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  1. It doesn't look like the items added by this mod have been added to any of the trading lists, so none of them can be sold to any of the traders.
  2. I was looking to make my own mod for religious tenets for size worship (plus effects for blessed births for the opposite sex, marriage bonuses, and possibly challenges/claims handed out when someone is larger/smaller than the current ruler). Unfortunately I ran into the problem that it looks like you had too that there was no way to add new tenets without replacing the entire tenet file.
  3. Ah, I see. That wasn't really what I was looking for when I got the mod and wasn't really implied by the mod descriptions. Thanks for clearing that up.
  4. Are the vibrators intended to make pawns very likely to be raped? Every stage increases sex vulnerability (while also increasing sex drive to make consensual sex increase as well), including the post-orgasm stage. However the post-orgasm also decreases their sex drive substantially, making them very likely to be raped when their sex need inevitably falls behind that of their partner's. My experiment was with putting the anal vibrators on everyone, which caused the hypersexual pawn to rape her lover about a day after both had gone to post-orgasm. Before that point, it was actuall
  5. I believe almost everything in the mod is controlled by game rules. If they're all off, the mod won't do anything after it's installed. So if all you want is the body traits, enable only that aspect of the mod.
  6. Good start. I found the passive stress gain to balance spending time with lovers intriguing, but I think I'd prefer a variation with a bit more nuance to it before I really played with it. Not something I think the framework mod will tackle. That said, I do think one small improvement that can be made to that specifically is to change to a smaller annual gain (4 stress as non-lustful) rather than every five years. Slowly creeping stress is a lot easier to deal with and less likely to be frustrating compared to something that might suddenly catch you off guard, especially if you don't remem
  7. The futa congenial traits should probably have carrier variants for male characters as well. So the trait can be kept in the family without needing to have an unbroken line of female characters.
  8. I can confirm in the new version that the male only trait now works properly when combined with sex bots. However male only and female only still don't seem to work with each other. The new advisor voices are quieter than all the other advisors. I'd recommend increasing the volume on all of them.
  9. I was testing sex robots + all male race and parallel evolution of an all male race and an all female race. I got an event about the former but there was no changes to the species. The ladder didn't do anything after five years. Is there a bug there? A dom/sub species combination did work and I could find those pop modifiers.
  10. I believe now there's ~35 fixed duplicants that you can be offered. They always use the same combination of face and hair, so you might be able to edit those. However all dupes use the same body, not much that can be done there unless you decide that all of them are going to be one sex in the mod. You can take a look at some of the modded buildings so far on Steam. Some of them change existing buildings or add new ones. I don't think adding a fuck machine massage table or maybe a mind break thing for the skill scrubber (respec) would be a stretch at all.
  11. I'm not exactly sure what kind of adult modding you could do with this game? I guess maybe a swap out or add a few entertainment buildings for a porn show/game and a masturbation station? On the surface, it doesn't seem great for adult modding, since the game focuses on machines, systems, pipelines, and dealing with waste products. Rimworld lends itself much better thanks to the focus on people and their needs.
  12. I found a couple bugs: Enatic / enatic cognatic reversion: If a title is set to enatic or enatic-cognatic succession law, it will revert back to the default after the ruler dies. This is because the enatic and enatic-cognatic laws have not had their 'potential' block conditions set to make them available for those titles. Spouse election candidate: The sexy succession laws all have the spouse(s) of the ruler and their close relatives as valid election candidates. They are considered a 'close relative' by the game, so you can't use that condition alone to determine if a cha
  13. Thank you, that will work fine. It isn't my game, I'm just one of the writers and mechanic designers, but it isn't a huge issue. I'll pass on your message, though I will make no promises on what will get into the game here.
  14. Hi, I'm part of the development team for Seeds of Chaos. We recently stumbled on your mod and saw that you're using the name and likeness of one of our characters, Jezera. While we're fine with people referencing our characters and producing fanworks of them, we do ask that you say that the character is from Seeds of Chaos and include a link to either our Patreon page or itch.io page. If it's not too much trouble, please add those to the OP of this thread and the download page to the mod. Here's our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/LordArioch And our itch.io page: https:/
  15. There seems to be a small issue with buying potions in that there's no way to cancel buying a potion if you realize you don't have enough money for what you wanted or there isn't anything available you're after. EDIT: Random idea, what about the possibility of buying enhancement potions for other characters via targeted decision?
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