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  1. I'm having a problem downloading the Highheels Dress 3BA conversions from Google Drive, too. It keeps saying quota exceeded. Can we have a re-upload? EDIT: It took a lot of tries, but I finally got it to download.
  2. the reddit has tutorials and guides lined up at the top, which are frequently updated. Should be a great help
  3. The Skyrim VR reddit page is very helpful with its guides on Skyrim modding in VR. I've used their help as a baseline and add other mods as I've gone along. Here's the link. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimvr/ There's also the Virtual Reality sub forum here that has lots of info and help. Just scroll through and ignore the occasional spam posts for VR porn websites. I've been modding Skyrim since 2015 and Skyrim VR since it came out in 2018. I have lots of fun! My PC: Alienware Area 51m G1 Laptop GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080 CPU: Intel
  4. To clarify my problem with flat breasts, I have screenshots.
  5. I did install the Cbbe file, but it only adjusts textures it seems. I am using the 3BA body and all the other females are fine. Just the deer have inverted breasts with or without clothes or armor.
  6. My game isn't crashing. The Deer female NPCs have flat or inverted breasts (still with physics) when naked, clothed, or armored. Now, I did use zMerge to merge some of BadDog's other new race mods together. I'm gonna try reinstalling the Cervids separately and see if this changes things. I looked up a tutorial on how to copy 3BA bone weights to a body and tried to do that witht he deer famale body nif file using Nifscope, but it didn't work since the reference body wasn't CBBE or some other reason. I'm not giving up, y'all!
  7. I dunno. VR is such a niche area. I try to assist when I can. Also, people can be jerks.
  8. I know ABC does. Just make sure you get the SE version and don't have both Animal SOS and ABC. You'll also need the right animations suggested on the download page in order to see them work.
  9. I'm having this issue. How do you do this? My female deer have flat or negative boobies...
  10. I'm not using Yiffy Age of Skyrim. Just the normal requirements. Should use nifscope or something? I don't have this problem with the horses or cats race mods that BadDog has also made...
  11. I don't know if this has been answered, but all the female deer npcs have flat breasts, some even going into their bodies. Did I do something wrong? I am using 3bbb, if that makes a difference. EDIT: I'm using CBBE 3BBB
  12. How would I go about getting my followers to do these?
  13. Would it be possible to make a patch for Grimoas Plantigrade Feet For Beast Races? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16976 Thanks, by the way, your work is amazing and duly appreciated!
  14. I haven't tried YA in VR yet due to its requirements, but that's an experiment I'd like to try! I'll need the free time, though...
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