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    @Fiona_Lovers - Not really sure what's going on there, likely a replacement that is carrying over unintentionally. --All Attached is the work in progress d3dx.ini based off the original base d3dx.ini. It should include all of PS hashes (I didn't add any VS hashes) from most of the modding posts I could find and any of the mods I had active that had valid ShaderOverrides. I created a new shader_type category for things that want replacements but not really character based (CommandListEnvironment at shader_type = 7). I'm not really sure if I should go ahead and add the tanning shader_type I use in CostumeCustomizer but for now I'll just skip the number i used (6). I also assigned a shader_type value to the GUI shader override as well. Hair replacements are now enabled by default. It also includes by default excluding embedded "desktop.ini" if you set any custom Windows Explorer settings like custom folder icons or anything. Let me know if I missed anything. I'll be putting out a merge request to the primary github repo with the updates and we'll see how that goes. This version has the old hashes, hashes from 20190425 (In case Steam ever updates to those) and new hashes from 20200610. They are all matched up for there same equivalent by name and the bytecodes have all been calculated for the 20200610 ones so this d3dx.ini should be usable for both Steam and DMM. There could be some duplicate hashes depending on how some of your installed mods were set-up (embedded ShaderOverrides versus requesting updates to the d3dx.ini). File (Last updated: 06/14/2020) d3dx.ini Changelog: 6/12/2020 - First pass of all updated shaders + adding CommandListEnvironment (shader_type 7) 6/13/2020 - Added check for ib/vb0 hashes for hair mods to support hair mesh replacements and moved Tan shader in as shader_type 6 6/13/2020.2 - Added another identified Shadow Shader (missing from both DMM/Steam) 6/14/2020 - Added missing Fingernail Shader hash and it's new hash identified from Minazuki's SwimsuitSwapper Mod Note: this doesn't yet have much consideration for demist yet. Over the last year there have been several variations to the original demist mod, so even when fixed there should probably be some cycle options/settings to control the level of demist.
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    Basic skin texture V4 You can switch skins by pressing the set key. See the ini file or "Readme.txt" for the set key. Press the keys specified in "Readme.txt" at the same time. You can even set up your own favorite skin file. This SKIN should be used in conjunction with minazuki mods and other compatible mods. Square Bikini Nude_newUV #1128 (This image is used for this MOD) White Lace Nude :Puffy nipples body mesh #3286 Download
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    Here is a ini with a few shader overrides to get some mods working again, since the June 11 update has switched some shader hashes... I only looked at a few costume mods to get a few new shader hashes. Just drop it into your Mods folder and reload mods (F10) Temp-PS-Overrides.ini * update found more shaders for some clothes, and nails; hair shaders in a seperate ini if you use those mods. replace the old Temp-PS-Overrides.ini... Temp-PS-Overrides_v2.ini (fixed triangles on Honoka's tits for CC) Hair_Shader_Overrides.ini
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    Version 1.0.1


    What's up People, Trying my hand on this whole animations thing, Sorry if the animation doesn't look that great i'm kinda new at this. 😛
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    Deleted the old version. Daiquiri_V2.5.rar We have released a new version. Be sure to update your MOD base program to V2.3. Disable or delete it because it conflicts with the old version of the mod I made, or with the mod for "Daiquiri" made by others. Color change "Common" Cloth Z+1 = next Z+2 = prev Pearl&Back ring Z+3 = next Z+4 = prev Change swimsuit type Z+5 (For "Common Body" only) Transparency (Adjusted in 4 steps including invalidity) Z+6 Color change "Honoka" Cloth X+1 = next X+2 = prev Pearl&Back ring X+3 = next Z+4 = prev Transparency (Adjusted in 4 steps including invalidity) X+6 (You need to update to "Daiquiri_V2.6") Color change "Marie" Cloth C+1 = next C+2 = prev Pearl&Back ring C+3 = next C+4 = prev Transparency (Adjusted in 4 steps including invalidity) C+6 (You need to update to "Daiquiri_V2.6") F10 = Save Ctrl+Alt+F10 = Reset ---------- Update content ---------- Supports all girls' Daiquiri swimwear. The variety of swimwear colors has increased.(100 types) The color change operation method was changed or added. For now, it's only for "Common Body", but you can now choose the shape of your swimsuit.(6 types) I made it semi-transparent.(Adjusted in 4 steps including invalidation) After selecting your favorite color and swimwear type, press F10 to save the state. You can reset it to the initial state by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F10. We plan to update it including other "Body tayp" in the future. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us by email. ---------- Special thanks ---------- avenger54 Thank you for your cooperation in making it semi-transparent.
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    I've updated the base mod to v2.3 with compatibility for the latest DMM update - special thanks to KuroKaze78 for tracking down the updated hashes and sending me the updated ini file while I was busy held up with other matters. I've decided to mirror the base mod to lovers lab so that I can include a few pointers to various mods + threads for new users to get started. It's not supposed to be a comprehensive list, but if there are any other links that I've missed that people feel should be included for new users to see do let me know and I'll add them, and it's probably a good idea to link new users here (though the version on the Helix Mod blog is updated as well so anyone using old links will still find it). Changelog for v2.3: Updated costume mod + 3D Vision compatibility for DMM 2020-06-11 update Includes KuroKaze78's d3dx.ini updates: Includes additional shaders in the d3dx.ini so that fewer mods should require manual additions to this file Hair + fingernail mod support is now enabled out of the box Support for environment mods added desktop.ini files now ignored _id is now included for mods that depend on it Includes support for dumping full size (1920x1080) decobromide images in the frame analysis UI profile Note that because extra shaders are now included in the base d3dx.ini you may get some conflict warnings with certain mods. These warnings are mostly harmless, but can usually be resolved by updating the mods listed in the warning, or editing their ini files to remove the indicated ShaderOverride section.
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    A mod for costumecustomizer. Thanks to KuroKaze78, HI-Metal and ausgeek for the tools and skins. [CC](Common) Venus [v1.0][SavageMoonBoy].rar
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    Version 0.2.1


    PowerBing's Devious Carriages I am relatively new to modding, so make sure to back up your save file in case the mod has errors! Introduction Skyrim is a dangerous world, especially for a young, female adventurer. Some carriage drivers may be tempted to take advantage of unsuspecting female passengers, and there are many bandits out there looking to ambush and rape anyone who passes by. Remember, always be on your guard! --- This mod adds a random event system to the game's fast travel carriage system. It is mainly for people like me who like to play with fast travel turned off and rely on in-game means of travel. Whenever you decide to take a carriage to another hold you now risk being tied up or raped. How it works When you sit down in the back of a carriage after paying the driver, there is a chance an event will happen instead of just taking you to your destination. The event can be a simple event or a complex event, with a 50/50 chance for either. Simple events involve being tied up in random devices and either being dropped off at your destination, or in a random part of Skyrim. Complex events are a little more complicated. When a complex event happens, the player, carriage and driver get teleported to a part of the wilderness, simulating a 'stop along the way'. When this happens, a variety of different scenarios can play out. For example, the driver may decide that he won't keep going unless the player gives them a blowjob. Or maybe the carriage was ambushed by bandits who want to lock the player in a set of restraints for fun. Whatever the event is, the player can (almost) always choose to resist, but this may end up with a big fight! (Oh, and by the way- I made the bandits scale really far ahead of the player so you can't just easily kill them every time you get ambushed. You will probably have to do as they say if you want to live. That, or just run for your life! ) Configuration This mod features an MCM menu in which you can change different probability options. An explanation of the different options can be found in this spoiler: Requirements The required mods: Devious Devices: Assets Devious Devices: Integration Devious Devices: Expansion SexLab SexLab Aroused Redux -AND ALL OF THEIR REQUIREMENTS- Conflicts I haven't tested this mod with any other possibly conflicting mods yet, but here is some information: This mod modifies the game's CarriageSystemScript, so any other mod that modifies this script will have conflicts. To be safe, I would assume that any mod which changes the game's carriage system will probably not work with this mod. The mod also modifies three wilderness cells: (22, -22) (-31, 17) (-19, -4) Apart from this, everything will probably be fine. Installation Install using the mod manager of your choice just like you would with any other mod. To-Do Things I want to add soon: -The ability to pay for a carriage with other means if you don't have gold (sex, put on devices etc) -Proper Hearthfire support -Add a device limit to the MCM menu Things I will maybe add in the future: -Add more different devices to the MCM menu PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS YOU FIND SO I CAN FIX THEM, THANKS
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    Version 5.1


    Body Top: Flat, Curve and Lite version. Bottom: Included penis circumcised and uncircumcised penis and selectable size S,M,L and also a rigged penis to use with WickedWhims for more natural animation. Color Matcher Tools Penis The BTTB's penis is the whole new system which means the texture space will not support other WickedWhims penis but it's still Rigged penis which mean its have natural movement with WW animation. Color Matcher Tools were included in the file for installation and it's in tattoo category . BTTB 5 Genetic Color.package and BTTB 5 Genetic Tip Color.package are for match the skin color to unsupported skin. (More supported skin are gonna update on my website. please check for the update). Easy for Skin Creator A whole new penis system? Sound like a new load of work to be done, isn't it? Not at all. BTTB 5 also has a Blender File where you can just load your finished skin and click render and boom! You've got a BTTB 5 Supported skin! visit BANK42n.com/bttb5 for more infomation! Thank you for everyone who donates this Patreon to get BTTB 5 Full Version! I'll keep working to make it better! BNX BTTB 5 by BANK42n (FreeVersion) up_01.zip
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    Venus Vacation Mod Manager v1.0b - Online Mod Storage beta test Finally a 1.0 release. It's a beta release this time since I didn't have time to hunt down all the bugs and test all the features but I really want to test the new online functionality and how new server will behave after the initial load. New features: - Now there's a system for installing and updating Costume Customizer from .zip packs. - New fancy mod search for specific outfits. - Bottom buttons are removed in a favor of context menu. PLEASE USE RIGHT MOUSE CLICK. I think bottom buttons were kinda unnecessary at this point, so I decided to get rid of them. This makes development a bit easier and we don't lose all that much. Context menu is faster, more convenient and more intuitive. - New visuals thanks to etsorhtt (Anika) - Translation for the UI to japanese, korean and chinese. Thanks to lovehono and SSR Whale! If you'll notice any mistakes or inconsistancies in localization - please let me know. Online Mod Archive beta test: - Online Mod Archive is now online! You can download and install all kind of mods right from the Mod Manager. By simply launching Mod Manager you get access to over hundred of DOAXVV mods! - Now you can install or update Costume Customizer via Mod Manager using the online storage. - You can sort online mods by categories and creators, search them with multiple criteria, check previews and descriptions. - You can also update Mod Manager's hash database via server so you won't need to manually redownload it each week. Check this video for online features showcase: 1.0b.webm I want you all to try this feature out and give your feedback. Most importantly tell me how the server behaves - if connection and downloading is stable, if there's any drops, if speed is good enough. Also tell me what you think about current functional, if you want anything changed or added. IMPORTANT! Current server is a cheap one so I have no idea how it'll handle the load, so download speed may be low depending on how many people will be downloading stuff at once. Disconnects or even server shutdown is possible. Please keep that in mind. If server will perform well we can keep using it in the future. Hint: to cancel download click on the progress bar. I uploaded quite a few mods and Costume Customizer packs from different modders. If server will work well - I'll try to support it in the future and upload more stuff there. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/file/YM8kDQbZ#DlZDxXo8G5aiotcFhz7LkS4tWWCtAnn4h4cVQ7PSqmo I hope you'll like the new update and server won't die! Enjoy!
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    Version 6.2


    Description "The entire sold on a platform experience." Simple Slavery is a slave auction mod, a gateway to other player enslavement mods. Defeat mods and other peril mods can send you here to be sold in a slave auction. You must have at least one enslavement mod installed and selected in this mod's MCM or you'll just be released after the auction. This is an update to Simple Slavery Plus. I had some fixes and enhancements, and since Lozeak has moved on, jfraser encouraged me to publish them as an official release. This version does not use Devious Framework (not to be confused with Devious Devices). I won't be supporting Devious Framework. How Does It Work? Combat defeat mods like SL Defeat or Death Alternative can send you here when you lose in battle. Other peril or sexual assault mods might send you here as well. You will be placed in a holding cell. Speak to the Slavemaster in front of the cage and you will find yourself on the auction block, where people will bid on you. You will then be sent to one of the many enslavement (or slave-like) mods provided by the talented modders of LoversLab. What Do I Get With Plus Plus? Updating This is a replacement for the SS+ files. The esp file has the same name. You can update from SS+ 6.04 without a new game. Remove SS+ and install SS++ in its place (or install over it). You can *probably* update from any older version of SS+. Narrative Description Enslavement Mods Have at least one installed and enabled in this mod's MCM or you'll simply be released after the auction. For Modders Credit & Thanks
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    This mod wouldn't have been possible without the help of various members from this page. For that, I decided to public release it from the start. [CC](Common) Godfather [v1.0][SavageMoonBoy].rar [CC](Common) Godfather [v1.0][SavageMoonBoy][STEAM].rar
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    Version 1.1.3


    Hi everyone! This is my first СС, which I upload here. I plan to create a whole collection of latex things. With textures of gloss that ~moves~. Of course sims 4 doesn't display gloss textures perfectly, but I hope you'll like my creations. Credits: ❤️Hiroki's BETTER BODY This is mod's thread! Here you can: tell about mod issues; offer design for clothes and share reference; share your sims wearing my cc; just comment my mod. Some of pre-made and planned stuff:
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    Version 1.3.4


    Want Cum overlays? Don't wanna go through the hassle of using patches and their other changes for them? Don't wanna disable 95% of a mods' features for them? Then Behold! Scripted Overlays! Soon™, will include the Green mutant overlays, for now, just the white ones. My time is now! Now with Mutant/Creature overlays (Green goo's back!) And thanks to borrowing bits and pieces of @EgoBallistic's scripts, this will auto-update itself on new versions, much the same way SEU and Violate do. Note: Male will function on AAF update Evidently there's a bug with sending ApplyOverlaySet to AAF, which once that's fixed, male overlays should spontaneously function. Male Overlays should now work fine! Note 2; Cum Boogaloo: This is self-contained. The only requirement for the overlays is functioning AAF and F4SE, and the requisite tags on animations. Oh and I should have covered this somewhere: Permissions: I ask only two things. One is you credit as appropriate if you make use of my creations (which is basically the scripts, plugin itself, and the XML, the rest is Polistiro's). Second is please avoid integrating this separately into mods of your own/others'. Mostly for compatibility reasons. You can check for its presence within your own scripts and if not found, load a version of it yourself, but the last thing anyone needs is added confusion and conflicting scripts trying to do the same thing (Especially with how inconsistent LM/The game can get around Morphs and Overlays already). Otherwise, you're welcome to it, really. Source scripts are included in the file upload, the rest is readily accessible. Many thanks to the following: @Polistiro for the files and assets involved, and the original CumNWealth @EgoBallistic & @CGi for scripting help, including sources And you can all thank @SayKoRn for the reminder recently, when she went to install M.C.G. for overlays, rather than a Indarello's patch. It reminded me I wanted something like this, and I knew enough scripting to make it happen, with some aforementioned help sorting out the exact scripting necessary. @Travis77 Cheers for tryina help out with a tweaked script while I was sleepin'. Also: If an animation doesn't have tags, it ain't gunna find anything to apply. Only ones I ran into with this were somehow, "Leito Canine Doggy", from wherever the fuck that particular one was, and I've no idea why it's got no tags. Either way, there's a few around that evidently lack tags, but most have 'em, so it'll work. If you have issues with this and Get Dirty/Dirty Sex, comment in the thread/ping me on the Discord about it. Preferably with a log. Changelog now in Spoiler (already):
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    First time using mods? You need this...DOAXVV Base Costume + 3D Vision Mod Support 2.3 My Costume / Nude Mods typically use Hi-Metal skin textures | (original post with some more links). Busty (Honoka) R Akatsuki | Akebono (update: 2020/06/17) (_Busty) [R] Akatsuki [krunkdunk].zip About Customizing the Painting and Cheer Board: After editing remember to reload mods (F10) in game Move/Copy images into their "pics" folder, then edit their respective ini files. Here is a video demonstration of editing: Photo-mode Pose Cheer Board (update: 2020/06/14) Photomode_Pose_Cheer_Board [krunkdunk].zip Owner Room Painting (update: 2020/06/15) please use the updated d3dx.ini from link up top Owner_Room_Painting [krunkdunk] Ver2.1.zip Hitomi SSR "Candy Pop" (update: 2020/06/13) (Hitomi) [SSR] Candy_Pop [krunkdunk].zip Candy_Pop modding materials.zip (photoshop files for creating your own suit color variations) Nyotengu SSR "Marionette" (update: 2020/06/13) (Nyotengu) [SSR] Marionette [krunkdunk] Ver3.0.zip
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    Patty_HI_RES_V4.7z Patty's Skin Texture V4 test version. I kept the detail as much as possible and increased the resolution of the skin overall. I made it possible to change multiple skins with a key. Patty switches skins with 17 PgUp and 17 PgDn. (The 17PgUp key doesn't seem to work in my game environment. If anyone knows what to do, please let me know.) If you edit the ini file, you can change any skin you want in any order you want, and you can also change the keys. For the upcoming skins I will be assigning the numbers of the keys to be changed to the girls, using the order on the official website as a guide. plan Kasumi, Misaki: 0 Helena: 1 Momiji: 2 Hitomi: 3 Nyotengu: 4 Kokoro: 5 Ayane: 6 Honoka: 7 Marie: 8 Leifang: 9 Luna: 10 Tamaki: 1- Fiona:12 Nagisa: 13 Kanna: 14 Monica: 15 Sayuri: 16 Patty:17 Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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    @KuroKaze78 Thanks! That seemed to clear up the pink light/fog problem I was having on the main screen with my demist modifications. The bright pink fog still shows up in the back during the results for Fiona and Monica (I still want to learn how to identify and get rid of it), and some girls have different degrees of light pink to reddish(Tamaki/Sayuri) lighting in that animation for some reason, but it doesn't flicker on/off at least. Here it is for those asking to try it. Let me know if it works, or any problems with it (or what's unnecessary/what I did wrong if you know). I hope it doesn't mess up something I couldn't test myself. I don't think it needs the clear 'glass.png' in the folder you use, but I didn't mess with the lines in there for it just to be safe (everyone should already have one just in case). Needs the latest d3dx.ini (v2.3) here #8447 to be installed first (for DMM at least). Edit: I think I uploaded the wrong DMM file that still had the bars for the shower doors showing. I've attached a fixed version so just replace it. Edit2: Improved version has been posted here: #8601 DMM demist.ini STEAM demist.ini DMM demist FIX.ini
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    SSR Medical X (Luna/Sayuri/Honoka/Nyotengu) Version 1.1 10/07/2020 Authors: etsorhtt, avenger54 Download directly from Venus Vacation Mod Manager's Online Mod Archive CTRL+1 - UNLOCK/LOCK CONTROLS (Ctrl+1 or Ctrl+2 in owner room) Z - Outfit Transparency Left/Right Arrow keys - Texture variant cycle Adds togglable transparency and 19 texture variants to lingerie. Textures majorly enhanced compared to originals. vvmm_SSR Medical X.zip
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    Version 1.4


    Hey! This is my first post. I'm a person who's been using Sims 4 stuff from here, and I've made a few characters with mods that I like. I decided to delete my modpack, but then I thought I could share it with people before I do. So, here it is: List of characters in it: Borderlands - Maya, Lilith, Moxxi, Bandit, Rhys Mass Effect - Liara, Jack, EDI World of Warcraft - Draenei, Night Elf, Orc, Troll, Blood Elf, Sylvanas Star Wars - Aayla Secura, Ahsoka, Darth Talon, Hera Syndulla Darkstalkers - Morrigan, Felicia The King of Fighters - Mai Shiranui The Legend of Zelda - True form Midna, Zelda Mario - Peach Bioshock - Elizabeth Bleach - Ichigo, Rangiku, Orihime, Yoruichi, Tia, Nelliel, Mila Rose, Sung-Sun, Riruka Naruto - Naruto, Tsunade, Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Anko, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Sasuke, Mei Terumi, Samui, Konan League of Legends - Ahri, Evelynn, Jinx My Hero Academia - Midnight, Mirko Rise of the Tomb Raider - Lara Croft Soul Eater - Blair One Piece - Nami High School DxD - Rias Gremory Witcher - Yennefer, Triss, Ciri Resident Evil - Jill Valentine Overwatch - D.va, Widowmaker, Mercy Marvel - Black Widow, She-Hulk, Nebula, Gamora, Mystique, Storm, Daredevil, Wolverine DC - Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Killer Frost, Starfire, The Flash, Green Arrow (+eyes for Bulma, Nyotengu, Nico Robin, Raven) New characters: Stuff you'll need to have these characters: WickedWhims mod + other mods that are recommended with that one For Ichigo, Rangiku, Orihime and Sakura, you will need CosplaySimmer's stuff from their patreon, which you can get here. Every other character is in there in the files, for free. Sakura also has her Shippuuden hair that you can download for free if you search for it. NOTE: The zip file also includes all of my other CC mods that I use. Most of the custom stuff is in the folder called "W". DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING FROM THIS. EVERY CHARACTER BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS AND CREATORS. I'M ONLY EDITING TEXTURES FOR PARODY USAGE. More notes: I'll also add in most of the characters' sims' files (not all) if someone wants the exact sims from the images. Most of these are made with other people's mods. CREDITS: PandoraXboxCreations S-Club Botrom Lavoieri Danny's Domain Lunenore Bowl of Plumbobs Alpacadaca (was Missbunnygummy) Final update done. Enjoy!
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    it seems like more shaders have been updated in the latest patch for DMM. Upon inspection it looks like many more have been updated to utilize the gMaterialParam2 of the PS-CB2 resource. Here's the updates that are needed to at least get CostumeCustomizer back up and working. I believe I properly matched them up with which ones they used to be. All of these are updates in the main d3dx.ini file. (DMM d3dx.ini only) [ShaderOverrideClothesPS4] ; Halloween bikini frills ; Bytecode hash: 93b7f8cf - not found in 2018-12-06 update ; Bytecode hash: 3de8b0dc - Added gMaterialParam2 check ;hash = 2e475e8cc581dcba ;hash = 8ab8b0dcca924945 hash = 5ed99f004bf2fa7b run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideClothesPS2-Old] ; e.g. Marie Rose Butterfly ; Bytecode hash: 64739f23 ;hash = 0f90e32cbda59134 hash = 37d3e66b5d8a0361 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideSkinPS-20190425] ; Bytecode hash: 682c84f5 ;hash = 3d6c93879b0d5a0f hash = d4490acbf65bd5e3 run = CommandListSkin [ShaderOverrideFingernailsPS-20190425] ;hash = 29c81a931743921b hash = 3c779f31af0270f4 run = CommandListFingernailsEyes
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    Version AP V0.3 NAP V1.3a


    Warning! Adults only! 18+ TS4 WickedWhims Essential : You need WickedWhims for The Sims 4 your can found here : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3169-wickedwoohoo/ (Ap = Animated penis) (Nap = Non Animated penis) AP 0.3 28 Animations WW_Amra72_Animations_AP_V0.3 Recommended : Toungue by autobanned : BETTER BODY by Hiroki : LunarisEclipse's penis rigged by Vampiressa : Pornstar Cock by .Noir. : Installation : Add "WW_Amra72_Animations_AP.package" in your Sims 4 Packages folder Animations list NAP 1.3a Final 109 Animations WW_Amra72_Animations_NAP_V1.3 Final Recommended : Illusion Room Set Noir and Dark Sims : http://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.fr/2017/02/ts4-illusion-room-set.html Azmodan22 Bondage Devices : Installation : Add "WW_Amra72_Animations.package" in your Sims 4 Packages folder Animations list
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    SSR Event Appetizer Pinchos (Misaki/Tamaki/Fiona/Monica/Leifang) Update V3.2 Added support for Leifang Added Preset 9 (Nude) Download SSR Event Appetizer Shrimp (Misaki/Tamaki/Fiona/Monica) Update V1.4 Fixed Misaki and Fiona Tight after 33000 update Download
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    I made an adjustment to my Gacha Demist edit. Now the pink fog does not appear for Fiona/Monica during their gacha result animation. Needs the latest Base Mod (d3dx.ini v2.3). DMM Demist FIX V2.ini STEAM Demist FIX V2.ini
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    Honoka_HI_RES_V4.7z Honoka's Skin Texture V4 test version. You can switch skins with 7 PgUp and 7 PgDn keys.
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    AZMODAN22 SIMS4 ANIMATIONS & ADULT MODS ANIMATION FEATURES Animated Penis – with My Improved Male Rig Animated Tongue – With Tongue Bones by Autobanned Real Breast Physics Adjustable to Movement Real Testicles Physics Adjustable to Movement Custom Locations FUTA Support* EXTRA & EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Animated BDSM Devices & Dildos Costom Locations Devices Paintings Clothes Overides Cum Layers Sims Public Animations Patreon Animations
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    Version 1.0.0


    👽 Female body 6V - bgc - custom icons - male version - work with additional nail colors (in archive) - default \ non default \ blend files - old \ teen, female, all races - non default compatible with body selector Wicked Whims - you can use it in works, but leave credit - terms of use More info: Default and non-default body + additional colors of nails. Only female version. Blend files are allowed to be used in creating your content when indicating the author. Works with the base game and body selector. There are no textures on the body, so you will need to use skins and skin details. Support me on the tumblr or patreon. With any questions, write to messages / anonymous questions.
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    A Daring Study For a mage as ambitious as Otylia Antan, often delves into the Arcanaeum. Between the dusty tomes and creased scrolls, she was lost in her rumination, therefore did not notice the malicious figure that shadowed her. “Don’t move. I know who you are, slut.” “oh? What is the meaning of this? ” “Face forward. I know about your tryst with the Arch-Mage. He’s been enjoying these tits, hasn’t he?” He gleefully asked, thinking he had ensnared a victim. In a rude manner, his hands quickly latched onto Otylia's tender breasts. "“The most enchanting southern plums” is how he worded." Otylia made a quick turn, her shoulders blocked his arms away. Her glare pierced straight through Phinis like throwing knifes, who was taken back by the cunning look on her face and the unexpected reaction from the woman. “I’m afraid you interrupted my study, lord Gestor. Can’t you see this is a place of learning?” “wh- What are y-“ “Dear lord. Did you seriously walk in here like this? Don’t you know few of us can see through the illusion like it’s a child’s play? She mocked after noticing his uncovered crotch. “Silly me. Why dress up a dog when you need it to mate?” “You-” a-daring-study_clip_1.mp4 “Of course. They never strictly forbid intercourse in the Arcanaeum. But it’s more thrilling when there is an audience around, isn’t it?” Otylia surveyed the surrounding. There were at least six other people in the Arcanaeum, all minding their own businesses. a-daring-study_clip_2.mp4 “Look at them… So oblivious, so simpleminded. They wouldn’t even know if someone is fucking right under their noses.” Her eyes circled back to Phinis, who was sweating profusely when reason overcame his sexual drive. She leaned over to his ears. a-daring-study_clip_3.mp4 “We could finish right here, and everyone would be none the wiser.” Phinis left his mouth wide open, he failed to react to Otylia's adulterous proposition. Her voice as gentle as a lover’s caress, slowly breathing every word on the anxious man. a-daring-study_clip_4.mp4 “You can even cum inside me... there will be no, trace.” Completely awestruck, he was torn between leaving and following his instinct. Meanwhile, his penis had reached full erection. Taking advantages of this, Otylia extended her hand and seized the shaft of Phinis’s manhood. The forwardness of her action nearly made him jolt back. “So, what say you, my illiterate dog?” Her left hand started stroking his penis, while the other hand gestured a hushing sign. “You- you think I wouldn’t do it? I don’t give a rat’s ass if others saw this!” It seemed her provocation enraged him. He clutched her hair with his hand and pushed her head against the bookcase. Several books were knocked off to the ground. “uhhahah…. Easily manipulated. Like a dog.” “I will fuck you till you take back what you said, whore.” Despite being attacked, Otylia remained her composure. Her luscious lips curled into a sly curve. Started by a whisper, she then steadily raised her voice word by word. “*chuckle* Such an imprudent creature… controlled by Nothing. But. Desire” Well she knew, such action would meticulously tuck the man’s heart string. It was just loud enough to distress him without drawing attention. “Be quiet!” His desperation was proven by the rapid and disrupted breathing. He skittishly put one hand over Otylia’s mouth, eyes busily darting around to make sure none have heeded the commotion. “ah~ Doggy. How cute. Still, a true man would prefer Missionary." “Stop this madness.” Phinis muttered what almost sounded like a pleading. He spun Otylia around, who showed no sign to resist even though her body was being handled like a doll. Her massive racks bounced up and down due to the motion. “You must get off with this hand often. It reeks of cocks.” "Sssh-" “Did you think of me when you do it?” “DO NOT disrespect me! You squealing pig!” Having pride being verbally stepped on, Phinis went into a frenzy. He pulled away her necklace, before holding her neck, his other beasty hand had torn off part of her clothing. A rosy, bountiful right-side breast laid bare in front of him. Again, she stood idle as if her form was not her own, entirely lifted up by Phinis’s clasp on her jaw. She squinted her cold blue eyes, what glaring through was not fear, but excitement. “ummm… that’s it. Let loose the beast…” “I shall give you what you asked.” Said Phinis in a bellowing growl. He stared at Otylia with a profound, primal rage that was never seen before. “Can you?” Otylia uttered mildly, like tossing a bone to a starving dog. She tilted her eyebrow as a challenge to the menacing presence. When out of nowhere, a bulging, lengthy phallus stormed into her vagina, filled with grudges against her. For the first time, her dominating expression froze. As a tremendous amount of force was applied to her private like a tree trunk slammed against a glass door. She slipped out a long, fiery moan. “Did you feel that, slut? I will destroy you with this cock.” Phinis assailed her in his small triumph. Every thrust was as strong as the initial one, he did not give the crafty mage a moment of reprieve. “If only your command in spell-craft equals to such skulduggery. *pant* I might actually be impressed.” Said Otylia, rocking back and forth to the reckless movement of Phinis. But her emotion was again, sealed behind a devious smirk and an assertive gaze. Without warning, she lifted up the other leg, leveraging all of her bodyweight onto her partner, who would have definitely yelled out in pain, but he could not risk the consequences. Instead, he directed the suffering to his now contorted face. “You-! You bitch!” “Oops, Did I break your staff?” “ARRRHH!!” Phinis shouted as he was too furious to form a coherent comeback to her mockery. His hip movement intensified as he lost control. Desktop Screenshot 2020.05.31 - “*pant* Move your waist. I’m not one of your flower girls who praises every cock in her like some Dagon’s incarnate.” Said Otylia, her eyes were a gaping abyss that consumes the man’s rationale. Phinis’s gaze fixated on her, among all the rage, there was a whiff of submission, like he had surrendered himself to the sorceress's will. to be continued...
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello! I already have a thread where I post my content, but I decided to pack my stuff in a single .zip and upload it here. It contains most of my Custom Content, from 2019 to February 2020. No Sims, just CC. If you download my stuff on a regular basis, this is kinda useless. But I think it's nice if you're new and want a bunch of sexy outfits in one go. This pack doesn't include Patreons Only/Outdated content. Details of the Pack : Bikinis Camelia Suit Dark Suit Open Dark Suit Simple Bikini Simple Open Bikini Wedelia Bikini Dress Short Dress Sets Egyptian Set Goddess Dress Santa Set Witch Set Leather Set Skirts Schoolgirl Skirts Tattoos Lower Back Tattoos Back Tattoos Top Bandage Top
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    THIS SEEMS TO BE ALL NEW HASHES SO FAR! Just add this to the button of your d3dx.ini file and it should all work again (at least it works for all my mods. Different mods might vary) ;-----------------------------UPDATE 20_06_11 ; clothes | mods [ShaderOverride-Clothes_UpdatePS1] hash = 37d3e66b5d8a0361 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverride-Clothes_UpdatePS2] ; mermaid martini metal parts hash = 52c5ae3cdc7810ca run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverride-Clothes_UpdatePS3] hash = 5ed99f004bf2fa7b run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverride-Clothes_UpdatePS4] hash = 493f9498fa161f40 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverride-Clothes_UpdatePS5] ; mermaid martini hash = f016b56d30ba5603 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverride-Clothes_UpdatePS6] hash = 1a57b0790b876d57 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverride-Clothes_UpdatePS7] ; Suisen R hash = 00643e627b04288f run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverride-Clothes_UpdatePS8] ; FigureStand hash = 1fadbf4b504896c5 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverride-Clothes_UpdatePS9] ; Moving Water hash = 0f0a2c40c629c533 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideClothes_UpdatePS10] ; Palm Tree Leafs hash = ae68b2fe0f16091a run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideClothes_UpdatePS11] ; Monocle Glas hash = 0b9aa4f6b6e36b57 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideClothes_UpdatePS12] ; Venus Card hash = 892f7246173bea98 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideClothes_UpdatePS13] ; Destiny Child bikini text (?) hash = 5c4ca403dd607603 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideClothes_UpdatePS14] ; Inner Cloth Material hash = 2e7dea8ba1236554 run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideClothes_UpdatePS15] ; e.g. Chinese dress panties hash = 31a53dca07ae4242 run = CommandListClothes ; skin [ShaderOverride-Skin_UpdatePS1] hash = d4490acbf65bd5e3 run = CommandListSkin [ShaderOverride-Skin_UpdatePS2] ; Kanna's horns hash = 8bf9671dbd879cc6 run = CommandListSkin [ShaderOverride-Skin_UpdatePS3] hash = 29a6bbe4fb3fb695 run = CommandListSkin [ShaderOverrideSkinBurst_UpdatePS1] ; Bytecode hash: hash = d51433e9122e0b53 run = CommandListSkin ; nails [ShaderOverride-Nails_UpdatePS1] hash = 3c779f31af0270f4 run = CommandListFingerNailsEyes ; eyes ** not tested with a mod ** [ShaderOverride-Eyes_UpdatePS1] hash = deeb698c74ada082 run = CommandListFingerNailsEyes ; triangles on Honoka's tits [ShaderOverride-Unknown_UpdatePS1] hash = 635329c855070942 run = CommandListClothes ; hair [ShaderOverrideHairPS1-20200611] ; Bytecode hash: hash = a07858cce6fb5e1e run = CommandListHair [ShaderOverrideHairPS2-20200611] ; Bytecode hash: hash = c2701566e16d2708 run = CommandListHair [ShaderOverrideHairPS3-20200611] hash = 7624d48fb5ccb677 run = CommandListHair Some texture hashes changed, like for Sayuris hair and Maries hair. For the Foam SSR you need to change some hashes as well, but this are all changes that will come with my next release pack. P.S.: This is not the cleanest solution, but it will work for STEAM and DMM this way. A seperate file just for DMM, without the outdated hashes might still be a good idea to prevent too much searching for hashes.
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    Hey guys, Still working on this don't worry. Reading all the comments and requests. In the meantime here are some pubic tests on Hitomi and Nyotengu
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    View File DOAXVV Base Costume + 3D Vision Mod Support Costume Mods This mod is required for the costume mods available for this game. It also includes support for NVIDIA 3D Vision, but for brevity I've removed 3D Vision specific instructions from this mirror - if you are a 3D Vision user, please refer to the instructions here instead. This mod by itself will not change any costumes - for that you will need mod packs available from elsewhere and extract them into the Mods directory. You don't need to restart the game after installing a new mod - just press F10 in game to load any new mods. Some mod packs ship with optional parts of the mods that are not enabled by default - look for any files or directories in the mod pack that is named "DISABLED something", and remove the "DISABLED" from the filename to enable it. Most of the more recent mods include keyboard shortcuts to quickly customise them directly from the game - refer to the instructions provided with each mod for details. If you are not sure where to start, the all in two mod pack is recommended as it easy to install, makes the white lace bikini nude for most characters (barring newly released characters that it hasn't been updated for yet), enhances the gacha scene and includes mods for a few other costumes by knight77 and myself. That pack uses knight77's textures + models, so if you like that style check out his thread for more mods. A lot of other mods require HI-METAL's skin textures to be installed - if you install a mod and you see big weird circles instead of nipples you need these. These are high quality and have multiple variations to suit different tastes, but may require a bit more effort to set up properly. Check out Minazuki's thread for many excellent high quality and highly customisable mods that use these. For even more advanced mods that add cool features like mix n' match, check out KuroKaze78's Costume Customizer and Minazuki's Swimsuit Swapper. For everything else, check out this forum and follow along with news posted in this thread in particular. If you think you have what it takes to create mods yourself and would like to learn how, you absolutely need to start with this video. Installing Extract the contents of the zip file to the game directory. In the launcher (not the game), open settings (2nd button from the top) and change everything to the left-most option (lower quality options are known not to work). Install other mod packs as desired. Keys F1: Show help F2: Toggle costume mods Shift+F2: Cycle costume mod shadow modes (on/off/original) Mouse back button: Toggle HUD visibility Ctrl+F9: 3DMigoto performance monitor F10: Reload all mods Ctrl+Alt+F10: Reload all mods and reset to default configuration Update v1.2 Fixed shadow glitch This fix now forms the basis for third party costume mods Update v1.4 Major 3DMigoto update (conditional logic, performance monitor) Auto-convergence performance cost will be skipped when 3D Vision is disabled Added toggle keys for costume mods and shadows (try cycling shadow modes if performance is an issue) New built in help shown by pressing F1 Enabled costume mods for missing costume + shadow shaders Enabled costume and fingernail texture replacement mods Fix cases where a shadow could go missing from a costume mod HUD will always be shown in burst mode Update v1.5 Fix missing legs in some costume mods F2/Shift+F2 hotkeys now show status in overlay Update v1.6 Re-fixed lighting & auto-convergence broken by game update Update v1.7 Updated costume mod and 3D Vision ripple fix for compatibility with DOAXVV December 6th update Update to 3DMigoto 1.3.12 (adds vertex buffer hunting keys, clipboard marking mode, etc) 3D Vision: Made specular reflections on some (not all) materials render at their accurate depth instead of surface depth. 3D Vision: Tweaked auto-convergence settings for more comfort in some cutscenes. Hotfix v1.8 Fixed pink fingernails Added another missing costume shader Update v1.9 3DMigoto updated to 1.3.14 to facilitate more advanced modding Now automatically saves the costume & shadow settings on exit/reload. Ctrl+Alt+F10 will revert to the default settings and reload. Key bindings are no longer processed while alt+tabbed out. Frame analysis now has several "profiles" that can be switched with - by default only skin and costumes are dumped to make blender imports faster. Press Ctrl+F8 (in hunting mode) to enable/disable dumping hair and fingernails, or switch to dumping UI textures instead. Frame analysis will no longer dump out modded meshes to make it a little easier to import meshes into blender when a costume mod is active (If you want to reimport a modified mesh you should be importing that directly from the mod, not a frame analysis dump). Auto-convergence has been updated - the popout bias will be automatically saved in the d3dx_user.ini, and the auto-convergence HUD will show the current convergence value as well. There's a bunch more changes under the hood, so it may behave slightly differently to before. Update v2.0 3DMigoto updated to 1.3.15 F10 reload is now much faster Settings left over from uninstalled mods will be removed on the next F10 reload/game exit (You will still see these warnings once) Fix crash when news is displayed while using certain mods Displaying news will no longer reset certain settings Fixed compatibility issue with ReShade (if you couldn't use the two together before, please test again and report back) Fixed crash that could occur on non-nvidia systems in some circumstances Update v2.1 3DMigoto updated to 1.3.16 Fixed compatibility issue with new versions of ReShade Automatically adjust depth of icons in pool hopping minigame (3D Vision) Update v2.2 Updated costume mod for compatibility with DMM version 2019-04-25 update Update v2.3 Special thanks to KuroKaze78 for finding the updated shader hashes Updated costume mod + 3D Vision compatibility for DMM 2020-06-11 update Includes KuroKaze78's d3dx.ini updates: Includes additional shaders in the d3dx.ini so that fewer mods should require manual additions to this file Hair + fingernail mod support is now enabled out of the box Support for environment mods added desktop.ini files now ignored _id is now included for mods that depend on it Includes support for dumping full size (1920x1080) decobromide images in the frame analysis UI profile Note that because extra shaders are now included in the base d3dx.ini you may get some conflict warnings with certain mods. These warnings are mostly harmless, but can usually be resolved by updating the mods listed in the warning, or editing their ini files to remove the indicated ShaderOverride section. Submitter ausgeek Submitted 06/16/2020 Category Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation Requires  
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