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  1. You need to set the alpha values in the default materials to 1 (just open all material files with the material editor and set alpha to 1 in case it isn't already) and exchange the "invisible_d" texture with a texture that shows something. Are you using mod organizer? I also get crashes with OS when opening the shape properties dialog but only when using with MO, outside of MO that dialog opens just fine.
  2. Thx. As soon as I am out of alpha, I plan to play a bit with qt style sheets and see if I can make a touch friendly style.
  3. I have to admit that I actually don't know much about the hotkey widget. I didn't program it myself but it was made by akamal. In the new version there are a lot of improvements for the hotkey widget, so maybe your problem is already solved. Otherwise you need to ask akamal for help on the nexus.
  4. I just tested in on a freshly installed Win10, and didn't had any issues. Maybe your anti-virus software is blocking the file (and I hoped all issues with AV-software are resolved). I attached a bat script you can use as launcher replacement (just copy it into the same folder, would be even greater if you could execute it in a command prompt and report what's happening). If it doesn't work could you try to double-click on python.exe in the python34 directory and report what's happening. PyPipboyApp.bat.zip
  5. What operating system are you using? In the directory where the launcher exe is located, is there a log file? Could you please post it?
  6. New version is up: v0.5alpha: - Got rid of PyInstaller. File size has doubled, but (hopefully) no more false-positives with AV-software. - Added hotkey and equipped weapons & grenades (Credits to akamal). - Added radio and active effects widgets. - Several small bugfixes and improvements. Nexus has now lifted the moderator review (and still haven't said a single world to me). Newest version does not produce any false-positives anymore, so everthing is well now, and hopefully stays well.
  7. For me, newest Gimp with newest dds-plugin is working flawlessly. You just need to select BC5 for normal and specular map when exporting. Yes, there is. The NPC record has a field (WNAM, or Worn Armor) which defines what body the specific NPC uses. Just have a look at how raiders are defined.
  8. Is everything frozen and you need to restart Windows? My first guess would be maybe you have not enough space on your hard disk. The application needs some temporary space to create an execution environment, and if you cannot provide this space, then the application may freeze.
  9. The PyInstaller dev team already has reported numerous false positives to AV-devs, that's why most well-known AV-engines don't flag PyInstaller packages as malware anymore (this was apparently different a few year ago). There are only some no-name engines left that report it as malware. And after PyInstaller update the whole cycle may start again. Sure I can try to tell them, but I prefer to not participate in this cat-and-mouse game. We are testing some other potential solutions that may solve this problem permanently. I don't know what software the nexus is using, they ignore my communic
  10. GIMP and Paint.net can't handle the format of normal and specular maps of Fallout 4. Diffuse will work mostly fine. You'll need Visual Studio to convert back and forth, or Photoshop with Intel's plugin. I already created a normal and specular map for a Fallout 4 mod in Gimp. Gimp can export normal and specular maps in the correct format without problems.
  11. It's released under GPL, so I cannot do anything against it as long as you provide the sources (Not that I have anything against it). I am just wondering how you can sluttify it (but I am sure Loverslab will find a way )
  12. Yes, it can completely replace the official App (not all functionality has been implemented yet, but will eventually) and works over the local network.
  13. Qt supports Android, theoretically it should also be possible to get it running on Android. Have never tried it though. But why do you want to have it on Android if you already have the official App .
  14. Version v0.8alpha


    PyPipboyApp is a platform independent and extensible unofficial Fallout 4 Pipboy Companion App written in Python3 using PyQt5. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, and is meant as replacement of the official companion app on the PC (You don't need to mess around with that non-working android emulator anymore, isn't that great news!). It currently provides the same features as the official companion app, and on top of that it adds it's own features like note taking, POI markers, hotkeys, automatic application of stimpacks, and more ... It can be also found on the Nexus. Features Platfo
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