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    More progress: Base head is a modification of the horse head. Morphs are the horse's morphs, touched up for the new shape. Nostrils are substantially reworked, and there are a few different options for them. There will be a wide variety of horns, including antelope and goat (yes, I said goat). Probably not including moose because they're more like cows than deer in overall shape. Or maybe I'll put the moose in because. Likely I'll add some giraffe horns since we have the overlay. I already made a wide, flat nose for that. Horns have a poll to blend them into the skull. That will be more important for cow horns because they stick out to the side more, but I think they make these look better too. They're not picking up the skin tint for reasons I don't understand but I'm assuming I can fix that. Gonna be some beard options. I thought I might do that for the horses but didn't get to it. These have some roman-nose options that will make perfectly decent goats tho, so they need beards. Still need hands and feet, and a white belly texture. And dicks, I suppose. Females are likely to be a very minor variant on males. There's already enough variety on shape so you can have a softer or more angular look.
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    Thank you very much to all of you. I'm still bit in a hurry but I promise, I will reply to your PM's and your post as soon as possible. LOVE YOU! 🀎
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    Damn! Hot as fuck. But wow, this is not a dick he has, this is a bludgeon! LMAO!
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    Haha, . Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you! There was a time during chapter 5 where I wanted to do much more with Valentina, most likely together with Nora. Sort of the a bit younger shyer vampire that secretly is into her "boss". Nora of course aware of the situation plays with that and eventually some sexy time between them. But at some point I decided that Nora shouldn't have sexual relations with literally everyone at her court, especially not with the female ones. So I put Valentina aside and made Kristoff a one time thing to have the whole court thing be a bit more realistic. But here everything just fell into place and Valentina is needed as a catalyst for Hannah's development. Yeah... I wasn't sure either. The outfit is technically too revealing for an every day outfit but not revealing enough for something she'd wear during a sex scene. I first used it for a Lenora scene in chapter 10 where it fits much better and later wanted to use it for Nora as well... but yeah, I agree in principle. Yeah, agreed, one of the many advantages of being dead already. Thanks! She's not converted or anything, but she definitely got a push in that direction.
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    Thank you πŸ˜€ Im glad you liked it πŸ€— πŸ˜„ Well Hamal asked to show mercy, but she kinda ended up doing the opposite... Indeed, it seems she can affect it, but Host not seems like that. πŸ™‚ Thank you 😁 It got lessen, cause Tormenter's work got a bit interferred, someone or something spit on his soup when it comes to Gwynolda.. the thing you refer as Champion. Its a battleground after all, Gwynolda is not easy to scare or break, cause she more or less prepared compared a normal person, she more or less shrugged off the demonic rape as some nightmarish thing, then something actually happened. Tho she pretty much hated it. Its make sense the Tormentor alters his strategy to hurt and torture her, showing himself only made his work harder, since Gwynolda aware of him now. Now the vampire infected scenario meant to mess with her, get her emotionally distressed. Gwynolda due her past naturally rebellious against anything what Hamal suggest, for reasons we know, she see her as heretic and a person who made her life hell. As for the other entity, the guard, she didn't saw too much reason to execute someone who might be not turned, when she can merely cure it. Neither method was supposed to be effective, entire scenario was to choose bad choices to resolve it. The person not even reacted at her, and she kept a distance just in case, but results was not what she expected and put Gwynolda in distress and shock and demoralise. This is not a divine trial, its a nightmare by a very being who want torture Gwynolda πŸ‘Ό
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    Thank you, Drunna! Strangest thing about the drums. I also kept hearing those while doing the first few screenshots πŸ€” Must be a coincidence! πŸ˜… Kiki is great at breaking 4th wall and just generally traveling through all my stories. The staff at the end is the skull of corruption from the vanilla game. I just upgraded the graphics a little (ok, a LOT) and now it finally looks pretty menacing. I really like the design as well. It's just the right amount of creepy. I'm glad you enjoyed this little episode! ☺️ No truer words have ever been spoken. I am now doing backups of backups! πŸ˜‚ Thank you, Res! πŸ€— Yes, I generally tried to improve the visuals while still keeping previously used ENB so my overall style could stay the same. I toyed with an idea of changing it, but I think if I suddenly went for a more somber and darker look my stories just wouldn't feel right. And yep-yep, I'm back to writing my completely lore-friendly (well, they are lore-friendly in my book at least) tales. 😊 Hehehe, thank you, Colly! It was either "Hey guys, so I broke my Skyrim" post or this. I figured if I'm going to explain why most of my stuff now looks so different I might as well make something fun in the process. πŸ˜… The frustration levels were no joke, though. I even dipped into my secret stash of chocolate chip cookies at some point! And those were supposed to be for emergencies only 😱. And new stories are already in the making! πŸ˜‡ Thanks, Jayomms! I know I said it before, but I really enjoy your little Sheogorath/Jay-omm snippets and commentary. They are absolutely great! πŸ€— Thanks, DJ! ☺️ Skypocalypse was a bit scary. But everyone pulled through alright. As a result of it, some of my characters are on a well-deserved vacation right now. The new (and old) stories should be able to cover for them, though. πŸ˜‡
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    Playing with facial expressions can lead to weird results...
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    Damn! Really great entry. The action was well shot and exciting and the stakes coming up in the end were intense! I love how these have been ending lately. There's solid conclusion with a bit of mystery for what's coming. Excellent!
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    Good work This one scene reminds me of Farnese de Vandimion from BERSERK
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    I must agree with Collygon here, you played excellently with Abigail's constantly changing fate, the perspective of a gory outcome being only better highlighted by her bravado and Hella's whereabouts. Graphically this is still a treat in terms of coloring, posing and effects, with the teleportation subtly intertwined with the legs, and Mora's eye into Hella's being two great examples. The fight between Sinetica and her felt like losing a bit in clarity, but still quite mesmerizing. Scenario-wise, you combined quite well the different plots, though Hella's behavior still doesn't really aligns with her displayed loyalty to Gwen. Nice sensual additions to all of that, and a special note for the humorous behavior of Emma. Good layout as well (Abby's wake up was creatively smart), though one or two images felt a bit overloaded with text. And I didn't notice grammatical mistakes this time. Great entry ! πŸ‘Œ Malicia : Β« Even though she's blond, Emma looked very intelligent. Plus she likes cookies and teddies, so she must be a very good person, yes. Β» Malicia : Β« You very don't want that, Mr Collygon. 'cause if she did, there'd be blood everywhere, just like in Nora's house, with people drinking it like Coca cola cans. Β»
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    Thank you for the kind comment, Aylis. I agree, it is a huge pain but it does feel very nice once everything works the way you want. Congrats on updating your FO4, by the way! πŸ€— 🀣🀣 You've captured the feeling of reintallation perfectly!!! I don't think I've gotten to the masochistic side of it yet, though. I'm more in the " Oh gods, please just work already!" state. πŸ˜… Thank you for the words of encouragement! I'll try not to delay the next story too much. πŸ˜‡ Thank you for the kind words, Tirloque! I use separate profiles and separate saves for any scenes that have a jaxxoned surrounding, so nothing overwrites them (and in cases of smaller scenes I simply delete the save afterwards). Skyrim SE still lacks many of the more refined textures and ENBs that can be found for LE, but it's slowly getting there. With this new setup I was picking something that would provide pretty screenshots for storytelling while still allowing me to actually play the game (so nothing overly bright/dark/blurry etc). You're right about a plethora of new characters. πŸ˜… This is one of those moments when I'm glad that my blog is called " Skyrim's misAdventures" and not "Kiki's Tale" because it definitely looks more like a collection of various stories. I would love to be more organized and disciplined in my writing like most of the authors here (you and the chronicles of Mereth, Crw and the naughty nuns, Alter and gorgeous Nora, Spy and Cassidey and many, many others) but I tend to be inspired by the most random things so at best all of my tales are just somewhat loosely connected. 😏 Still, I think as long as they are fun for me to make and entertaining for the readers to follow along it all works out. πŸ€— Dear Malicia, Kiki is definitely very intelligent and pretty, just like you! And she told me that you have a great culinary taste because you also like cookies! I don't think Mrs Eira and Mr Cyrus would be able to marry, because their bosses wouldn't really approve of it. But because of their accidental binding they will be stuck together for some time, so we'll see more of their adventures at some point. πŸ˜‰
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    Vigilante! Really looks great. The bandits are caught, the beautiful ladies are freed (mainly from their constraining and stylish clothes) ^_^ Well done! Looking forward to the second part?
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    Update: added @firepunch1's Critterfix idea (seems to prevent a few CTD on my game in wilderness cells) removed DT3 because I can't guarantee it doesn't cause CTD on save if saved in an unlucky moment (while it is still calculating => causes SKSE save game to bloat, thus causes endless saving process), DT3 will be back in my other blog: LOL removed MMG's experimental SL default animation replacer. It was preventing SL to register all creature animations and caused it to re-register creature animations on every load. This happened after updating to MNC SLAL v12.08 on a new game. removed factoryclose SLAR modified version as download, because: YARRRR YARRRRRR. Newly added link works too tho. repaired most mod author name links, guess I missed one or two > next update: overworking AIO-P entry and highlight the advantages of overwriting AIO-P with Bazinga's AWESOME Naturalistic JiggleWiggle! Why OH why didn't I try it earlier >.< > adding one more DDi 4.3 patch @Zaflis pointed at EDIT 01: I need an alternative to CPU's MCM sorting tool, don't be shy and post what worked for you. Don't get me wrong the tool works fine if it is configured right at an early stage. Playing around with the LO later can make issues tho.
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    Malicia : Β« She got nice boobies surgery, yes ; but if the was very beyond comparison she wouldn't hide her face under a hood, you see ? Β»
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    It's very much an intentional nod, yes! πŸ˜› Although, there are reasons it's named the way it is which will become clearer in due time. I'm definitely heavily inspired by ASOIAF in more than just the title, but I did actually put quite a bit of thought into not straight-up copying any plot lines. Some things will be similar (that lady dabbling in zombies that the elves are after might be important to the overarching plot.. πŸ˜›), but I'm mindful to not be too derivative either. Thanks! The Battle of the Red Ring is a real battle from TES lore, I just read about these things cos I never actually play this silly game. King Olaf is real too, but everything else about the swords and those book titles is made up. My intention is always to mix actual lore with plausible details that Bethesda didn't build on for various reasons, there will always be something I leave out since the lore is actually quite huge, and I'm sure someone very familiar with it could tear is all apart, but what I'm looking for is plausibility more than anything else. I think Balgruuf is edited by "Ultimate NPC Overhaul II" which for the most part is pretty amazing, editing a lot of other people too like Idolaf, Jon, Olfina, Alfhild, as well as a whole bunch of those spectators who are actually NPCs from all around Skyrim, it edits like 500 NPCs or something. It's pretty great! I'm doing some edits of my own on Olfina now (since she's about to appear in the 3rd and last part of this chapter) but they're pretty small since I'm quite happy with the original too. It's true that Balgruuf looks a bit like an actor in a shampoo commercial, but for this Balgruuf I think it works because he's definitely more on the vain and proud side than the 'kind of generic but effective ruler' that Bethesda seemed to be going with. There will be more development of him in the future, I felt his portrayal was pretty bland (honestly, a lot of the game's characters are that way) and I'm looking for something more nuanced, we'll see how he works out. πŸ˜› The bard, though I won't say more on her now, will actually have her own chapters, so she's a little more important than she might first seem. 😏 Also, if anyone's really a fan of her and wants her in their game, she is actually from a rather popular follower mod, I'm surprised no one recognized her. I did turn her into a player preset and edited her a bit with sculpt, but my changes were really minimal. She can be found here. As for the 'usual LL entertainment', I have to say that I am considering certain scenes in that vein both for characters we've seen and some we haven't yet, but for me it's a fine line between an erotic story and a story that happens to have eroticism in it. Both kinds can be fun, but I'm aiming for the latter, so I'm mindful of doing lewd and salacious things just for the sake of titillating any audience. There will be lewdness at the 'correct' time. πŸ˜› They are quite silly, aren't they?! But Olfina is quite something, you'll see soon enough!
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    New CBBE Conversions as of 5/28/2020:
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    Development Update Been a while since there was a development update. The whole world situation absorbed me. But things are back on track and I'm working on the quests and finishing up on 5.3. Make sure to check out and subscribe to the Official Companion Ivy Youtube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzTRb8ab9ZjK46X63Mtbluw It will introduce bug fixes and some minor additions, such as Ivy's own personal terminal, inside the root cellar, which will wirelessly update as Ivy travels with you, with her thoughts about you, your adventures and places you've visited together. It will be released when it's good and ready. ❀️
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    Epic effects and choreography!! And of course super hot ladies! Your blog never ceases to amaze πŸ˜ƒ
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    I don't know if it'll be like that for all your entries, but the bit of story/introduction wasn't that bad, with a pleasant tanned character to go with it. She looks more mixed blood Caucasian-Black than Asian though, but that's minor. πŸ™‚ Much appreciated gesture.
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    🀯 You guys are Alive! Welcome back I've been so worried with all the craziness going on and all.... So Spain huh So your Daughter is a Spaniard then being born in Spain Barcelona or was she born when you guys came back? My Great Grandparents were born there in Barcelona so I have relatives there I've never met or heard of. I'm so relieved to read about you guys return and thank goodness you guys are alright. πŸ₯³ I have been busy on my stories and have released quite a few chapters since the start of you guys vacation.
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    Share whatever you deem worthy on doing so. That's what your blog is for. Might be no helping feedback coming back, might be helping just to write it. Who knows. Get well soon. Stay safe. You know the drill.
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    Do'Kara had one on too at the beginning of the story. But he lost it by the end. Hope he finds it again... Illysa will be angry if he can't.
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    27 FPS for one character, your computer is taking stock of the challenge ! ANyway, most are great screens, yet as non story ones we don't have the pleasure of seeing what's next ! Most of them are good, though the US patriotic vibe of the first one seems to be a classic in FO4. Special mention to Jenna's "Resident Evil Skyrim". And here are those I like the most, in terms of immersion, still storytelling, and graphical quality :
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    Wow! I see you did an update! Great job, and great idea with 30 days challenge! But I’m not completely sure that it’s worth using the same entry for new chapters and all that... But I definitely like Illysa and her style. ^_^ What can I say, a cat person Pretty hot sex scene and interesting outcome ^_^
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    Great shots! I hope we'll see more of her in the future!
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    I'll definitely do a Tommy side stripe. Anything more than that I'll likely leave to you.
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    Thanks again for your feedback. I think I know what you mean with tenses usage/concordance. It's not always easy to decide what past tense to use. I hope my three stories offer some freshness. Sandra and Becci are both still very young and need to find their place in the world. So, I won't say they are strong at the moment. But hopefully my writing will let them become strong. πŸ™‚ Bruce already had something to learn in his life. Now he is starting another period of his life that will hold new challanges for him and hopefully make him even stronger. My overall target is definitely to tell a meaningful story that also has some adult content. I don't want to show you some adult content that also has a little bit of background story.
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    Thanks! I'll just port it myselves, it's a one click solution for a mod like this. Thanks.
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    Just found your story. Enjoyed part 13 and will read the other parts also the next days.
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    Reading this now makes my post at your -alternative to cash- thread somewhat redundant as i see you're already planning some personality feature, but i am more confident now that you'll actually like my suggestions there. One deal i though about was some other kind of BiS awareness - your follower wants you to be clean. I thought about - Stage 1. You have to bath regularly. - Stage 2. You have to bath regularly with soap. Becoming filthy results in punishment. Depending on willpower you might argue that you didn't have soap and get some for more debt? -Stage 3. Your follower wants to be clean as well. You need to bath regularly with soap and clean your follower. Not too sure about the last one, i do believe there is something that could be used as an animation for that by Rohzima, something like a massage? I could be wrong about that though. In case of doubt, any oral animation might work... but i'm also not sure if you could manipulate BiS to get your follower actually clean afterwards. To maintain compatibility with your original idea and other deals - you can beg your follower to restore cum layers after washing. Depending on circumstances (like personality?) he may do it himself, whore you out, point you towards some creatures or even pay another NPC to do it - which adds to your debt of course. Or maybe offer all/some of that and depending on willpower, you can chose one. *Edit: Stage 1 is a bit unclear, because... i couldn't really decide. I guess you could change it to Stage1: must not be filthy Stage2: must not be dirty But... it seems a bit too much to me. Could still handle it via settings, though. And... i don't really like the dead weight thing. Only to be able to walk for an entire week sounds... quite tedious, and imho it somehow conflicts with your statement that slowing the PC down for longer times isn't really the best idea. My idea when i read the name was rather about something else... Dead weight: Your tits (ass/belly?) must be above a certain value. You are allowed to ask for lactaid regularly (and other options like eggs?) - which will add to your debt. If you either don't have MME or don't want that, you can ask for implants/magical shape change, which will be permanent, then, though. Or maybe it requires a task/gold/both to change it back.
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    Hm, do The Elder Scrolls and The Sims share the same world? Interesting thought. Maybe some Daedric Prince created the Sims for his entertainment... In case of doubt, it's always Sheogorath. πŸ˜„
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    Yeah, that's what I meant. The tool I use is not smart enough to put the words / phrases into context. And I am not (yet?) experienced enough to recognize it myself. Let me think about if I want to change something on the way I review my work...
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    Here She is, hope you like it
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    Even voice acting..... I'm addicted to Otylia and can't wait to get more contents of her from you, they are amazing! Those blogs really aren't long enough...
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    Alot of time when testing we Add a 0 to indicate that it's an active Work in Progress. 5.2.04 is the Beta. 5.2.4 is the final. The next update is 5.3 Lots of cool stuff added. Reg can't help himself While on Discord feel free to hang out, Share some Screenies and join in the general shit posting we tend to do. Is a fun little place
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    ... she burned the one she was supposed to cure? ... and in the end she's doing Hamal's bidding. Evil
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    This is how all blog updates should be done! Sucks to hear you had to do a complete reinstall. I have somehow managed to avoid needing that so far, so I can't imagine the frustration. Very excited to see the new stories in your beautiful, revamped Skyrim
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    Yay! My favorite kind of entry
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    Quite common amount of URLs outside of LL, though I still wonder what had happend and if that's the real reason. πŸ€” In LL I remember a blog with an immense number of links to SL animation gifs. I will watch out for it again. Using many spoilers is the obvious technique that comes to my mind. πŸ€” We have blogs with > 200 pictures that are links to external picture sites. Other idea: if you structure your huge list it into N sections you could do N single blog posts in the same time. You could use the sidebar trick to have it as a navigation bar. Like I did here: Update: the more that I think about it, the more I like the N blog posts solution. Easier to maintain the lists for you, and much more reader friendly for people like me
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    Thank you, I redid almost the whole first chapter of my blog, as I was not liking the scenes and the entry it provided. Part of it was Section 2 and 3 that badly needed a replacement. That's the reason why there isn't a legacy version. The old version was basically, Nora get's the letter from Harkon to kill a necromancer, as soon as she finds him he controls her mind (necromancer and Nora is undead) and rapes her a couple of times. There was also some sex with a gargoyle that eventually frees her and rapes her again. She flees to a nearby cave where she-.... gets raped again, this time by some evil vampires. Eventually she falls to Blackreach and becomes the falmer of section 4. While I know that some people enjoy this kind of rape content (The entries were quite popular despite the low image quality.), it wasn't something I wanted to support and be associated with. Especially when it's the entry to my blog, which is completely different than the typically helpless girl getting raped over and over again (as in some other stories or posts). Back when I did this I was following what was popular on LoversLab, but eventually I found my own style of story and got more and more disgusted by the old entries. That's why they had to go. Also, there is still some/ rape and or forced sex in this blog, but (imo) the framing is much different. (See something like 2.6, 4.6, 1.1, or the most recent one 6.2). For example there is almost no physical violence involved, it plays more of the vampire seduction trope. Also female enforced sexual content is perceived differently than male enforced one (it shouldn't be, but it (still) is . Also this whole vampire seduction thing can be seen as forced sex, but that is applicable to a lot of vampire stories). Also bestiality is also something I don't like to support (even though I have two entries now that do that, but they'll stay the only one. The whole panther thing was just to well of a fit (match ?) to miss out on it), in both entries the panther added more than just the sex itself. So... it's gone for good and there won't be a legacy version. The lightnings are custom objects placed in the background, using some images I found on Deviant Art.
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