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  1. Anyone had a weird issue of being asked to leave after a day or 2 of playing? Can't sleep in the bed anymore. "Being asked to leave" pops up when i try to wait or sleep. Side note, what are the conditions for party? I have been able to get the mod to work normally up until pregnancy and birth. But have yet to get the party to activate.
  2. Actually got this one from you before you posted it. Still works great, and BONUS the still unknown issue between RDO and PSQ is resolved with this. PSQs MCM works and the mod will now function with RDO Lite.
  3. Has anyone figured out how to resolve the MCM menu issue that seems to be from RDO? Scrolling back a tad I haven't found a definitive answer from anyone just mentions of the problem.
  4. I already have a slew of combat overhauls. Including Wildcat, yes it's amazing. No it doesn't fix everything, it's impossible to fix everything the flaws are just part of the games intrinsic design. My point still stands even with a bunch of Combat overhauls to try and fix it... It still just isn't up to par with a lot of newer games combat systems. It's why I hope the stall of time between skyrim and the next Elder Scrolls game is utilized wisely..
  5. Better Combat system, the combat is one of the worst attributes of the game. Melee is awful the game.. feels playable as a sneak character ironically usually an archer to avoid melee. I do realize that the kind of overhaul I'm imagining is just impossible for Skyrim though, hopefully the next game we'll see something better. I mean there's so many games out there with amazing combat. New monster hunter, Dark Souls series, Breath of the Wild.. Playing monster hunter makes me wish it was Skyrim when fighting Dragons. Vicious fights for your life where mobility or tactics can decide everyth
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