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  1. can't wait to try this with the lykaios race XD
  2. Is there a way to set male virility down to 0 hours so it's always virile, the slider only goes down to 1 (hour)?
  3. one requirement that isn't mention is the need for the files from bathing or at least it was for me, once I installed (following instructions from the private needs discrete) bathing worked for the last version .. also.. is anyone a certificated doctor? i (my character) got some weird terminal infection that I can't cure
  4. Adabiel

    Walk of shame

    note: you need to play as female character to be able to turn the quest in, male players will get the usual dialog from the NPC (plus any mod affecting your game, but not any else from tryout's quest)
  5. sorry i missed the details.. -walking inside the camp (before discover it) you can see the troopers standing, after walking exactly on the spot that triggers the discovery or using the teleport, the corpses drop down. -some mezzed npcs do stay aggressive / in combat after been enslaved, this happens around (1 of 3) when i assault a group of npcs i sneak or run to them and inject them, when the drug kicks each slave keeps their combat differently, and after enslaving each one has the be the revel and attacks the other slaves or the player, it doesn't target one alone it keeps hitting everyone around (if there are companions or other npcs they will kill the said one unless using the console and stopcombat on the wild one). this only happens when drugging more than one target and slaving them, single victims do not present this bug so far unless you steal something it belongs to them like having enslaved a ncr npc and then "steal" something from their camp. as for talk option.. sorry i was still confusing it with the fallout3 counter part in which the talk option let you "help them with the heavy stuff" and loot their items yourself while they were confused, my bad ^.^" one thing is that at least for me, the slaves after 8 seconds go back to their stand tied animation when i am raping them (if the time is shorter they stand 1 second before) selecting any type of rape will RANDOMLY trigger my player to rape a corpse (i have 1 of 100 so far, as i tried near a "dead prospector")
  6. ok, now here are some real (my prior post was awful >_<) minor bugs i found so far: slaver's camp bugs: --the corpses specific of the "NCR troopers" at the salver's camp are standing, not resting on the floor (they are lootable as corpses), all other corpses are laying including the ncr ranger, only the "troopers" are not in the right position, this however self-fixes once the player walks or uses the teleport and discovers the camp, i did this many times and after the discover of the place the troopers drop dead and act like any corpse would do. --the slaver's beacon is missing the rock it was placed on, or it is just floating a bit above the ground NPC/interaction bugs: --the inventory re-spawns on all my slaves, sadly their weapons don't re-spawn, only the clothes and random loot. Their rags, babies or stuff i gave them is intact. This mainly happens on each restart of the game or after several time away from them. --there is no interaction from a female slaver (player) to a female npc to sexuality use her, i know impregnation would be impossible but at least helping the breaking for making them orgasm or been used should count --i know the slaves aren't supposed to have weapons. but when i drug a NPCs i can't 'talk' to them and get them to hand over the weapon, putting a collar causes the rest of the items to disappear (if selected in the MCM). The "Talk" option does nothing regardless of the type of NPC, tried female, male. hostile, neutral/friendly, scripted. tried this on a new game only this mod active this time. i hope it's useful
  7. sadly this last change makes it incompatible with sexout legion, i tried renaming the esm from "sexout slavers" to "sexout slavery" as is the requiered for legion to work, but the MCM options from slavers turned inaccessible, turning off all of the legion and leaving or renaming the esm work as intended.
  8. tried it a bit before the newest sexoutNG, can't wait for an update on this mod (well i can anyway, i enjoyed it )
  9. how come this version is from the 2001? o_O
  10. to quote: "Please read : This mod is not for the faint of heart." a bit late, i read the insane mod list and died. . . x_x it needs a "stop reading" warning
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