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    Gorgeous animations by Xelsword:
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    Version 1.0.0


    First package uploaded Have a good mood Animations list NAME PARTICIPANTS _ LOCATION Self Feeding 1 Floor Foot Love 2 Floor Foot Cleaning 2 Double-Bed
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    Version 1.3.1


    Su, Suuuu... WW_E404P_Animations (148 Animations) FIND GIFS IN THE COMMENT SECTION! or HERE Want Early Access? 👋🏾 Then join my Patreon. 👌🏾 👉🏾 ***FYI: NO! I WILL NOT MAKE ANY BESTIALITY OR FORCED ANIMATIONS!*** 👌🏾 CherryPie Cum Mesh is required for some animations to show up in game!!! VIEW TEXTURE IMAGES HERE: HOW TO SET UP RAPPER TREATMENT ANIMATION AND PHONE FOR DEEP CONVERSATION & FACETIME ME DAT DICK/PUSSY: 👋🏾 IF U WANT, CHECK OUT MY CLOTHES (ALWAYS 💯 FREE) 👀 WANT SOME MO SKRIPPA ANIMATIONS FO YO SKRIP CLUB? THEN CHECK OUT WAT ME DA HOMIE DID! ( ALWAYS 💯 FREE) **SPECIAL SHOUTS OUT TO ZHEUR FOR HELPING ME WITH THE WHOLE THING!!!** more FREE content from me: Check out my PornHub channel for sexy sim vids. Love storytelling and need animations? Then check out my Youtube or Wix site. Please feel free to leave a comment.
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    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/38145 truly yours daedal now uninstalling, i'll be back eventually
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    Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 BeachBall_-_Stage_1.mp4 BeachBall_-_Stage_2.mp4 BeachBall_-_Stage_3.mp4 BeachBall_-_Stage_4.mp4 BeachBall_-_Stage_5.mp4
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    Meh... Response not required (Edit)
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    Yay!! Thanks for the update! ❤️
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    @dilcue @kiesu It's done. Thanks to Twisted for the mod and also @xtremeGoose for the script: I've loaded over 500 IDs in 5 seconds lol, otherwise this would have cost me a couple of weeks. But! It seems that the mod tries to put female tattoos and male tattoos on the male protagonist, because the message "your rapist has put a tattoo on you!" appears, with nothing appearing, or few male tattoos appearing. So my solution was to create the XMLs exclusively with the male tattoo IDs. So this version works for men, but it doesn't work for women. The two versions cannot be used together. TatsAfterRape 1.1.1 for MALES.7z
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    Hair is a PITA, and I've only done a few TS3 shortenings for myself... They really don't look as good. I have the tools (more or less) to do some 4 to 3 conversions now, but don't think I'll be doing many. Not having TS4 either, I'm not sure, but from what I've seen, pulling apart packages, TS4 doesn't appear to have CAS recolor choices, as clothes packs I looked at all have 5, 6, 7 or more colored image files, as if they will be your only choices... unlike TS3 which has a multiplier in gray tones which accept whatever color or pattern you choose in CAS. But, from the downloads page here, for TS4, it also seems like TS4 players lack imagination anyway, as there are so many pre-made sims uploaded, and then downloaded. For me, 90% of the fun is "dressing my dolls" and doing their make up and hair!!!
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    Playing with facial expressions can lead to weird results...
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    Thank you so much for writing up the history of this mod. Very interesting!
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    Thanks. "I haven't noticed any problem" is as good feedback as I could want. I forgot that what you're wearing plays an important part. Generally, armor protects your bits. Get naked and try it. I can't remember off-hand what conditions the body slot item must have. Definitely: Naked. Probably: Bikini armor + SLS bikini keyword. Slutty clothes flag in SLAX.
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    This is my thread where i will be posting my conversions. pls use this to download the conversions and to post the errors you have. post any requests at original files are required unless said so. also, note that newest stuff will be posted on top. also also, share pics if outfit works well so i could add it. Edhildis Dark Brotherhood [NIND Edition] FGO Caenis Outfit [NIND Edition] Stoneheart Yellow Girl [NIND EDITION] Sexy Cloth [NIND Edition] D.va Outfit [NIND Edition] StoneHeart Stocking Armor [NIND Edition] Kziitd Fetish Bsdm Maid [NIND Edition] Bondage Straps Aradia Lingerie SPB_B_Hunter (a link to og source will be nice) D-Huntress (a link to og source will be nice.) UUNP Cream Gantz Remaster By Xing Rogue Genie Latex Bunny Girl Grim Vampirella [NIND Edition]
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    What? Who? When? Why? Where? EDIT: Oh, you mean dawnguard? Not dawnstar. Gotcha. I gather that a lot of people have crashes and hangs when using it. I'm tempted to blame mod conflicts, because I don't recall having any major issues with it either. I believe this is what is commonly known as the First Turning Point in the First Act of the Character Arc. Also known as "that point in the movie where the hero has fallen and all seems hopeless and lost."
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    Version 0.1


    Riften Restrictive Hello;-) This mod is offering some few furnitures in Riften, at the Market-Place, inside of the Tavern and inside of the Jail and around the area of the Temple Of Mara. I tried to add the furnitures as well as possible by editing the navmesh if it was necessary. The mod uses the DDcontraptions - Mod, which has been made by KIMY. Dependencies: DDc and the Mod-Familiy of DD (a/i/e), see below.... This is no quest-mod and ONLY offers the furnitures of DDc to be available in Riften. Installation drag the esp into the data-folder of skyrim and activate the esp with the game-launcher, or install the zip-file with a mod-manager. DDc is Devious Devices Contaptions DDa is Devious Devices Assets DDi is Devious Devices Integration DDe is Devious Devices Expansions Have FUN;-)))
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    AEP_Pornography 4.3.0a - July 10, 2020. Change Log - Compatible with Game Version - Added new animation for Livestream interaction. This interaction will also will use WW masturbation animation randomly. Hope you enjoy new animations which were created by Chimochicchi, give him some love on his LL page or his Patreon. - Now AEP has separated menu on your computer! It should be on the first or second page of your computer's menu depends on how many mods you have. - Added 'AdultWorld' interactions to in-game computers which were missing them. - Fixed Receptionist and all Photo Studio stuff. Now they should just be there all the time, no more waiting. - Interactions 'Research New Sex Position', just camming will increase your Sexspertise skill if you are using Patreon version of WW. - Increased chance of getting invitation to the Photo shoot. - Sims will dress up after livestream. - You will get a job offer from AEP only when you have 1000 or more subscribers. Also, increased the chance of getting job offer. - Sim will get fan mail less often. - Decreased the chance of getting the Ban. - Added support for Coolspear’s Multipark Venue and itasan2's Get To College Mod.
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    Ava: "HOLD ON DOVAHKIIN!....if...I could just...stand up...Nnngh..."
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    About to get the staff of Magnus Taking some me time to relax in my new bed as archmage. Now for some sleep. Got big plans tomorrow.
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    Here’s one of my main’s. This is Nathan. He’s not very special, tho, but I like him a lot
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    Apart from the fact that many scripts seem to be missing, line 5 is interesting. Any DLL / SKSE plugin installed in the wrong folder? Or Jaxson used and broken JSON files?
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    Awesome Riez's nude mod, do you have it without expression? Nude mod only? Thank You!
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    Version 0.3


    This is a framework for starting Sexlab animations that align with in-game furniture. This works by using invisible markers that are hand-placed in the exact spot your character needs to be standing for the sex animation to line up with the furniture. The supported kinds of furniture are: Walls Tables Beds/Double Beds Chairs (not all chairs work, some have a different shape so they won't line up) Alchemy Table Enchanting Table Counter These are the furniture types included in Billyy's SLAL pack. If more furniture animations are made in the future, then this mod can be updated to support more furniture types. Requirements SexLab SE Supported SLAL Packs (Original pack required) Billy Leito Milky Anub Ayasato How to Use In the downloads you'll find patches for the SLAL packs listed above. Only download the patches for the SLAL packs you already have installed. These versions of the animations are listed under "InvisFurn Billyy", "InvisFurn Leito", etc. and are modified to have the proper alignment and tags to work with this mod. Select "Autofilter Furniture Types" in the MCM and the mod will enable/disable furniture types depending on the SLAL packs you have installed. Test Spells Your character will have 2 new spells, Furniture Marker Highlight and Furniture Marker Sex. The highlight spell will mark the 4 nearest furniture markers with quest arrows. You can only have sex at one of these markers. The markers have to be placed by hand so you won't find them everywhere (Skyrim is way too big). Right now you'll find them mostly inside cities and settlements. Popular places like inns, palaces, general stores and faction headquarters like Jorrvaskr are a good place to look. Stand next to one of these markers and cast the sex spell at an NPC and a sexlab scene will start on the nearest marker. The spells are made for example/testing purposes. This is intended to be a framework used by other mods, so playable features are minimal. SexLab Override In the MCM you can set the chance for normal sex scenes to be replaced with furniture scenes. Sex scenes will only become furniture scenes if there's furniture nearby and you have animations that fit the scene. Aggressive scenes won't be overridden yet because nobody has made aggressive furniture animations. For Animators If you want to make furniture animations that work with this mod, awesome! Here's how to do it. First, you need to make sure the animations line up with the furniture. You can use the marker meshes included with the mod as a reference for the correct positioning. I'd suggest making animations for railing, counters, noble chairs, benches or alchemy/enchanting tables. These types of furniture are very common in Skyrim. You can find reference meshes for the mod files.
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    Version v9.0


    This mod requires Sims 4 Community Library Features: Allows Pets to use the features of the Wicked Whims mod Allows Wicked Whims for both Pet x Human and Pet x Pet. Sex and Sex Autonomy Nudity and Nudity Autonomy Knotting Pregnancy Pet/Human Hybrid pregnancies Humans can birth pets Pets can birth humans. Traits (Reward Store) Pack Bitch - Makes a Sim more likely to have sex with pets and more likely to become pregnant with hybrid pet babies. Leashing (Experimental) Human Sims can Leash other Human Sims and walk around with them as they would a Pet Sim. Works with AOM Selectable Pets Installation: - Download and install Wicked Whims - Download and install S4CL - Download this mod - Unpack the this mods archive and drop the files from it into your Mods folder (...\The Sims 4\Mods\) - Enjoy Requirements: Sims 4 version (Eco Lifestyle) or above The public release of Wicked Whims v155* (Public) (Last tested version 155j) or v158.* (Patreon) (Last tested version 158.2) If you use a version other than these, this mod is NOT guaranteed to work, use older/newer versions at your own risk! At least version 1.23 of S4CL (Download and install sims4communitylib.*.zip) S4CL is a library that is 100% guaranteed not to conflict with any other mod. It will especially not conflict with Wicked Whims. If you suspect it does, please ensure you have installed it correctly. S4CL is NOT associated with Wicked Pets nor is it responsible for Wicked Pets in any way. Please do not report Wicked Pets issues to the S4CL mod author(s). If you are getting a "Module not found 'sims4communitylib" error, then you have not installed S4CL correctly. Cats & Dogs DLC (Duh!) Known Animations: If you are an author and you provide me a link to your animations I will link them here in the description. Akdmico bearlyalive Alonely Lifeline Ōkami X Ningen Greedz Translations: Portuguese/Português-BR Spanish/Espanol Chinese/ 简体中文/繁体中文 Russian/русский Mod Settings (Mod Usage): Take a look at the wiki for information on mod settings. Planned Features: Mod Progress (Red = Not Done Yellow = In Progress Green = Done): Marry your Pet Romance Bar Traits Animal Lover Pack Alpha (Not sure if pets even have reward traits, considering you cannot select them and they do not have whims to gain reward points from) A pet will more likely have sex with a female sim Female pet Sims are more likely to have sex with Human Sims with this trait. Female pet Sims are more likely to become pregnant with hybrid human offspring when having sex with Pack Alpha Human Sims. Female pet Sims are more likely to birth multiple babies after becoming pregnant from Human Sims with this trait. Knotting After Knotting make Human Sims pass out and produce a puddle. Have Pet Sims be able to "pull" Human Sims around while knotted. Buffs Woohooed With Pet Birth Give birth at the Hospital Give birth on the operating table. Interactions Encourage Pets to have sex with each other (Similar to the Encourage to Woohoo interaction in vanilla) Mod Integration Kinky Whims Pets will be able to assault sims Known Issues: Current Mod Issues: When trying to start Pet X Pet with Talk and Walk enabled in the Wicked Whims settings, Pets will sometimes refuse to queue the interaction and won't start sex. This is mainly a problem when the pet attempts to sleep near their master while they are sleeping. Wait for everyone in the household to be awake before trying it again. Leashing: The Sim that is leashed will walk like they normally would The Leash stays in the same place you began the Leash interaction, no matter how far away from that spot you go. If your Sim leashes a Sim and that Sim leashes your Sim, an error will occur. (Infinite Loop as far as the game knows) Note for Modders: Custom genders are used for pets, they are below. If you want an animation to be made available for pets, use the sex genders below: # Small Dog SMALLDOGMALE GHOST_SMALLDOGMALE SMALLDOGFEMALE GHOST_SMALLDOGFEMALE SMALLDOGBOTH GHOST_SMALLDOGBOTH # Large Dog LARGEDOGMALE GHOST_LARGEDOGMALE LARGEDOGFEMALE GHOST_LARGEDOGFEMALE LARGEDOGBOTH GHOST_LARGEDOGBOTH # Cat CATMALE GHOST_CATMALE CATFEMALE GHOST_CATFEMALE CATBOTH GHOST_CATBOTH Pets also use their own nudity parts, if you wish for a body part to be used by a pet, use the following outfit parts: # Small Dog PENIS_SOFT_MALE_SMALL_DOG PENIS_SOFT_FEMALE_SMALL_DOG PENIS_HARD_MALE_SMALL_DOG PENIS_HARD_FEMALE_SMALL_DOG BODY_BOTTOM_MALE_SMALL_DOG BODY_BOTTOM_FEMALE_SMALL_DOG BODY_FEET_MALE_SMALL_DOG BODY_FEET_FEMALE_SMALL_DOG # Large Dog PENIS_SOFT_MALE_LARGE_DOG PENIS_SOFT_FEMALE_LARGE_DOG PENIS_HARD_MALE_LARGE_DOG PENIS_HARD_FEMALE_LARGE_DOG BODY_BOTTOM_MALE_LARGE_DOG BODY_BOTTOM_FEMALE_LARGE_DOG BODY_FEET_MALE_LARGE_DOG BODY_FEET_FEMALE_LARGE_DOG # Cat PENIS_SOFT_MALE_CAT PENIS_SOFT_FEMALE_CAT PENIS_HARD_MALE_CAT PENIS_HARD_FEMALE_CAT BODY_BOTTOM_MALE_CAT BODY_BOTTOM_FEMALE_CAT BODY_FEET_MALE_CAT BODY_FEET_FEMALE_CAT Troubleshooting: - Check out these troubleshootings steps for getting the mod to work properly. Disclaimers: I DO NOT support, nor do I condone sexual violence, sexual harassment, nor sexual misconduct in real life to real animals. This is a work of fiction that takes place in a virtual (Non-real/fictional) world and involves virtual (Non-real/fictional) animals, it should not be seen as anything but that. If you have difficulty or the inability to distinguish between real life and fantasy life, I recommend you seek immediate and professional psychiatric help, you may be diagnosed with a serious mental illness that could pose a threat to your health! If a connection is thought to be made between a real life event and this mod, I can assure you they are unrelated. There is no correlation with violence, sexual or otherwise, of any kind in videos games being a contributing factor to violence, sexual or otherwise, in real life. I DO NOT support, nor do I condone sexual violence, sexual harassment, nor sexual misconduct in real life to real people. This is a work of fiction that takes place in a virtual (Non-real/fictional) world and involves virtual (Non-real/fictional) people, it should not be seen as anything but that. If you have difficulty or the inability to distinguish between real life and fantasy life, I recommend you seek immediate and professional psychiatric help, you may be diagnosed with a serious mental illness that could pose a threat to your health! If a connection is thought to be made between a real life event and this mod, I can assure you they are unrelated. There is no correlation with violence, sexual or otherwise, of any kind in videos games being a contributing factor to violence, sexual or otherwise, in real life. I DO NOT and WILL NOT support content that goes against LL rules, if you ask me something that breaks LL rules, I will warn you, then report you if you choose to continue. I am a person just like you. I make mistakes every once in awhile. I feel a ban is disrespectful when given without giving a chance to fix the mistake before hand. If you spot something that goes against LL rules or their terms of service in my mod, please let me know and I will promptly fix it. I would NEVER intentionally break Lovers Lab rules, please keep that in mind. This mod is NOT supported by my Patreon. This is supported solely of my own funds. If you hear or think otherwise, it is false information. If you or another mod author spots something that you consider to be "plagiarism" please ask me about it, it is highly likely that it is merely a coincidence. I will be more than happy to discuss it with you and we can together come to a compromise, whether that be deleting the offending file or recreating it entirely. DO NOT just report this mod for plagiarism, it is both rude and immature. Use your words, Lovers Lab is NOT a place for immature children to be running around, there is an age required to create accounts after all. False accusations will be reported. If you decide to report any part of the code as plagiarized, expect to be asked for proof and a list of files/code spots where you believe code has been plagiarized. If no proof is provided, or if the response "all of it" is provided. Your claim will be invalid and subject to report abuse. A note to moderators: If you are planning on taking this mod down, please warn me, or send me a message, or do ANYTHING to get my attention before hand. I'm sick of my mods being taken down without so much as a word, it is extremely disrespectful! I would love to have a chance to rectify my mistakes before deletion. If it is deleted in the future without a warning or any indication of why, I will promptly re-upload it within 24 hours of the incident, under the assumption that it was mistakenly deleted, I hope you can understand. Thank you in advance!
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    Modding has always been a personal choice - everyone's different. Just look at the variety of mods. Many games have flourished because of mods, to the point of corporations integrating them into it's strategy base. While I could go on, I don't feel I'm saying anything new that everyone doesn't already know.
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    al38 by deuce2416 **, on Flickr
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    But that's exactly what us girls are talking about all the time Thanks for letting me know. Now just need to find some time to configure all the new hairstyles.... Adding a tattoo artist is already somewhere on the "to do list" for quite a while. But there are other things I need to finish first (in particular the Dibella quest). Changing the hair length directly would be super cool. I just don't see how to implement it yet.
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    Looks like I'm here once again.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello! ❤️ Today I present to you Belle! She is the winner of this week's poll! ❤️ If you are wondering what survey? I recommend you take a look at the next post [Here] All the outfits shown are included in the file! ❤️ Any question, comment or inconvenient that you could have with this domestic unit, let me know and I will gladly answer you! I hope you enjoy! ❤️
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    This looks promising, I think I'll probably end up creating a patch for Confabulation to use this in certain locations where furniture sex would be extremely likely.
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    Hi! I'm getting CTD loading any parasite, and the meshes of the spider eggs won't show. Any ideas?
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    new char Niera pics short vid
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    TESV 2020-06-21 19-07-11-79.webm
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    Version v05


    Realistic Pussy RECOMMENDED Whicked Whims INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE INCLUDED IN THE FOLDER Disclaimer / TOU: I only ask that you do not claim my work as your own or host them on pay sites/patreon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet some babes waiting for this gift and of course a daddy. Sims Sugar baby download HERE Other CC download HERE Real Pussy v02 Other models and WEBSITE Buy me a coffee https://www.patreon.com/sugarbaby_sims Thank you for valuing my time and dedication creating content for you.
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    Script update, that allow you to save changes NPC settings in game to json files. No need to run exel calculator. adcSexlife.zip
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    Version 0.9


    Slave Girls by hydragorgon SE I DID NOT create this mod. It was created by the indomitable @hydragorgon, and all rights and privileges belong to them. I messaged Hydragorgon a while back asking for perms to upload this but they have been M.I.A. since last December, so I took a gamble and decided to go ahead and share. If Hydragorgon comes back and doesn't want this conversion to be posted they have the right to... BURN IT DOWN! All I did was Combine the Main Files and Texture Files, Optimize the textures and meshes for Skyrim Special Edition, and convert the ESPs to Form 44. The following copied from the original LE upload page by hydragorgon: About This File _-_Slave_Girls_-_ This mod adds about 200 npcs in various states of distress all throughout Skyrim. There are slave caravans, house slaves, hostages, and bandits in bondage. Many of the NPCs have dialogue, and some are merchants. At the moment this mod is mostly for visual appeal, but I have plans to add scripts and quests as soon as I can get online more regularly. I use alot of extra NPC mods because I think they add alot to the random element of the game. That's what Slavegirls does. This mod DOES NOT simulate an actual slave trading economy; it's just flavor so far. Thanks alot to all the Lover's Lab community for helping me make this mod decent. _Requirements_ There are only two requirements, but they both require FNIS SE and SKSE64 at least. Check the pages carefully, please. Sexlab Framework SE Zaz Animations SE _Patches_ Copy over the main esp No-Nude Males _More Info_ There are quite a few different types of slavegirl in the mod, and even a few slaveguys too. I use many different AI packages to tune the mod, but there are still bugs. If you see a slave standing around doing nothing, just wait an hour. She'll usually end up getting herself into trouble somehow. Some NPCs are Sexlab Forbidden to preserve their bondage, but there's a patch to change that included. Here's a brief explanation of most of the types of slavegirls out there. Slavegirls- These are house slaves serving the more wealthy denizens of Skyrim. They have been trained throughly, and so have a certain amount of freedom. Many slavegirls have dialogue. Townies- Most of the settlements have a townie or two with personal slaves to serve them. Some are paid champions protecting a given territory. Many of these lucky folk are merchants including a.. Rare gem dealer in Solitude Rare book dealer in Dawnstar Dealer in soul gems and enchanted objects in Whiterun Scroll dealer in Windhelm Skooma dealer in Riften And hopefully more soon... Adventurers- Small groups of adventurers travel the wilds of Skyrim, slave girls rushing behind them to catch up. You can often find them in taverns and inns, or discussing important business with their ragtag associates. Be careful because some of these adventurers are quite powerful! Some of them are merchants too, including.. Travelling alchemists selling potions and other apothecary needs Orc wanderers selling their ethnic weaponry A Dungeoneer selling Dwemer artifacts and metals And also more soon.. Slave Caravans- Various slave traders and their drooling cronies drive helpless slavegirls all along the roads of Skyrim. They are quite tough, and will defend their merchandise with their lives. Hostages- In some cities the guards keep groups of hostages in case their families are willing to pay ransom for their safe return. Many of these poor girls are prisoners of war. Vignettes- These poor ladies are stuck in states of almost total bondage, depending of course on buggy AI packages. If you see one standing around, just wait for an hour. thanks for downloading hydragorgon If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz
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    Version 1.1


    SL Drunk (MCM + NPC asks for sex) SE I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented Vinfamy I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission. UPDATE: I changed the download to the Oldrim/LE ESP which is in Form 43 and added an ESL flagged version. I'm getting notifications that for some reason, dialogue gets broken when the ESP is converted to Form 44, but offering a From 44 version, and added an ESL flagged version, if you're brave. If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give Vinfamy some love, and check out their other mods! The following copied from the original LE page: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MCM options to disable drunk visual effect, stumbling animation, change timeout between approaches and set forced chance. NPC will now approach asking for sex directly. Drink to make friends and get laid. Drink too quickly and get wild or get taken advantage of. Suitable for characters of all gender orientations. Dominant or submissive. Click "Follow this file" above to keep up-to-date with the latest releases. To begin the fun, just use any alcoholic item. Or choose the “Have a drink on me” dialogue with a drink in your inventory. As long as alcohol is in your system, NPCs will also approach you to share a drink with them. Any location would work, both the best are taverns (obviously!), Jorrvaskr, guardhouses, etc Socialise Chatting with NPCs over a drink has a chance (depending on your Speech skill) to improve your relationship, which in turns allows you to take certain items from the NPC’s home, receive gifts and advance towards the Thane’s quests. You can even drink your way to a potential follower’s allegiance/ a potential spouse’s heart. Pick Up Girls/ Boys Or Be Picked Up You can be cheeky and ask for sex while sharing a drink with a NPC. Chance of success depends on your existing relationship, the NPC’s morality and how drunk he/ she is. NPCs will now also approach you asking for sex directly Get Drunk Drinking too much in quick succession, either from your inventory or through a NPC’s invitation, will result in you getting drunk. The alcohol’s value will determine its strength. Your vision will blur; your movement will be affected, and: While in conversation with NPCs, you will always act flirty and no longer behave properly. Male NPCs might take advantage of you. You might violate nearby female NPCs To move while stumbling, you may need to ‘jump forward’ first (Space + W). Easiest way to get out of your drunkenness is to sleep for a few hours. Requirement SexLab Framework – that’s it! This will remain the only hard dependency. Installation With Mod Organizer or extract content into Data folder. I recommend NOT upgrading from version to version, but if you do, then at least use Save Cleaner . Possible Future Content Various blackout scenarios “The Hangover”-style quests for the morning after NPC vs NPC/ group sex / orgy Drugs/ spiked drinks Optional integration into SexLab Kidnapped SEand its wide range of scenarios, which include optional bestiality and devious stuffs Optional picking of drunk and sleep animations from FunnyBiz Other optional integration: SlaveTats, SkoomaWhore, etc The great suggestions from this thread YOUR suggestions, please comment below. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions so far, please do keep them coming by replying below. Translations: Spanish by Gothuska If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi there! This is my first try to create something like that. I thought "just upload it. Just for fun." Maybe someone can do something with it. Have fun!
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    My personal efficiency tweaks to make SLSL more active for running npc-npc only activity: 1) since YOU is disabled, randomizer no longer picks the player to avoid an automatic scene fail 2) randomizer now won't pick the same actor twice, avoiding another automatic scene fail 3) genderfail matrix chance disabled (i.e. two otherwise perfectly good actors will no longer have a 25% chance to not even try and start a scene) 4) randomizer now sorts actors to place the actor with the higher arousal in the 1st slot, decreasing the number of insufficient arousal scene fails 5) bad weather won't cause an automatic decline from the target indoors 6) the rape check is now not only checked if A1/initiatior has the rapist tag, all declines have a chance to result in rape if enabled in MCM. new mechanic is as follows: * base chance is 1% * a1 is rapist, +40% * a1 is rapist and 'rapist always rapes' enabled in MCM, +140% * a1 is dominant, +10% * a1 is submissive, -26% * a1 has arousal > 75, +20% * a2/target is dominant, -50% * a2 is submissive, +25% * a2 has arousal > 75, +20% also messed around a bit with the animation tag selector to make it a skitch more choosy. SLSL tweak.7z
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    For anyone having extremely slow MCM menu loading and animation registration for this mod and slavetats, disable vsync, disable FPS limit in your enb, install HavocFix for SSE from Nexus, uncap FPS, disable vsync in its ini setting and if you see over several hundreds of FPS when you open MCM menu that means you get super fast MCM, faster than Oldrim and no it does not mess with physics or SMP.
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    Version 1.0.0


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