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    Registering all ZAP 9 furnitures to the framework, Completed !!! ...and everything is FINE . So, this took about 6 hours-cool! Anyway I have back my overview of all the stuff I made. Some animations, I can fill with new contence, as they were made for some TESTS in the past. I wanted to create another LIFT-animation which is not any longer needed, and I made an animation which I can only do if I can use new behavior-files, which can not be done under FNIS. I´ll replace them with some NICE new animations and so fill this for now with some "sexy-moves".
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    New Version! 1.0.5 -Muscular legs -BareFeet option -No UNDIES option -4 BodyHair Styles NSFW Showcase : With the "Junk" Mod
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    BodyHair? I mean, it can be done.. But there is a trade-off like.. it will overlap with the shirs,, so it means : no more shirts : Techincall stuff: I took some time today to advance some modding. And i got that silly idea. So yeah! tell me what do you think. Are you willing to sacrifice your shirt for a hairy and muscular chest?
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    Apologies if you're thinking I'd forgotten about Zodiac. Well, maybe I did for a bit. But I still have big plans. A lot of changes for the next version are already done In particular, long standing niggles of mine. Zodiac network UI redesign and re-categorising. Reward system overhaul. Token deposit overhaul. Star Rating overhaul. New Sex Stats which affect performance with clients. Additional situational awareness indicators when deploying ZAP. Looser rules on deployment and interaction with ZAP (mostly around combat). Lots and lots of tweaks and quality of life improvements. New features also. Such as the ZAP Hooker Defence System. Three new general presets (Free For All, Swallow and Toilet). They're as disgusting as they sound. It makes sense to begin from the bottom and work up. I will have a bingo calling preset at some point, damn it. There are some notable removals too. I'm determined now, to remove XDI entirely from the next version. XDI is great but its a barrier to using the mod and I can quite easily get by without it. Removing it does also mean removing all of the Bus Stop and Dumpster encounters (their days were numbered regardless). I'm not entirely removing Bus Stop and Dumpster presets but for now they will go dormant (you won't be able to deploy them). As before, all future versions of Zodiac are safe to update in save. I know that's a lot of options being removed but my plan to replace them is to bring forward Ecliptic in tandem with the new property permit system. This is what I'm working on now. I'll try to post more about it in the coming days. It won't be sexy but it will be informative. Ecliptic is the long teased client booking system (it's actually much more than that but it fills that area). Ecliptic will allow you to advertise that you are working at a particular place during a specific time window. It will allow you to specify characteristics of the clients that you wish to service. It will allow you to receive messages from and assign bookings from clients. It will remind you when and where you are supposed to be servicing clients. And in the future it will allow you to do things like have returning clients and build relationships with them, run special offers, develop a following of lusty perverts. Ultimately, Ecliptic will be the Zodiacs way of harvesting all of the Commonwealth citizens data.
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    OK .. I made a Discord server. I am new to this so, be nice. And any advice will be welcome´d https://discord.gg/buVCvvV
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    @A-Mi go had an very advanced conversion of the Sexy Crafting Stations mod. Updated to Content patcher, so it doesnt conflict with other patches. Helped him with minor details. He also did a Beardless and Female option too!, Customizable in the config file. (Custom one is Beard dudes). So yeah.. Thank you A-Mi-Go!
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    Ecliptic needs its own logo
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    I don't know why people keep messaging me and asking why I removed my DD mods, I thought I was pretty clear on why I did (unless the posts for those are gone). Just to clarify again why I removed them: Captured Dreams 1 - I didn't want to rebuild the 100+ devices and their scripts. 2 - Half of the quests needed rebuilt from the ground up, some needed the mechanics of how they work rebuilt and most needed the scenes remade to try to fix the force greets to stop them from repeating 3 - There were many other small fixes that need done in many places. For the Masses 1 - Core scripts needed rebuilt as the mechanics would cause issues when npc's in the queue to have items added were unloaded (was not detecting this as it should have). 2 - Needed the devices used cut down to core devices to reduce system script load. Mods to turn items from other mods into DD items 1 - All needed the items and scripts rebuilt and other work done to them due to updates or changes in the original mods. I don't want them re-uploaded (though that request is and has been ignored) I won't give permission for anyone to modify or update it - it is dead and I prefer it to stay that way I am done modding though not by my choice. The medications I have been on since I started modding have taken their toll and I can't concentrate well enough to work on anything. I have things I would like to do but can't even do small mods anymore.
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    Why didn't I heard about this song before? 🤔 Just... just one more! 😬 I promise if it crashes I stop adding more 🤞
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    I try to build up another Skyrim-Compatible Castle because I could pick up somereal plans from the web-and lot of interieur-pics. Ideal for my relaxing-time. Will get some nice underground-parts, later. If one of you will buy it, you can once invite me !
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    Another boring shelf video. More interesting interactions are coming I promise. stock2.webm <> Couple of new features. Well not new, but they were not active before. The proportional updates show on the vegetable/fruit/mushroom shelf. This shelf has an animated display for allowed ingredients. But I obviously couldn't allow it to show all of the amounts you have stored exactly. So it's proportional. That means if you have half of the max allowed Bleeding Crowns stored, half the mock display Bleeding Crowns will show. All percentages work. Completely pointless but I guess it allows you to see at a glance how much of something you have in stock (and it looks cooler). Accurate display counts are also available for all items, as seen in the video. Not only are the shelves restricting types of ingredient you can store, they are also restricting the amount. This is handled on a shelf by shelf basis. The amount of things you can store isn't set in stone and will increase as you (the store) receive more endorsements. Endorsements are a kind of achievement. They have their own display wall and unlock bonuses which make the store operate more efficiently. But Carabosse? Can't I just carry potatoes with me? Of course you can, you can even pile them up on the floor if you wish. The thing about Essential Relief is that its all linked together. Cauldrons talk to shelves, which talk to ovens, which talk to jars. And so on. You'll definitely see the benefit of gaining endorsements to improve the store. Stock changes refresh automatically. This is also on a per shelf/ingredient basis. I even fixed the issue where animated stock items might freeze in unsatisfactory positions if the player loaded a game in the same cell as the animated shelf. So far it seems to work in all scenarios (that I can think of), so much so that I might even remove the manual refresh from the vegetable/fruit/mushroom shelf. As atm, it appears to be completely redundant. Some stored ingredients are automatically converted to Essential Relief 'own brand' items. Namely mead and wine. Maybe eggs. Do eggs have a conversion? They will do. It's to simplify the reselling of certain items to random customers. Not all customers who come in are suffering from ailments like back pain or itchy crotches. Some just want to buy things like milk and tomatoes. There are three herb shelves. Each holding six different types of herbs. They work much the same way as the vegetable shelf. You might also notice that when you interact with something, if another had prompts open for interaction they will automatically close. This is true of all things within the store that have interaction prompts. Be they shelves, ovens, tables, toilets. The only exception is the Witch Circle, and only if it has a recognised sequence locked and is focusing magic. In which case it temporarily locks the use of all other interactions. When interacting with anything inside the store, you're really saying to the store 'Hey what does this do?'. At which point the store decides what it will and won't let you do. There's one more storage interaction to do in this part of the store. The shelf which holds mead, wine, honey, milk, salt, eggs, flour and garlic. There are more storage interactions but they're in other parts of the store which I'm not showing yet. Things like infused waters, broths, curatives, essences. The amount of things you can store and create is a bit crazy.
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    Let´s celebrate life dears! You Hey hey hey. Hey hey hey. From day one, we've been chained together. I never had a choice. Your impulsive nature is sometimes a dream, sometimes torturous. You're so calm and easy-going. Then again, you're so complicated. And I think so often about and I'll never quite get you. Hey hey hey Too many ignore you. Too few adore you. Lemmy thought you were a bitch. and to most, you weren't (their idea of) a dream. But everyone thinks that they know you. They tell me stories about you. But, I know, they're just made up guesses. But, they'll never quite get you. Hey hey hey I'm not at home with you often enough. I go off on my own too often. I suppose in the future, I'll never really have any luck. You're so indescribably precious. You only know what you got when it's gone. You're always so good to me. So (tell me) life, am I good to you? Hey hey hey Life, how do I treat you? Hey hey hey Hey hey hey. And no matter how you were I would be nothing without you. Hey hey hey. And no matter how you were you'll always be the best thing to happen to me Hey hey hey And no matter how you'll be, you know, I'll blindly follow you. Because what I have is you and me. Without you, I'm nothing. Hey hey hey
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    BD-Tree02-overhaul....new rope inside with tree bondage combined...looks tight. p.s.: Tree will get an overhaul....i don´t like the leafs and it´s overall angles mounted to the tribe .....and the bark.....(..)
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    This is a stone crux AND can also be a wooden one: -farm-house-wood (riverwood-style) and so compatible with all other wood-templates -stone style-you can use all stone templates as well- Very massive design and in HQ made, from scratch:-))) The crux has also a socket, which simply allows it, to put it higher up, if wanted! So that´s it about the gamebryo-files. I´ll little play today to maybe find other nonsence...but I guess I have now all files fit for game-play.
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    I found a last mistake inside a CRUX...it let me not load the castle cell and it hang up the game in an endless loading screen while the game did not communicate any longer with the computer. By console command to load this cell, I simply got CTD....this is not acceptable-so I will create a NEW furniture of that and then the work on the existing material is successfully done. This is the list, what has to be done: -navmesh (can be made after an upload) -"world-files" , GO-files completement (can be done also after an upload) -finishing the male´s assets (this i do in the next days) -registering hundreds of new furnitures to the framework (could be done also AFTER an upload) -completing the lists of DOORS and containers, add some new containers with special items, like DDa-assets and some others like the new (special)-rope-series in one container (this is make-up and can be done later) -optimizing Body-Slides assets into dedicated ZAP - folders (before the upload) -some balancing of cells and optimizing them...the castle has TOO many items in it...that cell became TOO heavy for a vanilla play (before an upload) -adding some animals and NPCs (can be made also later) That´s it! -sounds massive, but it is quite handy.
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    O mod basemental drugs atualizou para 6.11.124 e agora????
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    I don't know where else to post this, so I'll just leave it here. I might've taken one too many hits the other night because these two images made me LMFAO for a while. I'm not sure if it was the weed or the tiredness, but every time I tried to focus my gaze onto something my vision would go all weird. The background image for my laptop started looking like a bunch of wild cat and wolf heads morphing and merging into each other. This house I found on the TS4 Gallery started looking like a fatass angry penguin to me. Not sure if I had any other point to this, but I guess this is a good chance for me to say, "weed responsibly, kids" lol.
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    The new survey for this week's girl is now available. [Closed] The winner is Belle! Ty! ❤️
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    miscshelf.webm <>
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    Hi Nisa, First, thanks for your amazing Mod! So i got the last exception problem aswell over a week ago and from waht i could gather its seems to be conflicting with the Wicked Whims Mod? Since then WW has released an update but the problem is still there. Idk i just wanted to give my two cents so maybe we can get to the bottom of why so many people are having the same problem lately. Thanks again!
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    new outfit I'm working on 🤘😈🤘
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    Hey, I have problem with the mods. I can't serve my client. This is my Last Exception Nisas_Last_Exception.txt
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    After 3 years this old goodie is finally WORKING:-) zazBigGlassCage (the Door is a big Glass tube which is activated by any form of trigger, lever or maybe also by dialogue-with dedicated key - functions or without The last two pic show my OVERHAUL of this asset to ZAP 9 Old version have an added "old" somewhere in the nif-file-name....if some want to use specially those older versions, assets, it´s no problem.
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    Disculpen la demora con la que subo las actualizaciones de traducción, pero tengo responsabilidades que debo mantenerlas como prioridades. Hace unos días entregué trabajos finales y terminé mi semestre de la U, así que ahora podré dedicar tiempo en traducir, revisar y mejorar las nuevas líneas de los mods. Pronto actualizaciones.
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    What I told about activators to be not appearing at once in game is nonsence. It´s not something which has to do with the engine, or with the behavior of activators...., instead: The problems of all of this have been (luckily !!) on my side by not creating correct skyrim-compatible-gamebryo-files. This has been solved for ALL the activators and also for some doors in between, which did not work correctly. THIS has also influence on adopting the ZAP 9 to SKYRIM SE, later: I guess it is also possible to CONVERT activators like all other material to SE. I´m optimizing lot of stuff-lot of items..... -more narrow nibble-rope added (this is not compatible with other breast-accessoires) -finally the famous seagulls began all to fly-I feeded them;-)) -I hold on with optimizing some heavy poly-stuff down...
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    i updated the Bodyslide. Saint_armor_1.1.zip
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    can you please help me find where this armor mod is from? i found it on your twitter
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    You may have been asked this a million times already but, would you be willing to share your bodyslide? Unless you already have, that is.
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    Time for more shameless self-promotion... and a little tease!!! 😈 Literally MONTHS of testing, changing things, more testing, more changes... and also trying to get the face to look more like a "human" Sim, and project FemmeBot is approaching her final stages! Yes... she is the pleasure model of Plumbots!!! And yes... she IS a Plumbot, so she will only work if you have Into The Future.
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    Hi Lucia, can you please accept me into the group I love the content in the screenshots and would love to use them in my game
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    "Rey is the best female character ever!" What BS! This is the best female character in STAR WARS!
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    I love your job! ♥
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    tem a tradução do extreme violence 2.1?
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    here is Kokoro's new link https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1Uv18Xi2Qn6ygEHp7yH5LWCAtN7oz5E_Z source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kokoro_tnt/albums/72157687855083894
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    old western look slaves and farmers
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    Love, love, LOVE your content...it ALL has a place in my SimsWorld!
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    Where is the unicorn plugin? Can't find it anywhere.
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    LOVE you animations because it is so much about romance, love and closeness. Please tell me where I can find your future projects with the family animation stuff (this are things that I miss so much in the game too).
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    lmao TS4_x64 2018-11-05 11-02-32-411_Trim.mp4
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