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  1. Thank you for the welcome back! Its not to crazy. Saya's install guide worked perfectly, I was sure to read a lot before I started down this road. Playing as female character currently, because I never finished the game as a female character. Using his desk animation: Spawn Raider or Minuteman: Start the desk scene, no erection Spawn Deacon: Start Desk scene, erection perfectly works. It is because FM haven't been added as of yet? and it is the animationdata.xml that controls the morphs?
  2. I see that now. Thank you for clarification and apologies for my ignorance. I just returned to FO4 last week, after over a 2 year break from the game and I'm still learning the new xmls and the way AAF handles things. Fourplay was what I learned on and that was a mess.
  3. With the latest Github version of UAP and the latest version of Stage Leitos, I did not have to hide any files. Everything worked as intended. I use Staged Leitos strictly for the strap-on for F+F. If you load Staged before UAP you'll get UAP's support and Staged Support for F+F and I didn't see any duplicated animations. Disclaimer though: I have been working a lot and haven't had more than an hour testing this.
  4. I am not, I do not use Hardship. I may look into it though, because it does seem interesting. Now that the UI doesn't crash my game. This is my current install. I know Super Mutant Freeze is in UAP now, I was just testing. Everything like Violate, RSE FPE, Shenanigans, and those type mods are installed just above AAF.
  5. I am still testing but...UAP github version and the updated Staged Leitos are compatible. I use SL strictly because it enables the strap on mod for Leitos animations. I haven't found a compatible alternative for the strap on equip. I loaded SL BEFORE UAP so I have UAPs stages and from I could tell, no double loaded MF scenes. In the 45min of testing I had no issues and everything seemed to have worked fine. I am at work right now and won't be able to do more testing until tomorrow evening. Everything is installed as OP. Except NSFW is right after 50 shades and SL is before UAP. I do not use Farrells, Crazy, or Greys Creatures, since Savages covers so creatures so well. I will test more tomorrow before work and repost here with my results
  6. With this I can run Horizon w/ DEF_UI, AAF, and Hud Framework. Along with some other mods. Ulfbearth, thank you SO much for linking this. Your staged work is fantastic sir. Great Job!
  7. I can confirm as well. From what I saw, its not UAP doing it. It's Stage, I haven't went over there yet. Finally got a stable game with Horizon and AAF installed.
  8. Dez, I had the same problem. After I installed Staged Leitos I had to go into the AAF folder and hide all the xml.s that were 0 byte size. IE "Leito_animationData.xml" They were over writing previous ones higher in the load order and AAF lost its mind trying to start up. EDIT: Go into the Staged Leitos folder. I'm using MO2
  9. Hello Ulfbearth, Was the staged leito fix for the Github version or the current live version on LL? Thank you!
  10. That's what I was attempting to convey to, but since I don't play Skyrim, though I would love to. I didn't have anything tangible to go off of. Thank you.
  11. Just because he's posting in Skyrim forums and working on a different project doesn't mean he has left FO4. Unless vin's said somewhere himself I, myself, wouldn't say he's not working on FO4 anymore, but that's just me.
  12. Release them is a a bit buggy. Choose the release option, then either rob them or assault them. After either of those functions are done the NPC will run away.
  13. If you don't want FP Violate to use DD, I believe the console command is: "set fpv_dd_global to 0" without the quotations. If that isnt it type "help fpv 0" in console and find the line that correlates with "fpv_dd"
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