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  1. being a cow. i cant get the encounter to work near the river where those 3 people are, they probibly capture you.

    I hope you have not stoped doing this mod also.

  2. any good anthro cow girl mods with pre and transformations?

  3. i hope this continues it looks so GOOD, also i posted on the discord on playtester with an idea
  4. can somone post a save file where you meet the people by the river and get captured?(after captured) because it is not working for me at all
  5. can someone uploade a save file where they are at the river (they have the quest active) BEcause I cant get to that part... I became 20/20 cow, but i still cant get the quest...
  6. Is there anyone here that can help me with mods? I really want to play this mod but I also want other ones as well... If you can please message me. Thanks
  7. can someone please help me install this mod fully. like from start to finish... I really want to be a cow as a cat person... also if anyone would please help me set up everything i need, I need instructions on how to download and install everything that includes this ( ) and i really want to have these mods as well I also don't know what body slide i need for body growth like breasts hips and belly... I really need help... (and if you know any good nude female and male Khajiit texture mod that would work with the body slide please tell me, and also help me install al
  8. can somone tell me how to fix the rear end of my person? idk what to do (i have a manga body mod, but should it be this large?) here are some screen shots Please and thank you for your help ScreenShot2.bmp ScreenShot3.bmp
  9. ok i tryed that but it is not working... here is my new load order here is ingame mods ScreenShot4.bmp ScreenShot5.bmp ScreenShot6.bmp
  10. ... i cant get the mod to even pop up in game... so it is just not working here are my screen shots of nmm what am i doing wrong? also this is my NMM install location
  11. what ones do i need to download for this? i mean when u click download witch of the 3 do you use? Zaz Animation Pack V7.0 [2017-05-16] 7.0

  12. I just finished the cursed armor mod and thought it was great.  Getting it to work right was just a matter of not using Lovers mods at the same time, no big deal. All the so called bugs were just oversights on my part. Read directions, read directions, read directions, and it works fine. I would like to find more of his work, but I cannot find any downloadable content on his blog, or any of the links within it.  From the limited time I have been with LL, I get the idea that he wanted to charge for his mods and was kicked off, or just left on his own accord, the LL community.  I think this is a shame. I like his stile and think he is a talented modder.  I am new to modding, so I don't understand the financial aspect, and although I am happy it is free, I can also understand compensation for someone's time and hard work.  I would have no problem paying a little for one of his mods or any other for that matter, from LL modders.  I will pay 300.00 to watch a two hour hockey game, or 15.00 for a PPV movie, so paying a little for 20+ hours of entertainment from a mod does not bother me at all.  With that being said, I was wondering if anyone has or knows of where to get more of his content or similar.  I don't care if someone wants to charge for it, I can always decide later if it is worth it.  Thank you all.  This has been one of my favorite and most informative forums of all time. You guys(and girls), are great.





    could you help me i dont know how to do the tentical lair part... i know how to get to the heart and then attack the doppleganger... but i dont know what to do fo i survive... can you please tell me?

  13. can you help me with the https://www.loverslab.com/topic/17-cursed-armour-mod/


    when i go into the building and go into the right door not the left one, there is a missing thing there and that is where the cursed armor is right? i dont know what to do there because i have 0 clue on how to fix this... since you played the mod, do you have any idea how to fix this?


    you said so here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/723-cursed-armour-ev-085/?page=25

  14. can you expain how to install the broodmother mod for oblivion please :smile: i really dont understand

  15. i cant seem to get the animations to  happen meaning that i cant get fucked by the creatures idk what to do...

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