rather that it getting strapped up randomly all the time.
  6. It wont let me put them or any item from this mod (skins, tobacco etc) in the new uni individual storage's witch is a pita, it does let me drop stuff in the generic magic chests that share inventory though. also, uncured buds and psilocybin fungus can go in fridges. Additional, also while I think of it, papers, cigs etc don't stack anymore, another pita, guessing its a "feature".
  7. Looks like eve 5 and/or 6, its why I only use its non-defaults and even then its only really installed for some pieces of clothing that aren't made for any other shape, anything over a B cup on a normal sim gets like that for me, if the original sim is a C or gawd forbid a D they get stretched out and ludicrous while A' or B's look natural. Only other things that might be affecting it that I can think of would be the new random body details appliers in WW, they might have added things affecting the looks, might be worth checking in particular the body and skin details (the bit whe
  8. Yea.... nope, I'll stick to editing in CAS on the fly, thanks for walking me though it though.
  9. Still question as I don't think its in this mods remit but, any way to limit unnatural hair colours by percentage or if not outright block some? Getting annoyed by the rainbow freak show in my towns.
  10. Currently for me I buy the seed packets from debug, only seasonal seeds show up, even at gardening lvl 10, buying from a dealer gives you cured weed bags where the buds cant be planted.
  11. I don't know, I don't pay for mods so haven't used it.
  12. Same problems some others have mentioned, WW is public version, up to date, have all expansions, game version is "" at the time of posting. Sim gets the work in 1 hour notification but does not try to attend autonomously. Clicking "Go To Work" manually does nothing. Manually travelling to the supplied office (confirmed correct venue type selected etc) sees no change. Clicking on "Go To Work" at the office venue sends the sim back home where it states they are now at work while standing in front of their home. I see they were told to update the
  13. Its literally called "Stop Smoking", only seems to work about a third of the time, I don't think that's a bug with basemental though, just one of the billion "official" mEAxis interaction bugs.
  14. Fuck me sideways... https://zerbu.tumblr.com/post/190411006875/the-sims-4-mod-copy-worlds-experimental ...there is a gawd.
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