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  1. The Person you tag refuse any kind of response to this matter, so if anyone have this mod, i am still looking for it.
  2. Hello i am looking for the mod WearOut, if someone still have it, would be nice if someone can send it to me.
  3. Hello i am looking for the mod Wearout, it looks like it got completely erased from the internet. If someone could upload it somewhere and pass me a link i would highly appreciate it.
  4. Ty for your reply Well i found the reason for that, it was the location/transform of the kinematic bones i created. If some one run in the same issue, the tail of the bone has to point in the direction where the child bones rest, also roll rotation need to be set to 0.
  5. Hello It try to apply some physics to my mesh, but some of the bones (usually the skirt bones around the hips) try to rotate inside the body, ignoring the rules of gravity. In some cases i can improve it by restrict the rotation but if i apply collision they just ignore it and go inside the body again, as if the rest pose is somewhere there. So is there anything to do on my mesh or xml to tell the bones to accept simply hanging down as rest pose?
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