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  1. 8 hours ago, deejayz said:


    Didn't anyone except me noticed that the entire achievement system, ranking and badges are gone or is that only for me?



    And why is there a DICK now in the preview link to my thread even though I have never posted a DICK PIC?



    The ranking system was disabled temporarily for performance reasons.


    The link embed preview image is taken from the first image in a thread that has big enough dimensions. I'm assuming you added the pride flags photo in the 2nd post to try and get it to change the preview image, but unfortunately it goes by upload date, not post date. I could remove the image from the post that has it, so it defaults to a different image for the preview if you really want.

  2. 10 minutes ago, 7cupsbobatae said:

    Just a question: I was seeing all download section content as sort by "recently updated" and it was my default. But since yesterday, i'm seeing some sections sorted by "start date" which is interesting. Of course i can just click and sort it by "recently updated" but sometimes i forget it and it feels weird ngl. Is there an option for me to make it sort by recently updated permanently or was it an intended/unintended change? Thank you :) 


    The default was changed in the Sims 4 categories due to various users abusing the recently updated order by making empty "updates" to bump their files to the top of the list. 




    Also, as a side note. I'm going to experiment with adding reviews to files in the sims 4 category to see how it goes. I've usually been hesitant about enabling reviews on files as I fear some authors might take the ratings to seriously or that some less knowledgeable user giving giving bad reviews that are the result of their own error installing a mod. To hopefully curb some of that, I'm setting it so only accounts that aren't new can review.


    Will see how it goes. Interested in feedback on it as well (a review of reviews, if you will)

  3. 14 minutes ago, EvalovesEP said:

    > Joining the wishes and sincerely hope that certain sex prejudices will have no place on LL regardless of being plain member, or having status of moderator or administrators. I know I sound like a drama queen lately but, fuck it, I can't stand certain behaving and regardless jerks, idiots and male chauvinists, LL is still the best site I ever been to and i have been in many social sites.

    Totally understandable, I get where you're coming from. I know there are certain problem "spots" on the site that we haven't been great at addressing. I'm truly sorry if it ever feels like site staff or myself "doesn't care" about a problem, I assure you we do notice more than we let on. It's just a real difficult thing to find the delicate balance between being a free-wheeling/welcoming community, while also having to enforce a specific set of rules among millions of registered users while being consistent. And we're by no means perfect at that yet.

  4. If I could easily edit the forum software to no longer bump files from post edits without file updates, I would.


    I still think changing the sims categories to sort by "recently added" instead of "recently updated" would be the best solution. It would immediately destroy any reason for greedy people to keep bumping their files. Yes, you might lose out on seeing mods that have legitimately updated if all you do is look at the list of recently updated mods. But, if you cared about that mod being updated, than you should be following the file and getting a notification or seeing that the files discussions thread has new posts. Besides, you could still change the sort order on your own.


    Across all the "excessive bumping" reports we've gotten, it's mostly just felt not excessive enough to be problematic or bumping as the result of somebody making legit updates to their post that go unnoticed by the reporter. We've even had a fair number of excessive bumping reports made about files that made simple typo/formatting fixes.

  5. I don't think it's wise of me to share this, as it's honestly none of your damn business and I'd rather keep it private... But fuck it. I don't care.


    Since the subject of women on the site is currently being talked about. I will confess that I am, in fact, a trans woman. It's something I've known about myself since I was a teenager, but have only recently started being open about. I've been in the process of transitioning for 8 months or so now. 

  6. 15 hours ago, landess said:

    We have Ashal. The 'other guys' don't . . . .


    Thanks, but it's entirely undeserved. I've done literally nothing for non-adult mods beyond maintaining PapyrusUtil, a mod I didn't even make and just inherited the source code for.


    I'm proud of my contributions to adult modding. But, when it comes to non-adult mods, all I've really done is provide an alternative space to upload them and that is entirely just a byproduct of servicing my own interests. The praise for non-adult content here has little, if anything, to do with me and should entirely go to the authors of said mods.

  7. 20 hours ago, DracoMan671 said:

    i would like to request a ban appeal, my account was compromised, i have since recovered and locked down the account. my account is DracoMan671#2251


    Your account was used to spam discord phishing links, resuling in a prompt ban.


    But, assuming you've properly regained access to your account, I've removed the ban and you should be able to rejoin now.


    Do try not to give away your password to hackers again.

  8. Quick heads up, I'm testing some new features in the downloads section. Currently this is only enabled in the Skryim LE and SE categories. And if it goes well and the feedback is good, I'll start enabling it on the other categories as well. Interested in whatever feedback people have on these additions.



    • For files you manage, File Actions has been moved to the top of the page instead of the bottom.
    • The Changelog has been moved from the bottom to a separate tab on the download page.

    New Additions:

    • Questions Tab: Users can ask a question on a file by clicking the Questions tab. Other users can then respond and answer those questions. This generates a sort of FAQ for the download.
      • If preferred, I can switch it so only the file owner can answer questions.
      • This can be disabled by the file owner by going to File Actions > Edit Details > Disable Questions
    • Support Tab: Users can submit bug reports / support requests from the Support tab.
      • File owner can manage and flag the status of each.
      • This can be disabled by the file owner by going to File Actions > Edit Details > Disable Support
    • Tutorials Tab: From the files tab the file owner can create separate "pages" that are linked to for other users that can contain whatever information the author wishes to provide, such as tutorials, documentation, or whatever.
  9. 20 minutes ago, shardoom said:


    If I suppress a bunch of anims while in 1st person, could that be what causes the suppress animation feature to bug out?


    (I don't remember having to be so careful with my 1st/3rd person on the previous version of Sexlab)


    No. The suppress system has nothing to do with with FNIS and is just a json list of animations to skip registering.


    Being able to fully remove the default animations without editing the scripts and just removing the FNIS files is new to beta 9. Though I'm likely going to remove it for the final release since people are having problems with it due to the FNIS variable detection failing. 

  10. 19 hours ago, Patrick16 said:

    so how do i make the sexlab animations show up? because when i rebuild or reset them, they still don't appear, so how do i fix this issue?


    Make sure you are in 3rd person when you install the framework or reset the animation registry. It has to be able to detect an FNIS variable, which sometimes fails if you load into the game without having gone into 3rd person yet.

  11. I don't control how the ignore system works, it's built into the forum software and has no customization options.


    I also just don't think an aggressive ignore system is helpful. Reporting abusive members so moderators can deal with them is. Ignoring/blocking doesn't solve a problem, it just hides it.

  12. On 8/9/2021 at 12:44 PM, Akabass-XIII said:

    Guys, few days ago, I sent two messages (via Contact Us) with a request to restore access to my account due last forum updates. There is still neither access nor any answer, how long should I wait?


    PM me instead. I've just looked through my emails from Contact Us and I've already responded to all the recent lost email messages. So response is either lost somewhere or I'm missing the email. I've had a few responses to contact us bounce because the reply email used on the form ended up being invalid. 

  13. 57 minutes ago, Kendo 2 said:

    Otherwise Ashal would have responded with 'Yeah, my staff can/can't make whatever rules they want on the spot'.  He didn't say that SO...You don't don't get to moderator-flex on a subject you have vetted interest in.


    No. I didn't respond because I didn't care about your complaint and CPU was right in what he said so I saw no reason escalate things.


    You called people and I quote, "Fucking losers" so a moderator rightly told you to watch the tone. You weren't punished in anyway, you were simply asked to cut back on the insults. That's the entire non-story. 

  14. 9 hours ago, zaira said:

    BTW: is there a git repo for Papyrus Utils? I still have an open question regarding the pop() behavior on empty lists - a peek into the code would help me to answer it for myself

    a 1:1 encapsulation of STL would crash but "if not empty pop()" is expensive in Papyrus


    https://github.com/eeveelo/PapyrusUtil/blob/master/Data.cpp (pop function is at line 324)




  15. 12 hours ago, fred200 said:

    Is the included PapyrusUtil at the 3.9 level?

    I have been overriding sexlab with it for the last year...


    Yes. The version included is actually ahead of 3.9 and is an unreleased update with a few new functions.



    6 hours ago, shardoom said:

    When I upgrade to beta 9 all of the pre-installed sexlab animation vanish. I can still make the SLAL ones show but no 'vanilla' ones will appear.


    Ran FNIS (of course), reset anim registry, used SLAL to rebuild registry, reset the mod using the option in MCM, nothing nada all of the original anims simply fail to show anywhere in the menus.


    Tried on a new game also, same problem.


    Whether or not the default animations are registered depends on some FNIS variables being detected, which can be spotty when it comes to detecting them properly. Aside from making sure FNIS has been run after installing the update, when in game scroll in and out of 1st person, and make sure when you run SexLab's tool to rebuild the registry that you are in 3rd person.

  16. 14 minutes ago, judge007 said:

    From the first page the update notes:


    All existing basic mods should work as is as far as I know. As long as they don't require any other SKSE plugins that haven't yet been converted. This means Devious Devices and its mods won't work until DD gets its SKSE plugin updated.


    Schlongs of Skyrim relies on a .dll as well


    Those all have SE updates at this point. It should be fine.

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