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  1. Yes thank you it worked like a charm. Thank you for this TAWOBA have been a thorn on my side because any body presets beside slim it had clipping issues.
  2. Works good with TAWOBA but Bikini Ascended i go inadvisable or the armor doesn't show at all.
  3. Something went wrong. Most stuff worked but after installing some extra mods there is a nick gab and no shlong.
  4. Would someone recommend a video that does that exact same thing? I find alot of videos and every one is using a method and i'm confused. To be clear i want to change and armor piece to not clip when i set my body type to curvy for example.
  5. So i've CBBE and sit it to slim then downloaded some armors such as Legendary bikini armor which is amazing and it fits very will and no clipping and physics work. Now when i tried CBBE 3BBB which overwrote the CBBE slim i got curvy body with all sort of clipping issues. The question is this. Say you want to move from slim body to curvy for an example and want your armors to fit with no clipping what should i do? I know that this may seem like a very common knowledge to some but not for me.
  6. I'm wondering is this mod compatible with a mod like Monster Mod SE
  7. This worked like a charm. Though i don't know what effect it will take on DD. Thank you.
  8. Can someone tell me where to get bikini And lingerie for CBBE body for SE? Not whole armors. I've BikiniAscendVolume & Undies - SSE CBBE BodySlide. Any more would be good.
  9. From what i understand Femboy is a female with a shlong. Now creating the bodey i'm learning through videos on youtube using bodyslide. But how to attach a shlong? And in regards to the Femboy race Mod which can give us good looking boys how can apply physics to the shlong? There is seems to be alot of things one have to consider.
  10. If i can ask. When my femboy wears vanilla armors like imperial armor it doesn't show he is nude which i don't know why. I only have immersive armors with it's patch and no mods that touched the vanilla armors.
  11. So for mods in LL CBBE is better over all for bodies and cloth? Why was i told that LL prefer UNP?
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