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  1. In third person, my character leans forward or backward depending on where I aim, whenever I have a weapon readied. This usually leads to a very strange posture, even when looking straight ahead, and I was wondering if there is any way to remove the leaning and have the character keep a straight back no matter where I aim?
  2. I had the issue with black faces using the Enhanced Shaders ENB (I even got a bit brighter face skin color without ENB), but managed to get it to work somewhat alright by filling in the alpha channels in the lipstick textures, and then setting "Membrane Shader - Dest Blend Mode" to "Source Inverted Alpha" in the effect shaders in the .esp. The face skin color is not affected at all anymore, but the lip colors are pretty strong and kind of glowed in the dark. To combat this, I also messed around with some of the texture alpha settings in the effect shaders. The result is fairly ok, I think. I'll upload the edited textures and an .esp patch here – From what I gather in the original post that should be ok, but let me know if it's not! It still needs the original mod, so put my .esp after it in the load order (or just copy the shader effect edits to the original .esp in FNVedit if you want to minimize your plugin count, there aren't that many edited records) Thanks a lot for the cool mod! Lipstick ENB Fix.7z
  3. Thanks - What exactly do you mean by MO settings? I don't have any warnings about wrong mod orders (as in the left pane).
  4. Hey, I'm having trouble getting this mod to start up properly. The MCM appears normally (with POP menus included), but no settings I make there get saved, and I'm not getting arrested by guards - They only say their dialogue, then move on like nothing happened. When I try to force restart via "Debug" in the MCM, I get the POP-specific message about waiting for 3 hours and until I see "POP ready" in the top left of the screen, but this never happens, no matter how long I wait. I don't see any PO- or POP-related messages in the top left at any time. Some details: I am introducing both PO and POP to a save that has never seen either of them before, at the same time. I also tried installing PO first, saving, and then installing POP - This had the same result as above (force restart not working either). The save I'm using has no orphan scripts and is stable. PO works without POP installed, on the same save. POP is loaded after PO in Mod Organizer, both in the left and the right pane. I'm using the latest version of PapyrusUtil (3.3), SkyUI, Sexlab and ZaZ pack. I have tried older versions of POP (8k, 8g and 7f), with the same result. I'm also getting the same result when starting a new game. Here is my load order: http://pastebin.com/hG6xH41M At this time, I have POP at the bottom for testing, but I have also tried placing it directly below PO. Most of the ESPs near the bottom are simple patches I have made myself for merging leveled lists and preserving Requiem edits. Here is my papyrus log when loading the save with both PO and POP introduced for the first time: http://pastebin.com/6s3ymtSh There is a ton of PO/POP errors, which I would guess is the reason for my problem, but I don't know what it all means I appreciate any suggestions!
  5. Ah, I see, thank you! I assume there is no easy way to increase the chances for scenes then. By the way, does that mean that the "A wench is on a job" message won't appear until the story manager wants it to happen, or should that display regardless? I just had it appear followed by a scene, which made me realize that I don't see that message very often. At least it can still happen! \o/
  6. Hey! I've placed a handful of female NPCs in various inns, all wearing both Tavern Clothes and the Sanctified Amulet of Dibella (both included in a custom outfit for them in the CK). I saw a couple of NPC scenes right after they were placed, but now those scenes seem to have stopped triggering. I've tried both with and without the "NPC schedule" option checked, but nothing happens, even when I'm staying at inns for whole days/nights. I can solicit them myself, so the clothing keyword is registering. Do you have any idea if something could be preventing the NPC scenes from triggering, or is it normal for them to go for long periods of time without any work? I use the Lively Taverns and Inns mod, so there should be plenty of potential clients. I also based them on the record for Hroki, since I had seen her trigger scenes before. They use the DefaultEditorLocationPackage512, if that could have anything to do with it. Here is my mod list. Thanks for reading and the great mod ^^ edit: I can add that clients will approach me just fine if I start working and put on the tavern clothes myself.
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    I just joined yesterday because of this thread, and I have to say, it's pretty good. Already had a few nice experiences with other people. The price is a bit steep, but assuming they will keep adding stuff like they have, I think it's worth it. 1 month isn't that expensive to try it out. I was kinda surprised that there was an ingame currency as well, called xgold. You use it to buy things like drinks in game, gifts for others or new character slots, as far as I have discovered. You get xgold each day you sign in, but you can also refer friends. I wish I had seen a referral link from someone in here, since both users get 5000 xgold (which is a lot, I think) if the person who clicks the link signs up. Hopefully I don't break any rules by sneaking my link in here: http://3dxchat.com/?play=720 I have to agree with JetMX from what I've tried - the graphics in 3DXChat makes it superior. I guess it depends on what's important to you, though
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    Old HDT Support Thread.

    CBBE customized in bodyslide 2 here, for the record.
  9. maletir

    Old HDT Support Thread.

    I've got this set up and working pretty much, except for the fact that the breasts are getting "crushed", or at least kind of deflated, when running. Here is a comparison between standing still and running: I have tried both the stable and the newest version of HDT, both with and without the havok object, and both with and without skeleton_female.hkx. I have also tried the all in one download and adjusting loads of XML parameters with the just for fun tool, although I admit I am not sure what each parameter does. While testing, I have started a new savegame with only my body mesh, the latest XP32 skeleton and HDT installed, in addition to running FNIS. No custom animations were included. It seems that the physics behave as they should in most cases, except for this issue, which happens every time. Does anyone know a way to fix this, either with XML parameters or something else? And a bonus question: While standing still in the image above, the breasts are actually supposed to be a bit smaller. They get larger (and more "jutting") after I remove skeleton_female.hkx. Is there a way to prevent this as well?