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  1. I looked at your post about gloves and yes there the problem was mismatched presets. But as i see in my situation it is not caused by this because the top and bottom of the boots fit as they should and i do not see the penetration or protrusion of a part of the boots and body. Also looked through the early posts and found a message from Racoonity about a similar problem, but there it is caused when the boots are dressed together with catsuit. I checked it and found out that i have it too (dont understand how i didnt notice this before) wearing black boots, they look like they should, but as
  2. I build morphs for all item using batch build, in BodySlide the model of boots looks good without invisible places
  3. Im not experienced at this but I figured it out and started to gradually increase the priority until I got to 21 and boots started to struggle with things like dresses layered on top of each other due to the fact that their priority has become even higher than dresses. But unfortunately the problem persists and the bottom of the boots remains invisible.
  4. Waves all. I got a problem that i noticed since version 5.0 and in 5.1 it remains. It touches the clipping part of the transparent restrictie boots (what it looks like in the screenshot. body used UUNP) If anyone came across this i would be glad to get some advice on what to do about it.
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