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  1. Any way to fix ivisible Leito animation beds? All other furniture works fine.
  2. Hi No. I was never able to fix the issues above. Everything I did always had a trade off which affected the way I play Skyrim. If you want to continue using Nioverride Heel System, you might need to uninstall NIOVHH fixes. This leaves your game vulnerable to the NIOvverride bugs though. I went back to HDT High Heels and it is working fine so far. As for the saving issue during SL scenes, you will just need to disable autosave for midgameplay in your game settings (you can keep it on for loading screens and fast travel) and restrict yourself from manually saving at obove scenes. The water reflection bug might depend on your ENB and water mod. I use ruffled feather and Realvision ENB. My water is crystal clear. Try those and remove any other ENB or water mods. If it doesnt help, then another mod is causing the issue. Btw I had that problem when I was using Worlds Dawn and Teleport Spell mod. I uninstalled Worlds Dawn and then I made a patch for the Teleport Spell mod and the issue disapeared.
  3. btasqan

    NCK30 Animations

    Repacking as 7z file works. Thanks. Will test animations asap.
  4. btasqan

    NCK30 Animations

    I can confirm this for version 1.1. Dont know about 1.0, didnt download that one.
  5. I still use NMM because textures and Bodyslide work much easier with it. With MO and Vortex it is a real hustle to manage single or sets of texture files. Bodyslide files dont always show up at the location they should be etc. Only reason I would switch is because you cant break your game that easily and you always are aware which mod is prioritized over another. Also if you mostyl install animations and DLC like new worlds mods, then MO and Vortex are really comfortable. But when it comes to specific overrides (Bodyslide, texture mods, XML file overides and management depend on this a lot), NMM is superior and works similar to manual install. Therefore the results ingame are more accurate.
  6. For those installing with nmm. Rename the version 2 file to SLAL_Sailing_Rebel(SRB)_02.0.7z before you install. This should work. Nmm somehow has trouble with spaces and long names for certain mods.
  7. Seriously? How come I didnt see this before. Great thanks! Now we just need anupdate of SLAL which allows us to save profiles so we can just load our previous checked animations on new play throughs.
  8. I have already disabled so many animations (over 90% of FBs animations), but with this update now I am almost out of slots again :D. SL 1.63 needs to launch soon for oldrim.
  9. btasqan

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    What is the name of this outfit? It is found on https://nsfwmods.com/files/file/72-arsenics-bandit-den-of-daz3d-outfits/ but I dont know which file to download.
  10. btasqan


    Check out: 1. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71797/? Then for animations: 2. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77445/? If you want to use UNP, then you need to choose UUNP options in Bodyslide. Remember that cbbe armors will only look good on cbbe and unp only on unp. I have listed all requirements needed on both pages. If you follow the instruction, you will have a ready body in no time. There is also a link to bodyslide conversions of vanilla armor by CT77. I recommend you install that too so you already have something to start with. For more CBBE armors: http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/?tag=BodySlide I recommend you start with the older armors and then work yourself through to the recently uploaded ones. Why? Because the older ones are mostly well done and fit almost any preset. For some reason, not all newer clothing fits each preset well because some creators (especially those with Patreon) seem to be mostly creating the armors on the basis of the own preset and not of the standard CBBE preset. Which ends up in clipping issues if you dont use a similar preset as they do.
  11. Click on count animations in general tab of SL Anim Loader. Maybe you have exceeded the animations. If you have more than 500 creature animations, then you have to deactivate some creature animations you dont need and then rebuild sexlab registry and then register animations. Remember to reload JSON and click reapply JSON too! After that reregister mod in creature framework MCM. wait 1 min. Then play an see if it works.
  12. As Todd Howard would say IT WORKS! IT JUST WORKS! I prefer non console solutions, they break the game flow, so thank you for the haybale fix.
  13. Nice anims. Only issue is that in the new horse animation, the horse cant get rid of the hay bale after sex. Maybe you should make it be an object fixed on the character rather than the horse, because that way one can just use the jump button to get rid of stuck furniture. On NPCs furniture usually sticks like glue.
  14. btasqan

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Please support Madmansgun on his Patreon. Thanks to him MNC has been goin on with frequent updates since more than 2 years now. He has maintained creature assests for us. We can make it easy to get past his current Pat goal. Thank you. Link below: https://www.patreon.com/MadMansGun