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  1. Quite a good extension, really. This makes really easy to control slaves by LST. I like.
  2. Oh...this quite a good. Thanks.
  3. Oh i got it. i see this reply now... sorry about my inattention.
  4. In above link, there was a English translated ver Marg Lena v5 esp file. Made by peterkris. But that link it seems dead for a long time, Though i downloaded that file before several years. That make me really sad... Margarette Lena is really amazing follower. I try to fine copy of that translated ver esp in a week, but i cant make it. So i decide to write this post. Share this esp file please. I begging you...
  5. Sorry about my rude... but i stil need this mod's English translated ver. Does you still have this?
  6. Is there anybody have this mod's Eng Translate ver? I really want to...
  7. Is there any armor and clothes replacer mod for this body? I really want to...
  8. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/39722 I really like that mod... but today i try to search that mod, i think that mod author delete files. i cant understand why... So i should write this post. Does anyone have this mod? if you have, please upload this mod. i bag you...
  9. Ah... i found that links last night too, but it seems dont work anymore. that is very sorry... So, i should pray to god for someone comes to me with that files...
  10. i remember, i downloaded that patch in this site, few years ago, but i cant find that anymore.. Anyone re-upload that files? DMRA patches for Hentai mania 1, and Hentai mania 2. Please Help me...
  11. It is great... I always good use your Monster girl mod. I'm happy to hear you continue developing this mod... Please give us next update!!
  12. It is very possible due to changes in the conjuration tree and the conflict may be because scripts run from separate spells and are accessing the perks but not verifying the perk. I would say you probably be better off not using this mod. Edit: One of the main problems with this mod is the mark for deletion inside the engine. If another mod actually overrides the mark for deletion then the resurrected or reanimated will vanish after approximately 5 minutes. With the scripts I have I do not mark any mobs for deletion and at the same time I do not clear the flag when resurrected or reanimated. on the next update I will address this with making sure the target, if marked for deletion, is cleared. I think this can be done which should eliminate some of these issues. Ah... Many thanks to your explanation. If i wasn't suffered by that mark of deletion problem, I must keep this mod in my favorite mods list. So, I'll wait your update. God bless Myconjuration mod.
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