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  1. Looking at the brief loot menu when they are getting into and out of it, it says it is t-45. No I mean the black suit the PC is wearing
  2. Whats the armor you're wearing in the video?
  3. Is there a command to set the key success chance? So you can make it more likely to break or open?
  4. Try not to cheat! The quest will update after around 25 mins of -real- time. Oh... Okay...
  5. I got all the items for the belted quest and gave them to john, I've wait/slept in game for almost a full month and nothing else has happened? What do I do?
  6. Dead mod? I really want something like this in Fallout...
  7. How can I fix this? I'm not good with the outfit studio so idk how. Or if it's not a outfit studio issue then how can it be fixed?
  8. Can't figure out how to get chastity belt off, if anyone knows please tell me. Idc about spoilers
  9. This chastity belt is a part of the Deviously Cursed Wasteland mod. You escape it by completing the Belted quest. Yeah but idk how yo complete it? It just says to find help to get it off
  10. How do I get the chastity belt off? I know I need a key named 'KimysKey' but I can't find it. Help!?
  11. Will this be coming to The Nexus anytime soon? Or at all?
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