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  1. I won't be doing any Patreon/donation thing. I do intend to keep this going for the foreseeable future, since there's plenty of stuff to make use of. For new mechanics per se, I'm not sure because what I'm aiming for is a variety of content, so there shouldn't be an issue of, like, "old mechanics". Corruption is a viable storyline that I expect to include in some form somewhere; there are a couple new and slightly less than new characters planned; some of that variety of content will include some number of character quest "arcs" covering assorted NPCs, vanilla and otherwise.
  2. Just another drop in the bucket. No worries.
  3. A few things in the first post are borrowed (with permission) from my thread, so I'll pop in here real quick. What's going on there? I have that change queued up for my next update on Sunday. I do know about UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics, but is it a relatively new addition? Like within the last two years or so? As far as I remember, ENBoost was for people who "didn't want" ENB - whatever that might mean. Is it maybe more lightweight than a regular ENB install? Noted. Skimmed the su
  4. Other euphemisms are not required, but are encouraged. So yeah, you're right, my bad: it's not Billyy but actually Anubs and BakaFactory that are separated. (Though Billyy's are grouped by category into multiple SLAL packs, so that could be helpful.)
  5. I think I have the client system ready so I'm working on adding a couple client quests to test it out. Then I need to add the next main quest, and I also decided to do the intro thing about finding notes on bandits. I think there was one more small addition I wanted to make too but don't remember what it is right now.
  6. Note that just because it says Aggressive or Animal doesn't mean all the animations are like that. If you have the time and space, some of those also have a good number of consensual humanoid-only animations; you'd have to go through the lists in the SLAL MCM and check just the ones you want, of course. Especially true for the larger packs, as more animations means more variety. (that said, FunnyBizness's is probably 95% aggressive, so you might want to skip that. but Billyy's has separate human and creature downloads)
  7. "Dog missionary" does not narrow it down far enough. I don't remember if they're from MNC or HCoS or somewhere else, but there are a couple male actor+female canine animations I've seen that I'm not sure are set up correctly. With the most recent update I changed how animations are detected to be much more precise about actor and creature sexes, so getting the "wrong" animation would suggest an error in the animation's settings. Maybe. But that is the first place I would check: to see that it's properly marked as male actor in position #1 and female canine in position #
  8. CF questions go in the CF thread. Which you've already done.
  9. Yes, but you will often need a female follower. Exactly which animation was playing? Is it from HCoS? There are very few same-sex creature animations. Right now, during quests, only actors + opposite sex creatures are supported, so a female actor (humanoid) has to work with a male creature. I'll look into this again at some point in the future. The basement is supposed to be cold and stony and not very well decorated. That was a deliberate decision. But it will not last forever.
  10. What does your Papyrus log say about "RemoveHeelEffect" when wearing the affected heels? And by the way, what heels from what mod?
  11. Tip: if you have a question about something from this thread then asking in this thread would be a good idea. The comment for HDT-HH says that RaceMenu's HH is preferred, then there is a semicolon after it. That's because there are multiple things to talk about in the comment. If you want to use HDT-HH in addition to/instead of RaceMenu HH then "install only this mod's HH DLL".
  12. That controls enabling/disabling, and in fact I'm using that already in some places (like the food/drink items in the main room, and room and furniture decorations in the basement), but even when disabled the things still exist in the game. What I want to do is actually delete things so they are fully removed from the game and save files. Anyway, the uninstall button is all coded up now. Wasn't that much.
  13. Actually I forgot about something: some of the quests will spawn references (like the wolf and bear) and they'll persist in a save unless something cleans them up. Not harmful but not good. If there aren't any quests running, the only references in play will be the ones listed in the Zoo page of the MCM. One can "markfordelete" them in the console and uninstall and I think that will do the job. So yeah, guess I'll need to create an uninstall MCM button. Ugh.
  14. Oh, you don't have to do a whole list. You can tell which specific one (it's probably just one) is the conflict by looking in xEdit to see what conflicts with this mod's Worldspace changes.
  15. By convention, when an animation has a list of actors, the females go at the beginning of the list, then males after, then creatures. But SexLab doesn't enforce that - it's up to a mod to decide to follow that, as well as up to the animation to use the right position for the right actor. So if you have those kinds of problems then it's very likely (a) whatever mod you're using to trigger the scene is not doing so in a way that properly respects the sexes, and/or (b) whatever animation expects the males and females to be in different places than they usually go.
  16. Added: Dancing Penis SE Edited: Devious Devices SE - don't use ConsoleUtilVR with DD5 because that will cause CTDs Edited: SlaveTats - removing the addons, just mentioning the ones (2) that I don't know if are SE-compatible Edited: S.L.U.T.S. Resume - apparently this is (was) the Redux version, not a separate mod
  17. Yeah, landscape changes from another will could easily explain animals not following you into the building. What mod is it, by the way? With the next release I'll try to remember to include a small ESP that reinforces some things which might get overwritten by other mods, such as landscape changes, however that doesn't change the fact that things are conflicting. For people who can't use that, I can also include a sort of "teleport animals to me" debug spell/MCM button. In the meantime, if the MCM doesn't tell you the refID of the animal you've lost (I believe that only
  18. You still haven't answered by questions about your first problem. I'm trying to see if I can do something to fix it instead of telling people to use console commands to skip it, but I can't do that unless you help. The husky problem is probably either an issue with scripts not running (might explain the timer problem too) or with navmesh issues around the Mansion exterior. Are you running a script-heavy game? Do you have anything that altered the landscape where the building is?
  19. Sounds like the timer didn't start. Can you post your Papyrus log - the one that includes when you first started the quest (there will be a log line marked "qf_start") as well as when you waited and tried talking to her. And did the sqv output say anything about the script being registered for an update? To get unblocked, in the console do "setpqv am4_mq03 delayday 3" then "setstage am4_mq03 3". But careful: Thaena will be pissed off that you weren't there yesterday morning. if you don't want that, set delayday to 2 instead and talk to her in a morning (so if it's afternoon or
  20. In the console, do "sqv am4_mq03": - What's the current stage number? (should be 1-3) - What are the values of "Delay", "DelayDay", and "Started"? - About where the output says the script(s) attached to the quest, what does it say about waiting for an update (if anything)? The way that part of the quest works is that it will wait until about midnight or so (to keep track of what day it is) until the appropriate morning's day has started (whether it's the day after or two days after depends what time of day you talk to Thaena).
  21. PSA for DD5/Skyrim VR people who aren't following the DD thread: if you have problems, disable ConsoleUtilVR.
  22. mcnv has said it seems to, and that so far it's just SOS that needs any patching.
  23. I definitely appreciate not raising hell. I think I can expect that just about every conflict will be about placement of stuff, like where the sale is, and whether it works with assorted mod that move stuff. Like JK's Skyrim or Great Cities. So if there's that sort of issue then go ahead and mention it - if it's a real issue, other people can "me too" it. The one without actions is deliberate, though I'm going to remove that restriction. Not completing the objective with the (other) horse is something I've heard before so I'll take another look, but barring a
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