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  1. Hello ! did there is any way to get Tk17 with jook 5 ? I wanted to reinstal the game but i see that modsgarden is off.. So what can we do now if we want to get the game again? Did there is a place where we can find all of the mods from modsgarden?
  2. Ha yes the link are nor more good! you can check his work here: But he did nto made some update or new sims since a long time ago now!
  3. ??? What do you mean, i don't think some of them feel out fo the place don't forget that you don't see the sims from a lil distance but more far away in game. Every of my face faces's texture match the color of the skin that i use with them.
  4. here you go https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.com/2017/06/ts4-skin-detail-big-and-natural-nipples.html https://simfileshare.net/download/258354/ i link you the right link cause adfly seem to stuck us on a publicty
  5. I got the same problem with zaz wich is listed as missing but i got it
  6. Hello! I got a question! I got bounce and jiggle pack with the CBBE vagina edition and hdt havoc object for colision, can i dl your mod to add the belly bulge with it? Or it's not gonna work? (i link the nexus page to my post so you can check and tell me if you got the time please!^^ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59416?tab=files)
  7. I saw the red text but i saw messages from people using these anim too here so i was a bit lost ! And the other link directed me to some page that are not here anymore! Thank you for your answer (but not for the insult ^^")
  8. Can someone explain to me how to install his anim? Cause i ve downloaded everything but MO seem to don't recognize these folder as they are grey in my list of mod ^^" It would be really cool if someone can help me please!
  9. Hello! everything work fine in my skyrim exept that i ve just saw this guy with a blue cock, and all the other npc are ok so i m wondering why this happend enb 2020_09_01 23_34_12_38.bmp
  10. Hi! I don t understand what do i need to change in the niooveride.ini to get the spank mark appear? I see some layer already used by the mod in racemenu too when i do the showrace menu command, and they are transparent do i need yo correct that maybe?
  11. Hi i did a new game and cleaned my overwrite folder to be sure that i would start on a fresh game without some old mod inside this folder, everything work exept that i don t see the bikini armor addon anymore inside the mcm menu of this mod, what should i do?
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