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  1. CWSS Redux v4 with the Get Dirty patch is working for me with Dirty Sex. AAF Dirty Sex 1.0.7 That is, sex happens, I get dirty, shower cleans all the grime off. I have not noticed any errors or problems.
  2. CWSS Redux v4 has a patch for Get Dirty v1.3 that adds all its stuff to the Get Dirty v1.3 Form list so that dirty users can bathe. The author also has another mod that makes most toilets, sinks bathtubs and urinals across the commonwealth work with CWSS Redux v4. Yes that rusted bathtub is now useable.. but do you want to use it? I verified it works with Get Dirty v1.3 with patch and correct messages appear after bathing. The author also notes that the latest version is fully integrated into advanced needs 2 now.
  3. I've always liked the tattoos in ApoKrytia's port of Osare Culcort in LE (see: ApoKrytia's Bodyslide Conversions - Skyrim Adult Mods - LoversLab) Anyway, I've edited the dds and repackaged the individual tattoos into easy to select items in SlaveTats. So I'm sharing my little package. You can see the tattoos in ApoKrytia's flickr page here: TESV 2015-03-15 20-49-58-28 | ApoKrytia | Flickr Should work well with CBBE and 3BBB. I have not tested with any of the UNP variants. Here's a quick preview of three of them in SE: Requirements:
  4. Here's a conversion to 3BBB for the SMP version of the top. Just unzip into Data Folder. Then bodyslide build with SMP top selected. Changed: BodySlide slider sets, [Melodic] Hestia Top CBBE [SMP].osp, and Mesh nif… Let me know if I've missed anything. First conversion of SMP for me. ZincTOMelodicHestias 3BBB SMP Conversion.7z
  5. One of the better mods by far. I'd like the report the following bug that is occurring for me: I'm getting the Devious Devices corrupted install error message. Occurred right after opening a chest from which I suspect nasty things were going to attach themselves to me, log below. I have also noticed, from time to time, random dialogs "You place xxxxx on bound girl" in a completely unrelated scene where the target of what is happening is my avatar, not one of the new bound girls in towns. In fact I'm nowhere near them. I've noticed the script to "free the girl" dialog fails at time
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