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  1. That's exactly the type of thing I was looking for, thanks! I saw they had a futa potion in recent patch notes but i didnt see anything on just genderbending. Shame it's in such a big mod that I will be unlikely to use a lot of. Wish it was standalone, but oh well. And yeah I knew what i was wanting would need the supernatural expansion, that was no concern, as i already have it
  2. I know there are plenty of commands and cheats that enable you to just switch the gender of a sim, but I was wondering if there was any mods that allow you to have a character be genderbent via in-universe means? Along the lines of magic, a potion, a raygun, or something. Or maybe even at will or via a certain trigger, like with Werewolves? Could even use the Werewolf Transform functionality to easily design the female version. Heck id be ok with if there was a mod that simply did that, allowing Werewolf transformation to genderbend. Im honestly shocked i havent been able to find any mods that do this, considering how easy it is to switch gender via cheats If there somehow isnt any mods that do that, could anybody link me to any guides on how to modify werwolf functionality, so i could maybe do so myself?
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