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  1. Here mate IDK why the arse decided to hide it. there was no reason to and they haven't even done the Megladon, or Goblin curvy not to mention the Eva jumpsuit thicc-enized https://mega.nz/#!z8lHxQpQ!NCVawYBQ25IDNq1Y3-egNmBj7AWtmo4uxI4SDnmDr3c
  2. I am STILL having this issue and I understand that the creator has chosen not to answer you best place to find them is the SE one they attempted a fix with me yet it still has not fixed my issue the mod still dosent show up for me in MCM its a constant problem and on multiple reinstall and fresh mod loadouts/profile nothing has happened. HermeausMoron needs help and so do I I hope we can come to some form of solution soon cuz this has been going on for weeks (P.S.) I WILL SAY however they did help me with the sarcastic milk poll interval statement, this is a great mod, that's why I
  3. I am still having the problem of not being able to access the MCM for Milk Mod Economy I have done all the steps in the FAQs section (except the debug through console because I dont know the command), I've downloaded all the previous versions and implemented all on fresh saves and made a whole profile dedicated to the mod and It still dosen't show up in MCM. I am trying to get a permanent solution to get it to show up not get a basic solution ( i.e use the debug console commands/ spells) I also need to know what to do when it says "milk poll interval is 0, mod is broken have a nice day" I woul
  4. I have done all you speak of and yet still Milk Mod Economy will not show up on my MCM (P.S) I am using MO not NMM you're right MO is just superior
  5. Im having the same problem as HermeausMoron, you all speak of problems within the mod yet I cannot even access the menu in MCM I've done a fresh install of skyrim and multiple re installs and setups and I could only get the fancy not bound without the menu in MCM. can you link me to the unsupported mods page if you have one please. this is a great mod I just want yo be able to enjoy it to its fullest(or rather at all for the matter) P.S sometimes I got a snarky message when it did telling me milk poll interval is 0 ,mod is broken, have a nice day!" could you guide me to a solution
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