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  1. @MadMansGun @tasairis You'll be happy to know that I fixed the issue. I ended up creating an entirely new game, with most of the sexlab mods re-downloaded, so I honestly can't tell you what the difference is - though I did find a mod called FNIS Data in Vortex that I removed, may have something to do with that. Whatever the case, thanks a lot for the help, you guys are awesome and deserve cookies
  2. There's something I hadn't tried yet. Creatures are no longer t-posing, but they are still just standing around idly, while the other participant is fucking the air. All other Sexlab animation seem to be working fine. Any ideas?
  3. Ok so I tried creating an entirely new game, reducing number of related mods, switching around different versions of MNC, CF and HCOS, still the same t-pose issue. Perhaps something is messing with the skeleton of all creatures? It seems strange, when they aren't involved in scenes they are doing everything they are supposed to do.
  4. Papyrus log: https://pastebin.com/b51Kgx2Z It's a somewhat old save, but I've cleaned it with FallrimTools. This log is basically from log in, let stuff load, initiate bearfuck, save. According to this, CF finishes initializing at line 1797, around a quarter from the bottom. Load order: https://pastebin.com/b4tZMRQN And thanks for helping, this is a long running save and I'd be sad to lose it
  5. Not really sure tbh, it's been like this for a while. I'm assuming this rebuilding is in SL Animation Loader, yes? In the process of bughunting this, a new problem has arisen - CF never seems to get past initialization. Creature Framework version 2.0.0 Sexlab version 1.63 SE DEV BETA 8 SexLab Aroused version 20140124 No idea what to make of this
  6. I'm having a problem where all creatures do the dreaded T-pose while in a sex scene - I've ensured that FNIS has been run, and that MNC overrides XPMSE etc - can't tell if this is an issue with Creature Framework or MNC or Horny Creatures or something else. Any help would be very appreciated. Also, what's the difference between the pre2-SE file and the pre2A-SE file? Which one do I use? Thanks in advance!
  7. Is there an animation for crawling with both arms, but no legs? My character is just hovering in mid-air, supported by her arms, looks kinda silly
  8. Don't worry about it friend, hope you get well
  9. I might be doing something wrong, but FNIS XXL 7.6 tells me all the animations in this pack are incompatible with SSE.
  10. So I'm trying to get a horse cock to equip on my character's Succubus form, but I instantly crash when swapping forms. To the best of my understanding, I need the two .nif files from whatever horse cock mod I'm using, and overwrite the SchlongA_0 and SchlongA_1 files in Data/Meshes/PSQ/Schlong/Female, and that should be it - but it seems not. What am I missing here? Thank you all in advance!
  11. Don't suppose anyone knows of a CBBE conversion for the outfit?
  12. Once in a while, when my character is about to enter a sex scene, SexLab scans through every spell in my spellbook. Since this is counting around 440 different spells, it's starting to take a while. Not a particularly gamebreaking issue, but does anyone know what causes it? Thanks in advance!
  13. Sounds like a SexLab issue, not Cursed Loot. Try disabling Apply Facial Expressions, and enable Lip Sync Animations in the SexLab MCM. Can't really help you with the second one though. On an unrelated note, when there are several people involved in a rape scene, I've yet to see any gangbang animations. Does anyone know if this is on purpose, or if there's a way to include those? Would make sense for extra rapists to jump in on the fun, instead of forming an orderly line and waiting their turn
  14. How do you guys go about getting the Magic Triumvirate (cock, balls and vagina)? Is it possible to get cleanly with CBBE/SSE/Physics, the whole shabang?
  15. That fixed it! Even fixed some other inexplicable CTD's I was having, that I had thought unrelated. You, my friend, are an absolute darling. Gotta ask though, how in the world did you figure it out?
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