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  1. Thank you! For the Racemenu overlay, I really rather just have a separate, wearable clothing item rather than a skin.
  2. it's not UNP pantyhose because that's the mod I'm currently using. The second one looks very low quality. I strongly doubt it's that one.
  3. The armor set is the Lephria set from BDOR by Team Tal but I don't think the pantyhose is part of the armor. If it's actually part of it, does someone know other mods that feature stockings/tights with similar high quality texture like this one shown (where you can easily discern the nylon material) Thanks!
  4. thanks a lot! Really helpful explanation So can you please tell me how I can change the body I'm using right now into the presets that I changed my armors to (UNP skinny) in body slide? I thought I was already using UNP skinny but guess not. But I don't know how to customize a base body like I did with the armors since there is no body preset in the body/outfit section, only in the preset section.
  5. thanks. But can you tell me why the clipping varies from armor to armor? If there exists discrepancies between the body and the pantyhose, shouldn't there ALWAYS be clippings regardless of which armor I put on? BTW, please also share the sauce of your profile pic 😛
  6. Hi! I'm using the UNP undies from this mod for UNP https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/24774 My body is base UNP as well. However, what I noticed is that there's a lot of clippings with the pantyhose, especially in the butt area. But strangely, the clippings happen very inconsistently. It clips a lot with some armors but not at all with others. For example, this is when the pantyhose is worn with the lingerie form the same mod, where there is basically no clipping (the panties flashing in and out is something else). But then, on its own, there is so much clipping.... 1st video attached or you can watch on imgur https://imgur.com/a/jvHL7Y3 And then when worn with different armors: - no clipping with any armor from the Tera armor collection for UNP - the entire pantyhose clips through the body from the back when wearing another UUNP armor (from Harry2135) that I converted to UNP myself. I did some extra work later in the bodyslide, it reduced the clipping, but there was still a lot of clipping. 2nd video attached https://imgur.com/a/VcVuIq7 Can someone tell me what's the source of the problem? Is it the pantyhose that's causing the issue? But if so why does it clip with some armors, but not with the others? If the pantyhose is not the problem, then why does it clip so much when worn on its own? Would really appreciate if someone can explain the science behind this to me. Thanks! PS: I have no HDT physics SMP installed etc. All I have is the base UNP body and the XPMSSE skeleton. The clothes and armors also don't have physics. 2.mp4 3.mp4
  7. The armor is this one here https://www.patreon.com/posts/sse-h2135s-cbbe-33822246 Yes it's HDT-SMP. Right now I'm just trying to delete the weight bones inside outfit studio. Right now I've deleted the L and R breasts 1,2,3, NPC belly and NPC L and R butts, and my character's breasts aren't super stretched when jumping anymore Can you please tell me which other bones could potentially have physics and weight, and if they are safe to delete like the ones above? For example I see NPC pelvis, NPC calf etc in green (what does the green highlight mean anyway?) Thank you!
  8. I use base UNP body without physics, but there's this armor I really like that is for BHUNP. Initially I just used bodyslide to change the armors to UNP but when in game, when jumping, the butts and breasts become super stretched out due to the existing physics bone. So now I want to see if it's possible to remove the physics bone weights. I checked it out in outfit studio, but after removing the bone weights, it seems like I need to fill them up with other bone weights if the previous ones are removed...? Is this actually doable? If so I would really appreciate some assistance because I seem to be stuck here. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi, I'm very new to modding and I've been watching many bodyslide videos but this is something I'm still unclear about. There are mods out there with bodyslide files available. There's this one that's in CBBE that I want to use, but I use UNP. All the bodyslide videos I watched talk about building presets or changing vanilla armors, but I don't quite get if changing the mod from CBBE to UNP when I have the bodyslide file is actually possible. For example what I tried to do myself is load the bodyslide file of the armor, then choose the UNP preset, and batch build all of the armor parts. But after that, how do I actually apply the changes to the mods itself? Do I just export the nif files and replace them with the mod nif files? Would really appreciate if you guys could clarify this for me. Thank you!
  10. thank you for the speedy answer! Too bad it's for CBBE only
  11. Would also love to know what other skimpy armor mods you know for UNP body type. other than Tera Armor and book of UUNP. Thanks!
  12. Well I can convert pretty much any PC mods on Nexus (as long as it doesn't require stuffs like SKSE) to console, all mods I have right now are directly downloaded from Nexus SSE. It's just that there are so few people playing on consoles with mods, so usually I don't get any replies.
  13. I'm on console, I really like the Tera Armor collections, Sexy Vanilla Armor replacer and the Book of UUNP because how skimpy (exposed butts) yet cool looking the armors are, despite them not being super high quality like many of the individual armor pieces. Unfortunately the latters usually require HDT or other requirements. I'm hoping someone could recommend me more similarly skimpy armors (can be individual armor or a pack like Tera) that is for UNP or UNPB and preferably doesn't require things like HDT, racemenu etc. Thanks a lot!
  14. nope. I think it's like you said, stories refer to this mod, but I don't actually have this mod installed lol. I thought stories actually has all those stuffs it refers to, but it's clearly not the case Oh well, that certainly got me and Toccata excited for nothing haha XD. Thanks for your help!
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