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  1. [CBBE] Goddess Nemesis Update — Bodyslide , HDT Thanks, does anyone know if there's a bodyslide version of the Alir armor if not can someone make one?
  2. Any chance of getting a Bodyslide version of this or this ?
  3. How do I get the thicker female werewolf models to work in moonlight tales essentials?
  4. 1 looks better, imho fair brings out the face, nipples and fur (and fur sure does looks nice on hur )
  5. I agree with SnuggleFoxy but, I like the fair skin a little better than eihei. Still looking forward to your great works Zas.
  6. I think I know what the problem is, the female werewolf mod comes in 5 different body types 3 of them have the same values in Nifskope, from block list lines 0-31(EyesMaleWerewolfBeast[5] but the other 2(large and Huge) are not the same and do not work, I just don't know how to match everything up I tried for 12+ hours before I gave up, hopefully this helps someone.
  7. I'm having a problem, i cant seem to get breast, hand, ect., textures to work can someone please help me?
  8. Hi can someone tell me which one or where is the df_t armors are located thanks
  9. It could be the body in the armor, because trust me I tried female only first, I only tried both when I had a problem converting female boots...
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