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  1. Serious oversight is lack of stamina regen at the start of player's turn. Enemy spams tie attack a bit too much, which leads to "he ties up, we untie" cycle for a very long time. Otherwise, looks interesting...
  2. I think you should add toggle in MCM for this. In my opinion, it's the only way to make everyone happy.
  3. I must say, Laura, your work's quality is very impressive. Bugs are inevitable, but look - no block bugs, only a few minor ones. Thumbs up from me! And of course I eagerly wait for the story continuation and teaching joys of wearing straitjacket to Katarina!
  4. I don't have any problems with the shop owner being called Laura, in fact, I find it lovely and sign of deep involvement. And yes, adding some cruel and harsh NPC would be nice, Sloane or someone like her sounds quite right for this role...
  5. I looooove the update, the quest in the cave is simply amazing! Great work, Laura, truly. And talk between Laura and Katarina about straitjacket is priceless Sooooooo... Waiting for the continuation!
  6. Noticed bug with 2 items: Black Leather Restrictive Collar and Red Ebonite Restrictive Collar, when they are equipped, no inventory item present, rendered item equipped is Black Leather one.
  7. Fun game! Bugs I found: 1. After going through it and hitting Restart, games uses the very first customization, ignoring whatever you apply on succeeding runs. 2. All answers to the second question (female equivalent of blue balls) are considered wrong.
  8. I think there can't be more perfect answer from mod creator, Laura, you're awesome!
  9. My guess - run Bodyslide again and check options carefully. Make sure you select proper target body.
  10. What is heavily missed now is proper NPC support, i.e. they shouldn't be able to use weapons and spells with bound hands. I want to see them really helpless after using Touch of Control on them!
  11. Thank you for the fun update! I think I found a bug though... When follower unlock items, they are disappearing, not returning to PC or follower's inventory. Also I'd like to consider you adding two options: 1) When asking to lock restraints "Any you like" 2) When asking to unlock "Everything you can"
  12. It works only on enemies, effect is very similar to Dollmaker sword - wraps them in restraints, making them to give up.
  13. Wow, nice game by awesome modders - a dream came true! v1.0.1 - Combat seems to be a bit broken, when enemy stands close, no damage can be done unlike it was on video. Also after death and return to title screen mouse cursor disappears. No save/resume yet?
  14. Kimy, thank you very much for developing this mod, it's a must-have for quite a while now for me! Here's some thoughts on solicitation: Patrons should the ones to tell their wishes, not the PC. So dialogue flow should something like that: PC - Want to have some good time? Patron - Yes, I want to bind you and use you (this is selected randomly for each customer) PC has choice of: a) Of course, gladly! b) How about normal sex? (can be several less tiring options, like blowjob etc) c) Get lost! a) would provide the most customer sati
  15. Adding bound combat perks in absolutely any form shouldn't be a problem as long as they can be disabled in MCM. Also, it would be good to add along some magic perks similar to BWitch mod you mentioned?
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