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    A Daring Study For a mage as ambitious as Otylia Antan, often delves into the Arcanaeum. Between the dusty tomes and creased scrolls, she was lost in her rumination, therefore did not notice the malicious figure that shadowed her. “Don’t move. I know who you are, slut.” “oh? What is the meaning of this? ” “Face forward. I know about your tryst with the Arch-Mage. He’s been enjoying these tits, hasn’t he?” He gleefully asked, thinking he had ensnared a victim. In a rude manner, his hands quickly latched onto Otylia's tender breasts. "“The most enchanting southern plums” is how he worded." Otylia made a quick turn, her shoulders blocked his arms away. Her glare pierced straight through Phinis like throwing knifes, who was taken back by the cunning look on her face and the unexpected reaction from the woman. “I’m afraid you interrupted my study, lord Gestor. Can’t you see this is a place of learning?” “wh- What are y-“ “Dear lord. Did you seriously walk in here like this? Don’t you know few of us can see through the illusion like it’s a child’s play? She mocked after noticing his uncovered crotch. “Silly me. Why dress up a dog when you need it to mate?” “You-” a-daring-study_clip_1.mp4 “Of course. They never strictly forbid intercourse in the Arcanaeum. But it’s more thrilling when there is an audience around, isn’t it?” Otylia surveyed the surrounding. There were at least six other people in the Arcanaeum, all minding their own businesses. a-daring-study_clip_2.mp4 “Look at them… So oblivious, so simpleminded. They wouldn’t even know if someone is fucking right under their noses.” Her eyes circled back to Phinis, who was sweating profusely when reason overcame his sexual drive. She leaned over to his ears. a-daring-study_clip_3.mp4 “We could finish right here, and everyone would be none the wiser.” Phinis left his mouth wide open, he failed to react to Otylia's adulterous proposition. Her voice as gentle as a lover’s caress, slowly breathing every word on the anxious man. a-daring-study_clip_4.mp4 “You can even cum inside me... there will be no, trace.” Completely awestruck, he was torn between leaving and following his instinct. Meanwhile, his penis had reached full erection. Taking advantages of this, Otylia extended her hand and seized the shaft of Phinis’s manhood. The forwardness of her action nearly made him jolt back. “So, what say you, my illiterate dog?” Her left hand started stroking his penis, while the other hand gestured a hushing sign. “You- you think I wouldn’t do it? I don’t give a rat’s ass if others saw this!” It seemed her provocation enraged him. He clutched her hair with his hand and pushed her head against the bookcase. Several books were knocked off to the ground. “uhhahah…. Easily manipulated. Like a dog.” “I will fuck you till you take back what you said, whore.” Despite being attacked, Otylia remained her composure. Her luscious lips curled into a sly curve. Started by a whisper, she then steadily raised her voice word by word. “*chuckle* Such an imprudent creature… controlled by Nothing. But. Desire” Well she knew, such action would meticulously tuck the man’s heart string. It was just loud enough to distress him without drawing attention. “Be quiet!” His desperation was proven by the rapid and disrupted breathing. He skittishly put one hand over Otylia’s mouth, eyes busily darting around to make sure none have heeded the commotion. “ah~ Doggy. How cute. Still, a true man would prefer Missionary." “Stop this madness.” Phinis muttered what almost sounded like a pleading. He spun Otylia around, who showed no sign to resist even though her body was being handled like a doll. Her massive racks bounced up and down due to the motion. “You must get off with this hand often. It reeks of cocks.” "Sssh-" “Did you think of me when you do it?” “DO NOT disrespect me! You squealing pig!” Having pride being verbally stepped on, Phinis went into a frenzy. He pulled away her necklace, before holding her neck, his other beasty hand had torn off part of her clothing. A rosy, bountiful right-side breast laid bare in front of him. Again, she stood idle as if her form was not her own, entirely lifted up by Phinis’s clasp on her jaw. She squinted her cold blue eyes, what glaring through was not fear, but excitement. “ummm… that’s it. Let loose the beast…” “I shall give you what you asked.” Said Phinis in a bellowing growl. He stared at Otylia with a profound, primal rage that was never seen before. “Can you?” Otylia uttered mildly, like tossing a bone to a starving dog. She tilted her eyebrow as a challenge to the menacing presence. When out of nowhere, a bulging, lengthy phallus stormed into her vagina, filled with grudges against her. For the first time, her dominating expression froze. As a tremendous amount of force was applied to her private like a tree trunk slammed against a glass door. She slipped out a long, fiery moan. “Did you feel that, slut? I will destroy you with this cock.” Phinis assailed her in his small triumph. Every thrust was as strong as the initial one, he did not give the crafty mage a moment of reprieve. “If only your command in spell-craft equals to such skulduggery. *pant* I might actually be impressed.” Said Otylia, rocking back and forth to the reckless movement of Phinis. But her emotion was again, sealed behind a devious smirk and an assertive gaze. Without warning, she lifted up the other leg, leveraging all of her bodyweight onto her partner, who would have definitely yelled out in pain, but he could not risk the consequences. Instead, he directed the suffering to his now contorted face. “You-! You bitch!” “Oops, Did I break your staff?” “ARRRHH!!” Phinis shouted as he was too furious to form a coherent comeback to her mockery. His hip movement intensified as he lost control. Desktop Screenshot 2020.05.31 - “*pant* Move your waist. I’m not one of your flower girls who praises every cock in her like some Dagon’s incarnate.” Said Otylia, her eyes were a gaping abyss that consumes the man’s rationale. Phinis’s gaze fixated on her, among all the rage, there was a whiff of submission, like he had surrendered himself to the sorceress's will. to be continued...
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    Hello, dear readers. Don't forget to check out Author's note in the end of the episode for important information 😳 . Author's note:
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    Blog Overview Short Summary of the previous entries All previous entries of chapter 9 can be found bellow Section 1 My blog overview page provides summaries of previous chapters, backgrounds and characters summaries. Of Blood and Pleasure on Flickr Twitter Chapter 9 Section 2 - Lessons of Lust
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    Greetings, dear traveler Today, I am once again pleased to present to your attention another chapter of the Co adventures. I think (and honestly hope) that this is the last chapter in this format. I plan to switch to shorter (2-3 spoilers) stories, more composed and less protracted. ^_^ And sincerely hope you enjoy it. And why I wish you a pleasant viewing. ^_^ Your feedback, comments and ideas are always welcome.And may the force serve you well
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    Well, greetings there, dear traveler Today - an absolutely spontaneous story was born in my head and I want to share it with you! Intrigues, politics, conspiracies and demonic treaties, what are waiting for us here? Let's find out! I wish you a pleasant viewing and a wonderful week! ^_^ Your feedback, comments and ideas are always welcome.And may the force serve you well
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    Hi Guys, First post on this blog! This blog is just for screenshots and other misc stuff, so doesn't exactly follow the story of the other blog. Gifs: Thanks for reading! You can find more of Aerina below: - Aerina
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    Previous Entry: Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed! Aerina
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    it even has proper collision so if nobody is in it, you can jump through it XD
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    Foreword Hey Readers! I know I haven’t been uploading much recently. Quarantine has destroyed any cadence I once hoped I had. So, to reclaim some normalcy, I’m doing a 30-Day Challenge. For the next 30 days, I will put out 4 stories following the below prompt. To help with this, I asked some fellow storytellers for feedback on the below prompt. PROMPT: Fed up with the corruption in Riften, a Swordsman Vigilante has begun disrupting "Perfectly Legal" Thieves Guild operations. In retaliation, the Guild has set a bounty on the Vigilante. Which of the below Bounty Hunters gets the first go? After talking things out this is the first entry in this series. I hope I can keep up with the aggressive timeline I put in place on this. Also, let me know, who should we see in the next entry? I have no issues repeating characters. Intro Round 1: Kaia (Updated 6-16) Round 2: Illysa (Updated 7-5)
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    Previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/11246-nightmares-of-the-dawn3/ Nightmares of the Dawn This is not the Temple of Dibella in Markath... Outside of my Room, there is no hallways like this.... Question is this a cruel Trial from Lady Dibella or something worser... If it worser then..... A two way side of the hallway.. Wonder which one I should go... Left or Right? I hate these kind of games... Go left Gwynolda... Go Right Champion. Voices great.... I go Right then... That voice was my own, compared the other one.. As I walked on the stairs, I felt something dark.... I looked back.. and saw that.... I was not sure, what is it, but definetly not up to good.. Mavolent, evil.... Thats not how you supposed.... well don't matter... You are doomed either way Gwynolda... Not a Divine Trial at all... Its worser, actually.... huh? Where I am? Whats going on? Another trickery? There is a situation in the hall of dead Gwynolda.. As an initiate, this gonna be your trial Someone who's been infected with vampirism, holed themselves up there... I thought it would be a good chance for you Gwynolda... And what should I do? Isn't it obvious purge it with holy flames.. Its infected already, just kill it... What is this non-sense? You are an future sister Gwynolda, Im sure you would resolve the best way.... Show the mercy of Stendar to them, even if they turned Its hard to look at mother Hamal, without killing her.. I wonder whats the deal now... If it just infected, I can cure it... Wait?! Nooo, just kill it... You said it Hamal, I resolve the situation.... and guard? Let the Sisterhood handle it... It seems this new "thing" gonna be at the Hall of Dead... My dagger is missing, I should be on my guard... I don't like these games... Whatever was that thing, thats the enemy and I should figure out how to destroy it.. (Crying noises) It seems the infected person is a women... Im getting closer to the noise... Its from there... She is at the Shrine of Arkay... There is she.... I should keep my distance, just in case, who knows what she might do... I gonna cast a cure disease on her.. That should work.. Lets do it... Dont worry its gonna be over..... Im sure Hamal would wanted a heresy, like sparing her or giving her blood while waiting she turns and other guy just wanted kill... Both can fuck off.. I do it my way... Whaaatt!!!!?? Thats not supposed to happen.... Awwwww, it seems you killed her.... How Dibellan of you... Gwynolda, Gwynolda...... Look at her, like all the person you supposed to save, burn in fire.... Just shut up... End
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    A long time ago, there was a rich and powerful kingdom in the middle of the desert called Hadora. Legends tell that the roofs were made of gold and no citizen was hungry. One of the curiosities of this kingdom is that it did not appear on the maps. Many humans went into the desert to find it, but none succeeded. Except one. A thief escaped from prison. He entered the desert waiting for the guards to abandon the chase. A sandstorm caught him off guard, he hit his head with a rock and was knocked unconscious. The guards lost sight of him, but given the strength of the sandstorm, they left him for dead. When the thief awoke, he discovered that before him stood the mighty kingdom of Hadora. He walked as he could to the golden doors and asked the guards for shelter. The guards, impressed that someone managed to find the kingdom, brought him before the king. Once in the throne room, the king offered him a large quantity of food along with a luxurious table service. The king was very curious, so he asked his guest what life was like outside the kingdom. The thief told him incredible stories and took the opportunity to gain the monarch's trust. He could start a new life without anyone taking into account his past misdeeds. That same day, while they were having dinner, the thief saw from the window a very beautiful young woman walking through the palace gardens. She was an exotic beauty, with a dark complexion and clear eyes like water. Her hair seemed the same color as the night sky. The king, who had noticed that his guest had his head in the clouds, tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. The thief smiled and continued with the conversation as if nothing happened, although he kept thinking about the young woman. After a night unable to sleep, the thief asked the king if he could call the palace maids. He needed to know who that girl was. The king, worried, thought that some of his maids had done something to displease him, so, as a reward, he let him choose the most beautiful maiden to spend the night. The thief, seeing that he would be rewarded, played along. But instead of one, he chose the 5 most beautiful maidens. A few days later, he was finally able to meet the beautiful lady he had seen in the garden. But it turned out that she was not a maiden, but the daughter of the king: Oasis. The thief, knowing that he could not approach her because of his position, decided to invent that he was a rich prince instead of a thief in order to convince the king to marry his daughter. He told him false stories for weeks, until finally, the thief asked the princess to marry him. The king, deceived from the beginning by the thief, decided to approve the marriage between his guest and his daughter, not knowing that it was all a lie. The wedding day has come. The streets of the kingdom were filled with petals and everyone was invited to the event. The ceremony ended and the feast finally came. The thief was now a prince and he was married to the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. He had it all... except the throne. He poured poison into the monarch's cup and waited for it to take effect. The scream of a servant was heard, and then the whole court and the guests began to run out of the palace shouting that the king had been assassinated. The king did not move, he stood still, sitting on his throne with his eyes wide open with blood, staring into space. The thief, now the legitimate king, ordered the guards to take Oasis to his room and prepare her for his honeymoon. He sent the maids to clean up all the mess and bury the dead monarch in some corner of the garden. Oasis was already in the royal room. Her dress had been removed and she had been wrapped in a thin layer of semi-transparent silk, easily revealing her entire body. The guards had locked her up and were awaiting the arrival of the new monarch. The princess couldn't stop crying. She understood that the man she had married was evil and her father had died because of him. Filled with anger and rage, she put on a maid dress and a cloak. She grabbed the luxurious sheets from the bed and made a rope with them to escape by the balcony. Oasis reached the ground safe and sound and began to run until she managed to escape from the kingdom. Disguised as a maid, she wandered disoriented through the desert. After many hours walking, in the distance she saw what looked like a merchant post. Oasis started running towards it with the little strength she had left. After a few meters, she cried out for help and fell to the ground, passing out. She woke up in a strange bed. Outside the small room, Oasis could hear people. Some drunk, others singing and others playing instruments. It looked like an inn. She left the room and the owner of the inn welcomed her. He told her that a merchant had found her unconscious and left her there, resting. Oasis wasn't able to thank the merchant that was long gone, but she could thank the owner of the inn. She worked as a waitress for a few weeks until she could pay him for the food and the room she had been using. After that, rumors started coming to town. A legendary hero known as Dragonborn had appeared in the province. Little was known about him, only that his combat skills were unmatched. Rumors also said that he was recruiting some mercenaries to go on a hunt for the dragons that had reappeared and were razing villages. Oasis thought it would be a good idea to enlist as a mercenary. She needed money and leave her past life behind, and whoever it was, that Dragonborn that everyone was talking about seemed to be her way out. Special thanks to all my supporters! >> Follow me on Instagram! << >> Feel free to join My Discord <<
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    So at 00:01 this morning my Phone gave me a notification stating: Today the 18th of June 2020 is Aria Lustfal Bal's Birthday
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    Greetings, dear traveler I am pleased to present to your attention the next chapter of the adventures of the ill-fated Sisters, Roses and the people around them! And hope you enjoy it. And why I wish you a pleasant viewing. ^_^ Your feedback, comments and ideas are always welcome. ^_^And may the force serve you well
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    Chapter 8 of Dark Ascension is being delayed but still finishing up some photoshopping before release very soon! One of the reasons of the delay was I got sidetracked and started messing around with Fallout 4 again for the past week or so. So here are some more screenshots to show off, with the first group being Fallout Screenshots I have taken recently and over the years! In addition, I also included some other Skyrim screenshots as well! 4th of July Inspired Fallout 4! Doc Crocker the "Perv" More Fallout 4 Screens Resident Evil: Skyrim Skyrim Pictures at AlterNative's "Karlov" Mansion Mod Older Skyrim
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    Special thanks to all my supporters! >> Follow me on Instagram! << >> Feel free to join My Discord <<
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    The priestess that conducted every ritual was said to have beauty beyond comparison.....
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    We rejoin Aerina heading back to Falkreath after exacting her revenge on the Orc. The two head up to point overlooking Falkreath where Aerina brings Astrid up to speed Bit of a shorter one, but as always, thanks for reading guys. Also taking a little opportunity to plug the screenshot blog. Just going to be a collection of screen shots and mini-stories which are not connected to this blog Thanks again guys! Aerina
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    My links: twitter.com/OogaBoogaSkyrim www.pixiv.net/en/users/55677240 patreon.com/OogaBoogaSkyrim subscribestar.adult/oogaboogaskyrim
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    Warning: Contains Sex
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    Hi Everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve done an update entry and I wanted to give everyone just a heads up of the direction I’ll be taking the blog in the next few months. Hard to believe 2020 is over halfway over! This year’s been a bit of a blur where I’ve mostly been stuck in front of a laptop indoors all day. I hope you're all taking care of yourselves. On with the Update! First, The Bad News: I’m shelving the Labyrinth, Inc story for the foreseeable future. I’ve struggled to find a way to turn it into a satisfying story. Many good ideas were generated around it and I would like to implement them in future stories. But I’ve been stuck in a cycle of coming up with an outcome to the story, then deciding it was horrible, and then analysis paralysis set in. To avoid being stuck under a Massive Writer's Block again, I'm shelving the story until the muse finds me again. I want to thank everyone who provided ideas for the story, I’m glad to have such an involved group of readers! Next, The Good News: With the other story shelved, I’ll be putting my time back towards writing Adrea’s Stories. She’s been sitting on the airship for far too long, and I’m very excited to get back to her story. She is the flagship of the blog and one I think I’ve been sorely missing in my story-telling. Also, I still plan on completing the Riften Vigilante Story. I’ll continue to update the story on the original entry until it’s done. Should be finished within the next two weeks. As a thank you for listening to my long winded update, I’ve created a bit of a game for you with Adrea. You’ll need: - A random number generator (Google’s works great) with the lower limit of 1 and the upper limit of 20. Throughout the story I’ll ask you to Roll. Use the randomly generated number and follow the instructions based on the number you rolled. Maybe something fun will happen if you can beat her! Hope you Enjoy:
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    sorry for being so quiet on loverslab lately, it was hard to even get this mod out cause of some personal problems and lack of willpower. hope you like this entry though, gif included 🙂 hope your all doing okay as well, i'd appreciate the endorsements and whatever on the mod as well. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/37926 thanks for looking truly yours daedal
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    Comic: Videos: Bonus: Clean screens:
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    Here's another catch-up post for you. Progress on all of this has been pretty haphazard thanks to all the ongoing real-life hassles (key people taking vacations while our work volume continues to be way more than we can actually handle really throws a few wrenches into things, you know), but I'm still plugging away at it. Although at this point the list of things that I need to finish but haven't had the energy to put the work into is getting uncomfortably long... Anyway, this is what I have managed to get done. We'll start with an update on those Vanilla clothing-based bodies I brought up last time. I showed in that post that there was a bit of a problem with the neck plate fitting onto the neck seam in the skin on the robes I was using, which confused me some. Well, I belatedly realized what was causing that. You see, I've known about this odd bug in the Creation Kit where if you have the CK open and then generate an outfit in BodySlide so you can create the armor entries for it and get it into the game, the in-game outfit's weight scaling won't work. Turns out the same thing happens if you move a purely Vanilla mesh into a different folder while the CK's open. It just can not, for whatever damn reason, parse the weight scaling on any mesh that wasn't in-place in the file structure before the program starts. So that was an annoying but easy fix... That I didn't actually realize was the issue until I had worked up a different fix, which was to replace the skin sections of those meshes completely. This was a pretty quick and straight-forward modification, just made by duplicating and enlarging the neck ring a couple of times, but I rather liked how it turned out. It also bypassed the whole issue I was having with reconciling the skin sections on those outfits with the alternate material bodies, which helps keep these suitable for the 'clothed statue' idea that was one of the main reasons I wanted to do these in the first place. This also led to me restructuring how these were implemented. Originally they were just direct, unaltered copies of the Vanilla meshes with the existing Doll Collar neckplate mesh seconded into the outfit, which led to me scrapping the Apprentice Robes there because they had some issues with the fit with the Doll hands and feet at the wrists and ankles. Since I ended up having to modify the necks of the College set as well- they have a tiny scrap of skin mesh at their collars that leaves a tiny space to be filled in after it's removed- there wasn't any good reason not to just go ahead and do the fixes there as well. So these are now wholly discrete models with their own proper weight scaling and integrated neck plates. Pretty much all I need to do with them is a few touch-up fixes and to build their ground models. Along with the ground models for everything else I've done recently. Those are a biiiiiiig part of the 'too much of a hassle to do right now' pile. A lot of what I've been doing instead could be charitably classified as 'play-testing'. The save with the Dunmer character that I've been using for a while had been getting increasingly clunky lately, so I took some time to pare out a few of the more script-heavy mods that I didn't really use all that much and start up a new character. I figured that since I needed to do that anyway I'd take the opportunity to fill in a thin spot in my NPC's racial representation and build a donor face for a new Automated Breton, as B17-1 up there was the only one I had. I did have a couple of Bretons that I had worked up while building faces for the Vanilla mask project, but I honestly didn't much like how they had turned out. Having to build to the restraints of the head frame for the swappable masks limited things a lot, and they came out a bit too generic-looking. Not having that particular restriction in this case, since I don't plan on building a swappable mask from the face, let me be much more creative in how I laid the face out. Especially as far as the eyes go, which I took as an opportunity to go Full Pixie. For the purposes of this run I'm not decking her out in the DMA parts and just gave her some simple Dwarven Augumentation modifications, as I'm also using her to test out some salvaging I've been doing from other mod outfits for personal use. But eventually she'll be added to the Automated roster as B6-13. (The Fair Skin makeup's nose shadowing always looks weirder in NifSkope than it does in-game, just ignore that.) Alongside of her I made some quick non-DMA Automated NPCs inside one of my personal-use mods to use for practicing in-world placement and follower recruitment, as I found that altering those on the DMA NPCs after I had encountered them in-game could be a bit iffy. I mostly took that as an opportunity to make Automated out of some faces that I liked but couldn't really use in DMA, such as some sourced from bandit expansion mods: But I also happened to include one sourced from a quick NPC I made to play around with Being A Cow, based directly on one of the wilderness encounter Dawnguard NPCs. She also happened to be the donor for one of the generic Redguard masks I made for the Vanilla set, as I rather like her face, but I hadn't included her with the batch of Automated I made from existing NPCs inside of DMA because I'm pretty sure that would require me to set Dawnguard as a master file, which I've been reluctant to do so far. Nothing says I couldn't just import her face like I have to do for the custom NPCs, though, and I might just do that because she is fun to have around. I carried on her previous version's cow-girl theme for the heck of it, with the horns and ears set salvaged from BaC, the Pony legs, and... ...the robotic tail, which I actually finalized a while ago but could never find a good space to wedge into these updates. It gets the improved base I showed before for the beast race tails and keeps the large cable element for the tail itself, but the simple sphere at the tip's been replaced by a more streamlined structure made from part of the Centurion bust decoration. The new tip ties the design together a lot better, and the base managed to work pretty well with the bikini bottoms here, as well as the bare Type XXX pelvises and even the robotic ones. I also added an extra little touch to that tail-base, mostly for the ground models but also for the little bit of exposure it gets when used with those robotic pelvises, by giving it something of a 'plug' at the end. So that whole sub-project is pretty much finished off, aside from, again, some small fixes and building those ground models. I really procrastinate on those, mainly because they're a total pain in the ass. Anyway, back to... well, another digression, actually. I'll bring it up now to explain why they're in some later shots, but remember how I've mentioned that the process for making an Automated's face can be applied to any female NPC with an exported FaceGen, including existing followers? I wanted to showcase that idea a bit, so I did just that. I figured that a good place to start was with someone who was already pretty on-theme, like Talyn here. Just make the alterations to her head mesh, go visit her in-game and... Okay, it isn't actually super noticeable on her at first due to her equipment and hair, but there's not much you can do about that initially. One thing you absolutely do not want to do is remove the hair meshes while making the alterations, however, as this will cause the game to stop recognizing the FaceGen mesh entirely in-game with various unwelcome results. So you'll have to modify that at the dressing stage after you recruit them along with adding in the head frame elements, which you can't do outside of the game without modifying the follower's .esp file. So for now they'll just have the creepy floating face, like this: Now for Talyn, she's already got a perfectly good cyborg body with a lot of fun things built for it, and I didn't see any reason to replace it with DMA parts. So she just gets a Doll Collar neck plate and a Live head frame. As you can see that still leaves her existing hair behind, which can be a bit of a problem as some hair sets aren't entirely suited for use in this context, which was a whole source of issues when I was working up the wigs. In this case the shaved sides don't quite work out, so for now they can be displaced with the Null hair set. The soul gem didn't quite feel on-theme for her character, though, so I swapped it out for the brain capsule, and gave her back her original neck support as it's a rather neat piece in itself. After that was deciding on a head covering: I settled on the crest, mainly because it offers a good view of the brain lights which pairs rather well with all the existing lights on her armor. So that works well, but in a way Talyn is a low-hanging fruit. She's already a Dwarven cyborg, this just adds to that a bit. So next let's look at modifying a completely random follower mod, like, say... This one. Here we'll do something slightly different and modify the head after encountering her in-game. The game doesn't freak out over texture changes on the FaceGen models the same way it does mesh changes, so it can change mid-save without any ill effects. The only downside to all this is that it requires editing the file outside of the game, so there's no real 'immersion' to it. That said, there was a mod posted recently that lets you change wig colors through an in-game interface that then somehow edits the mesh's texture settings outside of the game. I have no idea how it works or if the same process would be feasible for the changes needed to make an Automated's face, and certainly don't have the expertise needed to even try to implement it at this stage, but it's an intriguing feature. And if nothing else, that mod might be handy to have when I finally manage to get the DMA wigs out. But for now we'll have to do things manually, so let's finish off Rosie with her robotic parts... And then we'll set her up with something a little new. When I first showed off this Gigadeux-based set, I said that I was going to skip the pelvis as the model wasn't really set up for it. And, well, that's still true- there's no actual hips to it- but while poking around at it I felt that it would work out pretty well as a variant of the Gynoid pelvis design. It took a lot of futzing around and eventually turned into an almost entirely different piece, but it came out well enough. The mid-torso connection is new as the old one didn't quite fit, the number of inner cables had to be multiplied to fill in the visual gap between the belt and belly armor, and the Gynoid hip plates ended up getting replaced with a new design based on the Type XXX joint plates. Pretty much just the core structures and the butt and crotch plates are unaltered. And it also happens to work out pretty well with the tail: Once again, this still needs some final tweaks and to have its ground models made, etc. I sure am saying that a lot, huh? Now, to get this back on thread, let's return to Annabelle here. As I said, she has a 'cow-girl' theme going, so as part of that I kitted her out with the Variable version of the Milker chest and used SGO to get some expansion going. This is all well and good and exactly what the Variable chests are in there for, as it amuses me, but there's a bit of a problem with those modesty plates. The mesh they're made from isn't particularly high-poly, but they're tasked with covering a part of the body mesh that both is high-poly and is subject to a lot of potential changes with the BodyMorph system, so at high levels of expansion it's annoyingly persistent in doing this shit: I had thought I had ironed that out in this version of these, but I guess not. This is only a problem on the Variable versions, of course; for all of the Fixed Weight models I went through and fixed any noticeable clipping during the course of building them and they're not subject to any further morphing. But on the Variable versions there's just so damn many potential, um, variables that it's a giant pain in the ass to account for all of them. So Instead of trying, I decided I'd make a new modesty solution. The first thing I turned to was the cowling piece I used on the Meteor helmet, as it had a decent cup shape to it. A little bit of work later, and... ...Wait. This isn't modest at all! But I like it. The problem is that the morphs have certain points where they're particularly touchy. The nipples are some of the more complicated ones, especially the length and size sliders which can very easily produce clipping and distortion on models that weren't set up to accommodate them. The best way to start on that is by having an intersection of a decently high number of vertices centered directly over the nipple, but the only place with one of those on this mesh is at the point of the cowling. So it's barely providing coverage. But that does have its own appeal. It does have its own limits, though. Stupid-huge morphs can distort the ring element placed at the back to fill in a hollow on the cowling mesh, and very small morphs are not kind to it, as should probably be expected. It does pretty well on the middle sizes, though. It's also only really suited for use with the MC variable torso there. You can use it with the regular Doll chests, but it's just kinda hanging on. So I'm inclined to toss it in, but it's kind of a limited use-case and doesn't actually accomplish what I was looking for out of it. For that I had to turn elsewhere, which led to me brainstorming on places I could source a suitable mesh from. And that led me to someplace a bit unusual: The Dwarven Greatsword. This was a return to the pastie-style covering instead of trying to make a cup element, which I figured would work better with the non-MC torso applications, using the Greatsword's hilt decoration and pommel caps. They worked out pretty well; the hilt deco has a surprisingly high poly count, especially compared to the similar parts on the other Dwarven blades, while the pommel has an amusing design for the context and provides plenty of clearance over the troublesome nipples. Both of them took fairly well to the various breast morphs, with almost all of the points where it needed cleanup being at the very edges of the mesh where it contacts the skin. The actual results of the morphs can be a bit varied, but things mostly turn out okay. So all that was coming along quite nicely, right up until the point where I tested them in-game. You see, making armor parts out of non-armor meshes can be a bit... Fussy. Sometimes it turns out fine, sometimes the game will choke on them entirely, sometimes something weird and in-between those points will happen. This time we got the in-between. In this case, the parts just sorta flick in and out of visibility as the camera moves around. Get the camera at the right angle and they're perfectly visible, move it a tiny fraction and they vanish. It's super-annoying, but more annoying is that the only way I know of to fix it is by using the .obj-conversion method to remediate the meshes. Which is all fine and good, except that I didn't find this until after I had made all the fixes to the morphs in Bodyslide, and those don't carry over so now I have to do them again. Which I will do, eventually, because these worked out pretty well, but they're right there on the procrastination list. So that moves us on to my third choice, which ended up being something between the first two: the chassis piece from the Dwarven Sphere. This... Actually worked out a lot better than I was expecting it to. I was anticipating problems similar to the current Spider-based plate's, but it turns out that this piece has an acceptable poly count with an intersection of vertices in a reasonably useful place. Centering that over the nipple gives me reasonable coverage with just a tiny bit of areola peeking out at the edges for some risque flair. The mesh itself manages to cup the breast while only barely contacting the skin, which helps give it an amazing amount of leeway in conforming to the various morphs. Big, small, even some of the really oddball ones in the UUNP catalog, all but a few super-extremes work fine. Best of all, it didn't give me any crap in-game. I'm inclined to get all of these into the mod, but this is certainly the most successful. It manages to be both a cup and a pastie at the same time, so it looks good regardless of the chest it's used on, and its flexibility as far as the morphs go is a fricking blessing compared to the usual fussiness I have to deal with. These will still be somewhat limited in their use, though, as I only intend to include them as Variable versions. The Fixed Weight chests will have to make do with the Spider plates and the Edhildil bras, as adding four more coverings for each of them would add another big chunk to the mod's parts count. I'm already at three pages in AddItemMenu and I haven't even gotten around to putting in all the rubber Doll variants yet, guys. I've got to find some place to exercise restraint. Speaking of AIM, I actually have been considering some way besides it to get these parts into the game. Not crafting, setting that up is still too much of a giant pain in the ass, but probably something along the lines of chests placed inside the space I'm planning for the Automated NPCs. Working on that has been it's own headache, though. I've mentioned before that my first experiment involved duplicating a piece of Avanchnzel, but that had had some particularly obnoxious problems involving random things not rendering in properly, so that wasn't going to work. My next thought was that the NPCs would need something to do in the space anyway, so it would make some sense to use a location that was already set up with idle markers and the like. The obvious place to start there was with a Markarth interior, and that actually worked out fine. So I went ahead and tossed in a bunch of the NPCs I've done so far to test out their deployment. I found out a few interesting things while doing this. First, I can now confirm that the SoS keywords do apply properly on the torsos when the save doesn't have records of those items from before the keywords were added to them, as all of the panties and torsos equipped on these characters loaded without any complaints. This does mean that you're likely to run into the same problems I was having with them not doing that if you upgrade the mod mid-save, though. Second, is that when making these NPCs I really need to remember to strip out any location-specific AI packages left over from the original NPCs if I want them to stay put. I neglected to do that on the Automated Courtesan I made out of Windhelm's Susanna, and she promptly wandered out and managed to get herself killed by a nearby Forsworn. Although that does give me the opportunity to showcase what looting a dead Automated looks like. You can further loot the head frame as well, but that'll leave her face floating in space alongside the bare torso frame. The face and the torso frame are the only parts that are her actual 'nude' body, everything else is a piece of armor as far as the game is concerned. And a note about the hair; that clipping at the cheek seems to be caused by some neck weighting on the forelock reacting to the odd angle the head is resting at. In a normal position it doesn't so that. I don't know if the weighting there is really needed, but I'm also not sure if it's worth the hassle to adjust at this point... Anyway, the other thing of note is that the Markarth spaces turned out to be way too small for the number of NPCs I need to cram in there. I had only tossed in a handful for testing and it already felt cramped, and I've got a frickin' pile of them made up that need homes. One in-theme way to alleviate that would be to have them in the space but 'deactivated' in some way, to keep them from wandering around and getting in each other's way as they compete for idle markers. The ideal way to handle that would be something that could set the NPCs to act like mannequins until removed, like in the Cursed Mannequin Collars mod that I mentioned before, but that uses a complicated and somewhat limited quest-based method that I have absolutely no clue how to get working. Second-best would be something like the Draugr wall niche markers or the ones that ghosts idle in before they walk through walls, but I don't think there's any way to get those to work with non-Draugr or non-ghosts. I gave the latter a try, but nobody was interested in using them. Going through the Vanilla markers, the only one that seemed to provide anything close to the effect I wanted was the one for the door sentries at the Imperial HQ in Solitude. It isn't quite what I had in mind, as the NPCs still rotate through an idle pose and head-track so they don't really come off as 'deactivated', but it does seem to keep them in place from what I've seen so far. It may work as a good-enough solution. But even with that the space is still too small. None of the Markath interiors quite felt right, so started looking at other Dwarven spaces that already had some NPC use. Out of them, the most promising candidate for a donor is Raldbthar. It's a decent sized space with some variety to its rooms and nothing particularly obstructive. The only big change I had to make was that I'd pictured the Automated hangout to be in very good shape for a Dwarven ruin, which required me to clean up all the various rubble piles scattered around the place. But this also freed up more floorspace, so it's worth taking the time to do. The part that's really selling me on this is the large room just past the bandit-occupied area, though. part of what I had in mind for the Automated's space was that it would include the machine that created them in some fashion, but I wasn't really looking forward to having to build something that represented that. This room, however, is already set up to look like some kind of large mechanism. I did some more clean-up here and pulled some fences out to expose the structures at the side of the room; I'm thinking that those could be modified as 'outputs' for the DMA parts, with some ground models littered around and containers here and there containing the entire DMA stock. Similarly, the door at the back of the room is perfect for the exit of the machine that a freshly minted Automated would come through. Everything past that point is set up more as a standard Dwarven dungeon and isn't really as usable as the rest of the space, so I don't mind scrapping it in favor of a reconstruction chamber. It won't be functional, of course, as that would require a whole lot of things that I don't know how to do, but I am pretty set on it as an aesthetic element. This is as far as I've gotten with this so far, though. I still have to decide a lot of the details regarding how I'm going to kit out and populate the space, as well as where exactly the entrance to it is going to be. I've currently got the doors to all these test zones peppered around Deep Folk Crossing's upper area, but it's actually a bit of a pain to work with due to its navmeshing being rather spotty. What I'd rather like to do is to associate it with an existing isolated Dwarven surface ruin that doesn't have an established dungeon or Falmer activity all that nearby, but there's not a whole lot of those. I'd particularly prefer it for story purposes if it was in an unpopulated area, but that knocks out otherwise decent candidates like the Dibella shrine on the road to Markarth or the henge near Shor's Stone. Ones that get a lot of attention from other mods like Reachwind or the shrine in the mountains north of Whiterun are a bit iffy, too. Any suggestions as far as that goes would be welcome. One last thing to mention regards the voices for the NPCs I'm making. The Vanilla voice system has some obnoxious limitations where followers are concerned in regards to which voice types will actually work for follower dialog, which I ran into face-first here when I tried to use the High Elf voice for A5-16. This is an old problem, of course, and has long had a solution in the form of the Relationship Dialog Overhaul mod, but I had never bothered to use that both because I had seldom bothered with followers in my own games and because it has a history of conflicts with PAHE. Given this situation where I suddenly find myself building a whole mass of followers, however, it seemed only rational to give it a try instead of limiting my followers to a whole three voice types. The results have been fairly entertaining. They'll even play off of each other sometimes, which is pretty wild. So yeah, you can probably add that to the list of recommended companion mods when this stuff actually comes out. It certainly makes the whole thing work a lot smoother.
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    THE HANDY MAN /FM/ When Jessica's TV breaks down at the worst possible moment, she calls on the legendary handyman (played by Don Laramie) to fix it... and maybe while he's at it, he can "dust off the old cobwebs" too. Interaction: F/M Cast: Jessica Wilde, Don Laramie Runtime: 3m18s Release Type: Full Episode Public Release Date: 18 June, 2020 -SD- TVcinerotique_SD_movie03_the_handyman.package -HD- Available on Patreon (for "Subscriber" tier or up) -MP4- 1080p watermark-free mp4 available for download on Patreon (for "Collector" tier or up) NOTE: If you wish, you CAN mix the old HD and the new SD videos in the playlist. They work fine together. TEASER PREVIEW (it does not show the whole video): tbd.mp4
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    The screenshot released at the beginning of this year can be downloaded directly today. The shape is uunp Since the compressed package data size of kziitdxxtoolset is already large, the content released from now on will be separated from ESP The name kziitdfeitshset, followed by a specific name, may be in a later form. Lunafreya's clothing and character presets are obviously not suitable for this series, so they are not available for the time being. Because the automatic opening mouth of the gag device is a script started with kziitdxxtoolset2.0, it is a necessary requirement. It's easy to see in the blog, as well as the English version of ESP provided by others in the reply content. Whether it's the content of this time or the content of previous toolset, I have no opinion on the combination with DD, but I don't know how to do it. If someone can be willing and able to do it, I'm very welcome, but the fact is that at least in the processing of the gag device, DD's mouth opening script and I directly modify the preset tri of mfg expression system are two things. Breaking away from the ESP limitation of kziitdxxtoolset, I think the later content will be smaller and faster. Thank you for reading my online English translation. https://mega.nz/file/sdBFjAIa#Bo5P7yQPrY4HPrY1SX-hOKirdD6ISVD-bTYuvfUGo1U In order to make the wig part automatically become the color of your hair after the headband is put on, you need to install https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/100858?tab=description Otherwise, the wig is only suitable for the overall clothing color red and black style red.
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    Hi everyone. You have been missed very much. We returned yesterday from Barcelona, Spain where we have been last 6 months and where our daughter was born. I mean, Ivy’s and Prince’s daughter. She is absolutely gorgeous and she is beautiful as and angel. But, she is MINE daughter.😍😛 It is hard to tell whose genes she carries for she is a mixture of my Prince and my Ivy. I just logged shortly to inform you about our comeback. I have a lot of things to tell you and you can expect my dairy entry very soon. I apologize for being in a hurr but I really have no time. Talk to you all very soon. Big hug to all of you. Love you guys.
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    Full video: Comic: Video cuts: Bonus: Clean comic screenshots:
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    [Lore] As an Vampric Enforcer Mileena's role is simple. You step out of line and you'll pay the fine. The fine being your life of course.
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    Full video: BONUS:
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    Also subscribe to my twitter: https://twitter.com/OogaBooga1337
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    Valmyna First off, Mazkens can be found at the service of multiple Daedric Lords, not only Sheoggorath. Second, their physical form can vary, from dark-skinned humanoids to light-skinned winged ladies. Oh, and males exists too, but as rare as male ants. And just as useful. So, Valmyna. She's a mazken, dark seductress, dark seducer, whatever you call them, so, basically, an extra-dimensionnal being who has been summoned on Nirn by a powerfull mage to serve her plans. However, she thought she was invoking a Molag Bal's servants, she got a Sanguiyn one. Amused by such mistake, Valmyna kept serving her mistress (even if she hates her, Daedra being daedra, they always pissed off when they got pulled out of their home when they are cooking some delicious sweetrolls), by leeting her believe she is a servant of the corrupter. She's a master of Illusion and Alteration, she's always very polite, but also very manipulative, and always eager to please herself by altering reality and others minds. Just for fun. Body No, I didn't bought some undercover DLCs, just used a good old Succubus Race/Daedra Seducer. I took the choice of giving her some dark/blue skinned tone in the sake of exotism. Sadly, I was unable to give her a high-poly face ; every attempt I made, while looking good, made the game crash after few seconds. (A bit like my previous atempt to convert every character I made into followers) I've also tried to use Wraith Tongue with her, but damn, the models are so huge it barely fit between the lips without looking odd...The only screen I took that wasn't looking strange was to put at maximum both "Big Aah" and "Eeh" phonemes. Needless to say that it restricts a bit most facial expressions. While appearing mostly with a voluptuous body, keep in mind that she's an Alteration master, and a Daedra on top of all. Meanin that shanging her bodyshape. That also means... SURPRISE DICK ! Outfits Mazkens are not known to be prude. Be they half naked or completely, it's the same for them, so yep, basically, she'll be eager to wear anything that looks a bit sexy, provided that it's mostlyblack. Black looks so good on her. Daedric themed armors too. Screeshots Because many people just don't read ^^ Lewds Because this website isn't for tea party.
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    University Tales // Chapter 1 For the most part, Chase is the top line, Gideon is the bottom line.
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    Blog Overview Short Summary of chapter 8 My blog overview page provides summaries of previous chapters, backgrounds and characters summaries. It was recently updated with the events of chapter 8 including new characters, namely Hannah, Damon, Llaila and Amir Sehat. Of Blood and Pleasure on Flickr Twitter Chapter 9 Section 1 - Queen of the Night
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    Nyl Animation Awesome work Nyl_-_Sindel_and_Cassie.mp4
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    Full video: Comic: Video cuts: Clean screens:
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    We didn’t know what is happening at first since we didn’t watch the news often. We started to browse the web and we called our family in Croatia in order to find out what is going on and how they are doing. We relived when heard they were O.K. Than we learned that Corona virus is rampaging through the world killing old and those with low immunity. Italy and Spain had the highest number of infected and dead in the Europe. We started to follow the news. Very soon, my Fran called my Prince and me saying that we received the order from the government to close the Hotel. When he gathered e.b. we had emergency meeting over video conference. We had only two options: firing people or ask them to stay home with minimal wage until we would be open again. We decided to keep all the workers and we reduced our wages too. Unfortunately, some workers hoped they would have a chance to find a job in some other places so they resigned. But, they were wrong. Nobody could hire them because every segment of our industry was closed. So, we could keep only minimal number of the workers that worked in the Hotel except, receptionists and Hotel band. Nobody could tell us when we would be able to return home. Although quarantine was good for us for we loved to be together, very soon problems started. Mom Boss was very afraid for her life and for her husband so she panicked and became very restless. My Ivy and I were unsuccessful in trying to calm her down, and my Prince did it, but not always and not every time. She would cry uncontrollably and long constantly calling dad Boss on the phone. We had to call a local doctor to give her something for her nerves. And he did it. It helped but only by reducing the length and intensity of her panic. She completely calmed when Spain entered into phase 2 when we were able to move freely. Few words about us. My son is one year old now and he learned to walk, poop in the pot and he makes very short sentences. He loves when my Ivy practices martial arts with him. He accepted his sister and he loves her now. My Prince is still his favorite parent. Precious is 4 and a half months old. She is my angel. Very gentle and quiet, loves to smile and she rarely cries. I think she carries more of Prince’s character genes. I adore her. My Ivy and I quarreled about her month ago. All started when I was bathing Precious. I was telling her how much I love her and I said: “You gonna be my very intelligent and beautiful daughter. A true lady. Unlike your mom, Ivy and your brother Mikey who likes to fight, you gonna be a men’s heartbreaker. Your weapons wouldn’t be fists, but your beauty.” My Ivy heard my saying and before she said what she had in mind, she deep kissed me. Then she said: “I must disappoint you, Princess. I will not let my daughter to play with people just like they played with yours and Prince’s heart. You know how much you and he were hurt. I don’t want my daughter to be naïve and stupid as you were who jerks and idiots will use as they want. On contrary, Princess, I will teach her to never start fight or to provoke anyone, but I swear, she will kick everyone else’s ass if they try to hurt her in any way.” I looked at her with my eyes much opened being shocked. I reacted angrily saying: “You are very wrong, Ivy! I will not let you to turn my daughter into wild and rough warrior like yourself! …. ” She interrupted me raising her voice: “MY DAUGHTER, PRINCESS! She is my daughter, not yours!” Her words hurt me a lot. I felt like she stubbed a knife into my heart. My eyes filled with tears and I ran out crying heavily. She felt bad and she came after me. She hugged me and showering my face with kisses. She apologized to me saying that she didn’t mean it. I was hurt by her words that Precious is not my daughter. Technically, she was right, but as a love triangle, we never used terms like mine or yours, but ours especially when it comes to children. Something went wrong in our relationship and we didn’t realize that we became what we aren’t. We had a good and long conversation about it and she told me that I can do whatever I think is the best for our daughter for she has full trust in me. I gave up from idea to make her a heart breaker. But we agreed that we will teach her to be smart and intelligent and that she will be a true lady. Anyhow, my Ivy regained her slim weight and athletic body very fast because she practiced martial arts with my Prince and Silvano two times a day, swam in the sea, jogged in the mornings and evenings and lifting weights two times a day. She is even more hot an attractive than before. The second mistake I did was neglecting my Prince. I was very much into building my relationship with Precious and Mikey that I simply “forgot” about him and his needs for me. Even when we had 3 way sex. I was with my Precious in my mind wanting to hold her in my arms and to talk to her and kiss her all the time. One night I heard my Ivy comforting him on the beach saying: “Don’t you worry, my love, she’ll be back. She just discovered the parenthood in all fullness and glory and she is carried away. You know she loves you and me. She just need more time to put things back in order …” Oh, my god!!!! My Ivy opened my eyes and I approached to them. I kissed my Ivy and then I straddled my Prince. I showered his face with kisses saying how much I’m sorry for neglecting him. We started to make love and it was fantastic. My Price? He is a true angel. A man and a husband that every girl dreams about. He was very successful in his job and very respected by the people who co worked with him. Than a tragedy happened. He changed. No, he didn’t become evil and bad, but very quiet, often alone and mind absent. More about it after this story. One day we were all sitting on the balcony waiting my Prince to bring cold beverages and ice cream from the kitchen. Suddenly Ivy shouted: “Look over there. It is Malicija!” I expected to see some redhead female and I blasted in loud laughter seeing a red cow. The cow simply walked into our backyard. She was either lost or ran away from her shepherd. I asked my Ivy: “How come that you called cow Malicija the very moment you saw her?” She replied: “I don’t know, Princess. Maybe because I teased Trilog about Malicija being a shape shifter too often … “ So, my friend, Trilog, if my Ivy claims that she saw Malicija, who am I to oppose her. Now what happened to my Prince? He tried to reach his sister in Germany, but had no luck. He worried and he tried to reach his mother who didn’t reply on his calls. One day she just sent him SMS that his sister died in the hospital from Corona virus and that with her death she has no more children. My Prince was devastated. He cried for days. He couldn’t eat, sleep, talk … he was just like a zombie. We all tried to comfort him but had no luck. He spent hours with Mikey and Precious kissing them and loveyouing them. He was depressed for weeks until one day when he simply “returned”. But he wasn’t the same. His lovely smile completely disappeared from his face. He was gentle toward us, he loved us, but his soul was deeply wounded. He practiced martial arts even more and he lifted weights like crazy. Not to gain the muscles for he has them already, but to avoid emotional breakdown. Than the life played with my emotions. My dad and mom ended in the hospital for they were infected by Corona virus. I was down. I couldn’t talk to them for they weren’t allowed. My Fran, dad Boss and Zdenka regularly called me to tell me their state. I was relieved when they were set free to go home for virus retreated. But, all that period I cried a lot and I needed my Princes’ and Ivy’s comfort and attention. All in all, although we loved to be locked for 3 months in the house, it wasn’t easy. We all suffered in some way. When the borders open, we took the first flight and return to Croatia. We are aware that this summer season is financial disaster so we try to save what can be saved. We are very busy and therefore I kindly ask you to be patient little bit more if you don’t see us on LL for a while again. Love you all and thanks for reading.
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    It wasn't easy to edit and adopt my 6 months' diary. I had to divide it into 3 parts so it won't be too long for reading and I hope I didn't miss anything important. So here we go. How did we ended in Spain? Well, the story begins with arrival of Mister „XXX“ and his wife whom I will call Klara in this diary. When my Prince went to the airport with Dad Boss to pick them up before Xmas, we, ladies were very occupied with food making and other things. I was busy in the Hotel too. I was very happy that my Prince and Ivy will be with me on this Xmass. We had wonderful Xmas, got a lot of gifts (except my Prince) and enjoyed being together. Mikey got lot of new toys and clothes. Seeing Mister „XXX“ and his wife, Klara being very interested in Ivy's pregnancy and her baby made me very happy. Of course, Mikey was in the focus all the time and he liked it. Dad Boss, Mister „XXX“, my Prince and Antonio were often together having business meetings and discussions. Regardless that, my Prince always found a time for us no matter how tired or occupied he was. Two days before New year eve Mister „XXX“ said that he has surprise for us: we are going to Madrid in Spain to celebrate New year in the hotel that became his business partner recently where our men will have few business meetings too. He and the hotel will cover all expenses. My Ivy and I screamed in joy, but my Prince didn't like the idea. He didn't want Ivy to go because of her pregnancy and he wanted me to stay with her because he has to go for he has business meetings in Madrid. Hearing it, my Ivy and I „attacked“ him as angry birds because we wanted to see Madrid and to be with him. Very soon he withdrew saying: „You two are very crazy witches!“ We showered him with kisses and „love yous“. So, everyone except my parents and Zdenka went to Madrid. Although mom Boss wasn't invited to come, nobody could stop her from joining us. She said: „My duty as a mother is to be near my son and his son wherever he goes. You can't stop me. I'm coming and it is final.“ We knew that there is no discussion about it for she enormously loves my Prince and our son. My Fran was happy for us and he was a little bit said too for he wanted to see Madrid. Arriving at the airport guess who was main attraction? My Prince and Ivy,of course. Because they are tall and blond. Males looked at me but only because I was tall. They have millions of Latino girls like me in their country. I was surprised seeing that most Spanish people aren't tall. Average height is 150-155 cm. Anyhow, we loved the hotel and Madrid. Guess what we, ladies did while our men had business meeting? SHOPPING!!! Yes, and we looooooved it. My Ivy and I held hands all the time and we smooched often. We were surprised seeing similar males and females homosexual and lesbian couples doing the same on the street without fear and shame. We were told lately that it is normal in Spain and that unlike Croatia, Spain is more tolerant and liberal country. My Ivy and I were very happy to hear it. My Ivy and I understood Spanish because it is very similar to Italian unlike my Prince who didn't show interest to even try to speak. The only Spanish expression he liked was: „Madre mia!“ which we heard all the time and everywhere. So we translated to him. Anyhow, what kind of business our men had? My Prince was present on the meetings of Mister „XXX“ as the one who has nose for sensing dirty playing and tricks. He also helped Antonio to establish his security office in Madrid. My Prince was appointed to find and recruit right people for the agency. So, men were occupied by business and ladies were occupied by having fun. We had excellent New year celebration. I was with my Prince, Ivy and Mikey and I was happiest woman in the world. We returned to our country on 5th of January this year bringing dozens of gifts that we got and for our family and friends. Mister „XXX“ and his wife, Klara flew to the States from Madrid. She is also very nice and intelligent lady who didn't like seeing my Ivy and me smooching sometimes but she was polite and cultural. Coming home from the Spain we were very busy making various documents and permission for Spain such as caring gun license, authorization for presenting Antonio's agency, documents for Mikey and so on. Plus we had a many meetings for organizing Easter and other things in the Hotel. My Prince promised Antonio that he will help him in establishing his branch in Madrid and Barcelona. This time Antonio and dad Boss couldn't come along. My Prince knew that he couldn't stop my Ivy and me in joining him so he didn't even try, but mom Boss determined to come along. So they quarreled. My Prince capitulated when she used most powerful woman's weapon: tears and sobbing. I knew the game she was playing but I simply let it go for I knew how much she is crazy about my Prince, her son. So on the 20th of January, we flew to Madrid again. It will continue.
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    My links: https://twitter.com/OogaBoogaSkyrim https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/55677240 https://subscribestar.adult/oogaboogaskyrim https://www.patreon.com/OogaBoogaSkyrim
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    Danael Danael is the stereotypical Bosmer who fulfills every clichés you could find on them : Cute, gullible, somewhat stupid, loves every piece of grass she can find, and of course, cannibal. Well, not really the las one in fact, after all, only the extremists still applies the laws of the green pact literally. Body Nothing much to say here, except that she's covered with freckles. I love freckles. That looks so cute. I've somewhat struggled to find an equilibrium between body marks and free slots to apply future changes and slave tats for he stories she'll appear. Oh, and I use Charmers of the Reach for the face ! Outfits Didn't knew what kind of Outfit she could wear without looking too cliché. Then, I decided "Heck, fuck it !". Then, it's Woodland Priestress and DX Druid Armor for her ! Cliché she will be, and cliché she will look like ! Pictures
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    Hi there, I've been a bit busy this week, so the next character is not entierly made yet. So to avoid an empty week, I've digged a bit to get some old screenshots I've made a while ago. Have a nice Week-end !
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