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  1. I didn't Actually say anything about looking specifically for Empty Text files (it just happened to affect my game once(I used it as an example of how weird Fallout 4 crashes can be)) I said to do a broad renaming of your Folders inside Data Folder. because it could be a lot of things, Bad textures, Bad meshes, Bad Interface icons
  2. just wondering, do you have RSE installed? (I think it was this one) that had the miscarriages in it. (or maybe some other mod) I was just thinking if your character had a miscarriage and then gotten pregnant by a supermutant in a small amount of time. I did a brief test a hour or so ago, I gotten someone pregnant by a human and then made them have sex with a supermutant and they gave birth to a human. also one other way, I could fix this issue is simply create some recipes to mutate and cleanse babies. btw I tried(again) to create a supermutant child. (a human child with Green Skin) but it didn't work yet (I just had another idea how to do it)
  3. so I am assuming that it ctd's in the main menu as well have a look in your Data folder now rename all of your folders inside Data to have a _2 next to it (such as Meshes_2) now start the game and see if it still crashes (then it might be your settings files, rename them then) if it works, then slowly return the folders back to their proper names until it errors then look into that folder. (I had this problem quite a few times with different issues & solves such as it turns out to be an empty text file inside an animation folder inside Meshes)
  4. that is good, you only have one addon pack (otherwise it may clash with each other if you had more addon's) The only thing I can think of is that FPE gotten confused by the multiple fathers and it gave birth to the latest father Basically from what I can tell by the workings of the mod, it only reads the fathers race at the birth when it spawns a baby object. (I will do some testing of my own to test this issue)
  5. what Family Planning Enhance Addon packs do you have installed? because it has been a while since I tested it but I believe the default race for all babies is human(or ghoul) if there isn't any addon packs (this is why I had a bit of trouble with my non-Sexual version of FPE More Creatures)
  6. Thanks again for voting, this helped me in a couple of ways
  7. I am going to assume that you have the latest version of Looksmenu (otherwise get it NOW https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631/?) go into console and type slm 14 then go into Body->Advance now play around with the sliders and see if it affects your body. if it doesn't affect your body then you do have a problem with your meshes if it affects your body then you do have a problem with a mod
  8. if you thinking like it is like Skyrim then you are wrong, Fallout 4 never used Min-Max Bodies there is only the one body slider
  9. while it is possible to simulate a pregnant body using a body like BodyTalk. it will cause issues the numbers involved are huge. for instance, I just tested BodyTalk looking a pregnant man and it took sliding BTStomachFat to 700% to get it to look a heavily pregnant woman and the problem with sliding BTStomachFat that much is that it is wider than the shoulders now.
  10. well if it is related to my message above which gender are you? Male: then it only would affect the weight meter so the belly wouldn't be affected as much Female: most likely you didn't tick "Build Morph" when building your female bodies and clothes in Bodyslide
  11. that is because they are two different NPC's They are not the same NPC, when the child reaches the end of its time, it gets destroyed and get replaced by an adult
  12. Why is it that every time I release an update I find more and more issues. here is a couple of minor issue that is going to be fixed in the next patch The new Hostile Baby Deathclaws are Protected which means that only you can kill them, not anyone else and I am not sure about keeping the hostile egg timebomb (I didn't actually plan for the timebomb part but I do like it) or I add an recipe for boiling the hostile egg to become an eatable egg I found another bug-ish(it is from the main game itself), Apparently Behemoth's uses a LLD_Deathclaw as its death drop so it can also drops deathclaw hostile eggs.
  13. this should be a safe update no it shouldn't remove anything, I didn't remove any ID's. I must admit that I completely forgotten to test updating this mod from an earlier mod however I just did a test on version 9 of FPEMC and quickly spawned a tamed deathclaw, two dogs with two revive dog wombs then updated to version 9.95 of FPEMC and all of the spawns are still there with two revive dog wombs changing into the new born counterparts The latest update only changed them a bit such as Wild Deathclaw to Independent Deathclaw edit---correction - This does cause a slight issue with older saves, one of the added changes was to allow the player to move independent creatures to different settlement. and this doesn't seem to happen with older saved wild creatures. however if you decide to update sideways then there will be issues - FPEAIOCreatureAddon.esp to FPEAIOCreatureAddon_Follower.esl unless you rename FPEAIOCreatureAddon_Follower.esl to FPEAIOCreatureAddon.esp but this may cause issues with certain files but incase the update does cause some sort of damage, let me know as soon as possible
  14. two things 1. maybe post your load order, that might be helpful 2. with your mod companion Ivy, are the voice file are Loose files or in a BA2? (because I like it and I put the voices into a ba2 on my ba2 binge)
  15. here is an example of an issue I am having at the moment. I don't know why but Dogs(junkyard, vicious, dogmeat and wolf) don't have this problem this is why some of the birthed creature are in a bio-womb because I wanted to maintain the lifecycle (and if I figure it out then it is an easy replacement)
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