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  1. Added Version 1.00 Final , see first post. (now this is really the final version and not just a 0.96)
  2. Milky Ways open beta 0.70 for everyone to play ^_^ Download win 64bit : Download change log : Version 0.70 - Added about 300 VN frames (only generic , no story events) - Added Syringe can now be used as generic event - Added Maya and Malia will now interact with each other (Maya needs to be in the Yukaris base) - Added Clothing option : No cloththing xD (Maya needs to be in the Yukaris base) - Added Yukari can also interact but must be questioned first - Added Yukaris skin can now be reset in the in game tablet menu (Needs a save and load from the save)
  3. Milky Ways open beta 0.57 for everyone to play ­čśâ Download win 64bit : Download Download MAC (unsupported) : Download Download LINUX (unsupported) : Download Change log : Version 0.57 - Added about 500 VN frames - Added 1 new clothing to find in the old pirate base - Added 1 new device to wear for the girls - Added 2 new generic lewd scenes - Added Player will receive a map item where all the resource drill positions are marked (can also be added by using the tablet ingame) - Added a function which ables the player to ask a girl to do a autonomous
  4. Etwas wichtiges gleich im vorraus : AATOFL gilt f├╝r mich als abgeschlossen , ich werde h├Âchstwarhscheinlich keine code ├Ąnderungen mehr machen an dem spiel weil cih mich im moment mit "milky Ways" besch├Ąftige meinen neuem spiel. Ei ei ei.. das merkw├╝rdig. Weil ich im spiel einfach den standardspieler controler genommen haben der eigentlich damit verbunden sein sollte. Habe es nie probiert , mus ich ehrlich zugeben weil das control-schemata ja wirklich "FPS" standard ist. Du kannst sie als "gro├če" datei extrahieren aber es wird dir wahrsch
  5. Abend , Also eiegtmlich sollte das umkonfigurierbar sein .Die basis bewegungstasten sollten ohne probleme wechselbar sein. Einfach vor dem starten auf "input" und mal durchgucken
  6. Next Milky Ways update is close.. i am currently smoketesting the whole thingy. Then it needs a tiny bit alpha testing and then i can release the beta version to my patreons. And i see you had fun in AATOFL
  7. If you finished the crew quarter story then you should be able to just "ask" Aemi under the dialoug option "current situation" (or something like that) about the command section. And btw... i have a new game called "milky ways" it is kind of the same sinc i am to stuip to think about somethign new ^_^
  8. OH my.. i am late but i fixed this bug. This bug onl occours if you fast travel and then use the 3d printer. It is fixed in the dev version now and wil be implemented in the next beta
  9. Hio there ^_^ To be honest you are the first one who mentioned this issue and unfortunately i do not really have a answer for that. I used the default FPS controler from unity in AATOFL and i though the most basic controls are bound to the controller panel. (I never tested it) Maybe i need to test this in Milky ways if the same issue appears there >_< (AATOFL is closed in regards to development and i rather not touch the old stuff if you know what i mean) Okay.. this one is also new to me. O.o Oh my.. my scripts are kinda wonky i gu
  10. You can also try out my newer game "milky Ways". It is not a sequel but kind of the same thing in another packaging xD
  11. Much appreciated ^_^ fixed in dev version Can you please tell me how you triggered this bug ? I tried it in my dev version and i can not make the inventory appear in the 3d printer menu. This is actually not a bug. First i wanted it to function that way and then i thought that wait for all eh resources or gathering them only to create the same item is kind of.. not fun. So one time built is fine (and a reason for me to make different toys for the girls) Noted in the "to do list" This will take
  12. Released Milky ways public beta 0.42 for everyone to test out. Download link (win 64 bit) ...or visit the patreon post about it Overall story frames : 7600 Packed Size 2.02 GB Unpacked Size : 6.07 GB change log : Version 0.42 (open beta) - Added 300 VN frames for main story (overall 7600 frames) - Updated inventory is now scrollable with mouse wheel - Updated 3d printer list is now scrollable with mouse wheel - Fixed tons of little things (big thanks to the closed beta testers) - Fixed Generic Pillory event is now Finish-able with Malia - Fixed Game can now be saved
  13. Intersting thing , if i click on the link provided by sobolsdaemon1 then it wants me to make an account but if i click on the link on the first page (wind 64 bit download) then it will take me to the AATOFL download. But they are essentially the same link.. O.o here is the link directl from Mega again. (hope this works) Download 64 bit version AATOFL
  14. So.. lets see.. time to answer some questions ^_^ I tried to change this in MW , hope this will end well. But well.. my personality is still the saem since then so... we will see xD I have no experience with the BDSM community and real life has shitty gameplay. (good graphics thou..) So.. i like to stay with "it is a fantasy sci fi porn game" and after a little bit of doing stuff for them they may want to have an encounter or two.. or more. Next version you can exchange her skin to ahuman form. (i assume you did
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