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  1. Well, it's really my fault cause I repackaged the mod for WB installation since WB doesn't do fomod. BTW, WB did install the other XML files just fine. Problem may be I am using a nightly build (bleeding edge) of WB. Did a gogle translate. копия really does mean copy! I thought you were just being logical.
  2. Just installed. I had a file that gave Wrye Bash fits. It caused my installation to fail. The file is hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs\Labia - копия.xml. I guess Wrye Bash doesn't like a little Russian mixed in with English. When I removed this file from both EU and non-EU XML folders in the mod, it installed just fine. Got an English name I can give this file?
  3. This is a really good set of extensive explanations for working with armors. I struggled with Hana's "Creating Skyrim Armor in Blender" though it is also a good set of tutorials. Thanks for putting this out there.
  4. Eldridge

    Apply HDT to Shield or Torch

    This is a better approach. I will look into it. Thanks for your help.
  5. Eldridge

    Apply HDT to Shield or Torch

    I looked at the above ghostblade example. It is a very complex work-around that includes multiple XML bounce kits, and skeletons within the meshes. It's quite an impressive mod. My guess is that it is not possible to apply HDT directly to a weapon/torch that use 'Shield' in NiStringExtraData, and an XML file in 'NiStringsExtraData' which would be a more direct approach and preferable.
  6. Eldridge

    Apply HDT to Shield or Torch

    That's great! I'm using HDT PE. I'll hunt for that ghostblade. I should be able to figure it out once I see it. Thank you. BTW, you wouldn't happen to know which hair thread that would be would you? Edit: Thanks, I found it. It is in the https://www.loverslab.com/topic/46300-hdt-and-smp-hair-list/ thread titled 'HDT And SMP Hair List' at the bottom of the list under the 'Misc Mods' section.
  7. Eldridge

    Apply HDT to Shield or Torch

    I would like to apply HDT to additional parts of a torch or a shield (maybe something dangling from the bottom). I read in the description page for 'HDT Equipment' https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57408? on Nexus that there was "technical difficulty" in doing this to a hand held lantern (my guess is that the same would apply to an equipped weapon?). Is anyone aware of any reason that this is not possible in Skyrim? Any suggestions? Many thanks
  8. Eldridge

    More Nasty Critters

    Try this. In game, go into 3rd person view (sometimes the command is greyed out if in 1st person view). Open the MCM menu. Click the "Creature Framework" menu. Select "General". On the right pane under "Cleaning" click "Re-Register all mods". Select "yes". Close out the MCM menu. Retry the animations. If this doesn't work, go back into the MCM menu. Select the "Sexlab" menu. Click "Rebuilt & Clean". On the left pane under "Maintenance" click "Reset animation Registry". It will automatically reset. When done, a popup window will appear stating "Animation registry has successfully been reset". Click "Accept". Close the MCM menu. Retry animations. If the problem is from a specific mod, it may be how the mod author has designed it. For instance Convenient Horses uses FormID's and Quests to create horses plus they are set as ghosts. You'll get the sheath but no aroused horses.
  9. Eldridge

    SkyUI - show armor slots

    Thank you for that info. I've not used this mod not knowing that this was the case. I should have looked a little closer into this.
  10. Eldridge

    Creature Framework

    @Ep1cL3w7z, I want to thank you for the detailed modder's guides. With them I was able to do a little magic of my own and get one of my mods registered. Your instructions are easy to follow. Thank you again.
  11. Eldridge

    Creature Framework

    Procedure1: Try this first. If you installed CF and then installed MNC, try unchecking\deactivating the ESP files associated with MNC (don't uninstall MNC) in your load order, * then go back in game and see if the MCM for CF registers. This worked for me. Procedure2: If you installed CF as part of MNC install, uncheck\deactivate the ESP files associated with MNC (don't uninstall MNC) in your load order, but don't uncheck\deactivate the ESM file associated with CF, * then go back in game and see if the MCM for CF registers. Procedure3: Alternatively you can start from scratch. Uninstall CF and MNC and any other CF dependent mods. Reinstall the latest version of CF, * go in game (preferably to a save before you installed CF and MNC and other CF dependent mods but try your latest save first), let the MCM for CF register, save, exit. Then install MNC (and other CF dependent mods one at a time), don't let MNC overwrite files for installed CF, go in game, let MNC's MCM register, save. Repeat for other CF dependent mods. * Additional and optional step for above procedures: Before going back in game after deactivating ESP's in above procedures, try doing what CF mod author said about known issues: "Some people have problems with the framework when Aroused isn't installed - this can be worked around simply by installing Aroused, but not activating its esp/esm file if you don't want to use it". (Wish I knew specifically what he meant by 'problems'.) Try Sexlab Aroused Redux which is a newer replacement for 'Sexlab Aroused'. If you do try the save game script cleaner, it is a great tool. I would try 'fix script instances' first. I have broken saves trying to do too many things with this tool at once. No offense intended. Since MNC and other mods are dependent on CF, I think it's best to install CF first, alone, and let it 'do it's thing'. Best not to overwhelm the skyrim engine. It's not too smart.
  12. I tried it that way but for me, having MNC installed and activated, CF wouldn't register it's MCM menu so I deactivated the ESP's from MNC and CF registered. After experimenting and later reading through countless forum posts, I found that I also needed to: go into 3rd-person view, go into the SL MCM and 'Reset Animation Registry' then go into the CF MCM, 'general' tab, and 'Re-register all Mods' (I may have gotten those last two steps reversed. It was late). After that I was able to get creature animations with 'goodies' for the first time! Note: During this process I installed 'Sexlab Aroused Redux' (the successor to 'Sexlab Aroused') and just deactivated it's ESM file in my load order so I could have the assets (read on CF page that this sometimes helps). The long and short is that I did get it working yet with some crashes on load, and when I try to do too many things in-game too fast. It's likely script lag, my system starting to show it's age, and adjustments I made between saves. EDIT: Today it's running a little smoother. Not too many crashes. Will just have to baby it for a while, while I tweak it.
  13. Still working on trying to get this right myself. The first step I did to get CF to even load and register the MCM was to load the latest CF first. Then I installed MNC after CF, not allowing MNC to override the newer version of CF. After MNC was installed, I unchecked all the ESP's associated with MNC. In-game, CF loaded and the MCM menu registered (for the first time!) even without the dreaded API warning. I made a save, exited, then checked\activated the ESP's for MNC in my load order. In-game MNC loaded and registered and that is as far as I've gotten. It's a bit convoluted but it seemed to work so far. Probably easier to just load CF first, go in-game, let it register, save, then repeat the process for MNC not allowing it to override CF if you have installed the newer version of CF.