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  1. Looks fantastic - will be watching with great interest. Unfortunately, no money to back your work, but keep on keeping on!
  2. This is the correct area to ask such. The only MMO game you didn't mention that is age gated might be Second Life, but I have never played it so I honestly couldn't say whether or not they have that. Otherwise there's the underground VRChat and singleplayer modded games.
  3. Just a disclaimer: I have nothing to do with its creation. I'm just a guy that's waving his arms to bring attention to a mod still in alpha testing. With that said, the *ahem* bounty on Enhanced Camera over on reddit has finally brought a contender forward. Made by immundano, you can find the Enhanced Camera alpha here. There's lots of kinks to work out, and it was reverse engineered from the original, but the future is definitely looking bright for the ability to see your own body in game!
  4. A lot of the FO76 bashing comes from people expecting another Fallout 4. It may have the same skin as Fallout 4, but it is nothing like Fallout 4. Dare I say Fallout 76 is the complete opposite of FO4. FO4 had an unbearable storyline that it crammed down your throat, and you couldn't make your own character. You were always the parent of a poorly written, kid-friendly Oedipus complex no matter what name or face you gave your character. Here, you're on your own with your friends and you make your own story. Bethesda Game Studios has always been about making your own story while exploring the world. It was severely lacking in FO4, so now BGS swung to the other extreme and completely forgone the story and made a huge world. And yes, it has many of the same assets as Fallout 4. Don't hate on BGS since they've been more busy on Starfield while letting their new multiplayer studio handled 76. I played Fallout 76 and must say it's as if they made their own version of Fallout Frost. It's not for everyone, but a Fallout survival game can be pretty wicked. In addition, there are already mods out for it before it's even released. Sure they may all be client-side mods, but they definitely pave the way for what's possible. I do suspect that if Caliente gets on board, we may even have model swapping only days after release.
  5. Looks like client-side mods are already a thing as there are already 15 mods for Fallout 76. It does make me wonder if model and texture swaps will come sooner rather than later. Would be awesome to have CBBE in FO76. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout76
  6. It's leaving Early Access in 4 days, hasn't left it yet.
  7. For some reason on my new game, my character's pubic hair won't change color from black. I have the SOS pubic hair disabled in the SOS mcm, and no matter if I have the 'Same as Hair Color' checked or have the red hex code enabled, the pubic hair is always black.
  8. So that's why I'm crashing... dang. Wanted to keep one MO for all my Beth games.
  9. I wonder if the parasites, if you're looking for an ounce of realism rather than sexual fantasy, could eat you alive from the inside out like real parasites. One such example is the Tarantula Hawk.
  10. Sorry if this is already said somewhere, but 111 pages is a lot to go through, but will this work with the Dagi-Raht? Or will a new texture need to be made for it that includes the vagina interior?
  11. Looking forward to this - amazing and promising ideas here!
  12. 1. Bethesda has already talked to both Microsoft and Sony. Due to XBONE being Windows 10 compatible, mods are compatible with the XBONE by default and just needs the mod interface to put mods on there. However due to the PS4 being its own OS, Sony and Bethesda are working closely to get mods to work on the PS4. Todd Howard has already stated that mods will be on XBONE first (after the PC naturally) then on the PS4 later. 2. Mods put on to Bethesda.net (And steam too iirc) will be mirrored on to the XBONE and PS4 mod interface via Microsoft and Sony's own places so they won't be downloaded directly from Bethesda.net. 3. Due to the fiasco that smacked Steam across the face, Bethesda won't be monetizing mods. Plus, due to legal reasons, it would much more difficult for lines to be drawn for who gets how much money when it comes to console mod monetizing, and the whole idea has been thrown out the window.
  13. Looks amazing so far! Can't wait for this!
  14. Apparently followers don't find genuine and charming social awkwardness attractive. My gf and I find each other's social awkwardness pretty damn attractive.
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