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  1. ok so I fixed this problem one of my mods had a comparability patch for bestial essence werewolfs however I now have a new problem I've just completed the quest sisters of hircine and spoke to the 3 men stood at the portal stone but after they stop talking one bursts into sparks and the other 2 just stand around an nothing happens any idea what the problem might be?
  2. is there a way I can stop them from automatically raping me but still be able to request sex without having to open the MCM every time to disable/enable player character?
  3. could something like creature sos or henti creatures cause that?
  4. thank you for the help but I am now having a bug related to angi's guest where she asks me to get a potato for her but wen I pick it up my game CTDs and I'm unable to find the cause
  5. where do I find someone who can decipher the symbols? I'm so lost
  6. so should there be an MCM menu that loads with this mod? or does it have its own menu?
  7. update: never mind I found it the mod was maria Eden the mod itself looks fun and perfect for my playthrough so is there any way to remove the wheel menu or re bind it to another key?
  8. So I've downloaded a mod a while ago and I'm not sure what mod it is but it's bound to a key I use a lot and it's just in my way so if I can find the name of it so that I can remove it that would be amazing thanks in advance to anyone who knows. I have attached an image of the wheel that shows when I press my key this is all I can provide because I dunno what mod the wheel is attached to.
  9. that's exactly what I was looking for thanks, for some reason even if I searched SexLab (cos I thought it would most likely be a SL mod) it didn't show for me but thanks 🙂
  10. A couple weeks back I saw a thread about a mod that allows you to play every base game quest using sex but I can't find the thread or the name of the mod
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