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  1. Hey, I recently downloaded werewolf threesome animations (Billyy/AnubiSs2167), but I can’t find a way to initiate a threesome scence as werewolf (player=male werewolf + 2 Females or 1Female and werewolf). Is there any way to do so? ps. sorry for my bad english
  2. Hey, is there a way to start the werewolf threesome animation as werewolf? (player=male werewolf + 2 female npc)
  3. More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    Hey, i tried to remove some creature genitals via mcm, but they still appear with genitals. Any suggestions?
  4. Hey, I have the shaved patch installed, but everytime my characters schlong gets errected he gets hair again. is there anyway to fix that?
  5. Slave Trainer

    hey, is there a requirement for the quirks, like nympho, or a way to trigger them specificly?
  6. 0SEX Skyrim Sex Sim + Other 0S content (WIP)

    Glad to see you back CEO Glad to see you back CEO
  7. 0SEX Skyrim Sex Sim + Other 0S content (WIP)

    page 289