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  1. ertyu

    Number 36

  2. ertyu

    Number 36

    The third part of Amparo's story should have appeared before the summer. Due to the problems of all known, I put its publication in the fall, more specifically on September 30 because it is my birthday. I do not like to lengthen the post of the links, as always, ibooks and pdf format. The edition is intended to be read on a double page like the previous issues. If everything goes according to plan, I'll close the story with Carpa 1508. Ibooks PDF I add some of the vignettes that I have been working on, little by little the usual rhythm of work returns.
  3. ertyu

    Number 35

    after many days of uncertainty the quarantine is relaxing we are going to the final stages. I have continued working at the magazine at a good pace, I upload in this post some of the pages and illustrations I have worked on. Everything seems to indicate that I will publish in the summer. These first images are proof of the layout of the magazine These are some of the 3d models that I have made for the magazine. Of some, a previous had been uploaded, but this is its final aspect. I've uploaded some combat scenes. Some renders to finish, members of Ala 843
  4. ertyu

    Number 34

    Thanks Blender for modelling, DAZ 3d for figure and substancepainter for textures
  5. ertyu

    Number 34

  6. ertyu

    Number 34

    Many thanks
  7. ertyu

    Number 34

    These weeks of quarantine and confinement I have dedicated to work on the illustrations for Carpa 1608. The new issue of the magazine will not appear until, at least, this summer. I have drawn combat scenes and worked on sketching the imperial air force. We continue working despite everything These first images belong to some sketches for the interior of an Imperial ground attack bomber. Sketch for flight uniform. A small ground attack fighter. To close some sketches of various ships.
  8. ertyu

    Number 33

    ☺️ no, is art house of Carmencita´s army
  9. ertyu

    Number 33

    The real world prevents me from working in Carpa as I would like. In recent weeks I have worked on designing vehicles and accessories for my images. I upload some of the last images I've worked on. In spring I hope to be able to present the next Carpa number. All vehicles are made in Blender 3d.
  10. ertyu

    Number 32

    The real world prevents me from working as much as I would like in the new Carpa number. That is why I will upload some designs that I have been preparing for this new issue and some page already finished. Possibly in January publish the new number.
  11. ertyu

    Number 31

    In this Seto number the graphic story continues that Valeria, in the fiction, started in the previous number. Various problems in the real world have caused this number to appear with a certain delay. As always, I add the links for the ibooks and Pdf version. IBooks PDF
  12. ertyu

    Number 30

  13. ertyu

    Number 30

    Many thanks😉, in spanish: la campaña contra la "Bestia" apodo de Carmencita de las verdes marismas y la triste oscuridad. the campaign against the "Beast" nickname of Carmencita of the green marshes and the sad darkness.
  14. ertyu

    Number 30

    I have dedicated the months of July and August to work in the second part of the history of Amparo and his companions. With this second revision I already have everything ready to work on the new parts of its history. On the other hand, Seto in his summer number will appear at the end of September or beginning of October, I hope to recover a normal work rhythm. As always I upload the publication in iBooks and PDF version. IBooks PDF Some images of this number:
  15. ertyu

    Number 29

    Yes, much of the accoutrements of the characters is from the Second World War, German Army and Red Army. At the moment I concentrate on completing the graphic story, The final goal is the creation of a video game of role-playing and adventures but this is very far and possibly never will. As I said before, I focus on the graphic history, now I work in Carpa 1708, the continuation of the stoy. Feldmarschall for Carpa 1707😀 😉
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