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  1. I am still confused by your problem. basically fourplay is really dumb in regards to impregnation (in my version at least) That every Animation gives a chance for impregnation including kissing, blowjobs, everything. while AAF version can turn that part off in XML's in the AAF folder so that only having sex can impregnate (I think) because I don't know, i would suggest downloading AAF Themes to see if that works https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7720-aaf-themes-beta-basicanimations-sexanimations-kinkycreaturesexanimations/
  2. the big problem that i am really confused by is the "Kissing" so if do you still have AAF, use that and take a screenshot of the menu when selecting your sex moves.
  3. Well it depends on which version FP_FamilyPlanningEnhanced you have And the problem with AAF themes is that there isn't any esp/esl's. They all exist in the AAF folder inside Data
  4. well a good place to start is to look at other mods for examples. but you need to make the textures & material files because I use FO4Edit, I am going to use that. This is a basic structure of what you need to do make a Material Swap to swap the original material with the new one. then make a keyword with none as its type then make a Object Modification with the data above then make a Constructible Object to use that Object Modification in a workbench. also you can attach an object Modification to an armor as its default but I would strongly recommend that you refer to other peoples work when doing this.
  5. I think we have to start from the start again. so just a series of questions (btw some of these questions are stupid but required) 1. what gender are you playing? 2. which NPC(with gender) are you trying to impregnate? 3. and from what NPC(with gender)? 4. which framework are you using? 5. which mod are you using to initiate sex scenes? if do you still have AAF take a screenshot of the menu when selecting your sex moves. maybe you just need more AAF animation mods. I think you have a problem with atomic lust but I remember you had some other animation mod.
  6. did you install the AAF themes? and start again with the sex animations what animations work at this moment? and using which framework?
  7. what are your chances of getting pregnant in MCM? and what options do you have ticked as well?
  8. well from the looks of your mod list, you need to decide which sex framework to focus on fourplay or AAF. there are guides here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/107204-complete-guide-load-order-for-aaf-aafpe-aafrse/ about the *.tri search, what I mean is search for *.tri in your search bar because if they exist then they would be the Meshes folder.
  9. Your presets isn't a problem. (unless you use atomic beauty and a couple of others different mesh setups) but you do have a mesh problem, use bodyslide and batch build everything with your presets with build morphs ticked. and then search your data folder for *.tri file to make sure bodyslide works but nevertheless go here for plugin text file C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Fallout4 and post the contents of plugins.txt and I don't know anything about Vortex, I don't use it
  10. Do you have looksmenu installed? if it is installed then go into console and type slm 14 then go into body then advanced and change any of the slider and see if they make a difference if you don't have it then install it. if this doesn't work then you have a problem with your meshes otherwise it is a problem with your mods (if it gets to this point then post your load order)
  11. how did you install F4SE? is it in the Data folder (NOT Here) or in Fallout 4 folder (Put Here) the next thing i would suggest is renaming the F4SE folder inside Data and see if that works
  12. condoms inside FamilyPlanningEnhanced has been stable for me(but I did modify it to be an armor so it looks like you are wearing a condom) there are four things I can think of 1. you might have an old version so get the latest version of FPE floating around here somewhere 2. reload the contents of the familyplanningenhanced zip file and overwrite everything 3.(Hard) find a copy of FO4Edit and load all of the mods and then have a look at condoms inside FP_FPE (and see if anything is overriding it) 4. you should focus on one of the sex frameworks - 4Play or AAF maybe that will fix your problems
  13. I fixed my game last night, I used all of my normal steps (no Mods, renamed Folders) my problem turn out to be some of the contents of Plugins inside the F4SE folder. such as the PrivateProfileRedirector files (which doesn't have a mod attached) however i did remove a couple of others at the same time KnockoutFramework & fourplay (so maybe it was them)
  14. you need to download looksmenu https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631/?
  15. did you get the latest MCM from Nexus? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497?tab=files
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