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  2. no worries, I don't care about the dogmeat anymore, I still don't get why the penis is missing and kinda ruined my immersion but whatever... AND I found out that Legendary armor is the one that make my game crash everytime AAF undress and redress! note this if u have problem with it too. I'm using the 10% less VATS thingy for every part of my armour, I guess that's the problem.
  3. I mean that your mod SexLab Disparity can NOT be broken when move it in the load order in any way. None mod is broken when the load order is changed. The game not show any warning when the load order is changed because the game can change the load order in any moment whitout any problem. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/119750-change-the-load-order-in-the-middle-of-the-game-without-removing-mods-is-a-problem/ That rule has nothing basic. Is an invention from people that not know what are saying. Is not supported by any technical data and none web page say nothing similar. Everyday a lot of persons run LOOT for change the load order and that not break the mods or the game or the savegame. Another diferent things are the VMAD records and seems that you do not know what they do and how the game process it. You must read the documentation and make your own test for learn WHY we need a clean save. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Save_Files_Notes_(Papyrus) That mean that if the savegame have stored the value of the property the game read it from the savegame. Only the new instances of the scripts get the new value from the ESP. If the script is already instantiated the value of the properties come from the savegame. That is by desing and have very good motives.
  4. would be awesome if it came in same color as the skirt from forest nymph outfit
  5. u mean add belly bones to CBBE Special?Download CBBE Physic SSE Modified file
  6. If its so likely to upset some people, then you DEFINITELY need to tell them what it does. People would be a lot MORE upset if ending up experiencing something they dislike just to see what you does than if straight out TOLD what this potentially upsetting feature is...
  7. GRANTED! what you've come to discover is that undead is the same as alive. I wish my patients had the courtesy to call and cancel their appointments rather than just not showing up.
  8. I feel like you just keep getting better and better! I love the "you are mine" sequence, I'll be using that one a bunch Thanks for all your hard work!
  9. other mods shouldn't directly call for an animation, they use tags. And especially not if the animation is that unpopular you'd want to remove it. From what I know positionData is just the naming in the list when you open the menu ingame. When you remove it from positionData you remove it from the ingame list. The files are still there
  10. Works in SSE (just unpacked the BSA) along with the SE version of Hentai Pregnancy. Kids born have the brown face bug, though. Tried with both the RS and TK versions of plugins, same issue. Not sure why, checked in SSEEDit, everything seems to be in order (nothing being overwritten) and all the texture paths seem to be pointing to the right places. Worked just fine for me in Oldrim. Probably something very obvious I'm missing.
  11. I would like a mod where Ms Landgrab's large boobs fall when she takes her top off. No way can they stand up like that under the force of gravity on their own. Yeah, bouncing boob mod is epic! As is, Wicked Whims is either Incest is just regular sex, or Incest is not an option and possible only if BOTH related sims have the reward trait, then it's just like any other sex again. I liked the way it was done in Sims 3 Kinky world where the sexual arousal had to be a lot higher than normal before they'd resort to incest. I was kinda freaked out when my sim was visiting the Goth family and Morty started banging his own daughter. Please! Not while he's still married to Bella, there's just no contest there! I just don't believe it. The polyamorous reward trait, like the incest trait and the switch, should also just be a matter of high enough arousal and require no special switches or reward traits. Just make the gate really high, so a sim with beguile, sexually attractive trait, and the vampire alluring visage would be the only sure way to get a threesome going from a cold start, so to speak. I want a sex skill. Makes no sense to me that there is a skill for exhibitionism but not sex. Should be a book too. I learned a lot from a book irl. Sex Skill should be separated into "man pleasing" and "woman pleasing" cuz different. More moodlets please, even if they don't do much, it should describe the sex.
  12. Thank you! Is there any chance there's a preview of the various mods?
  13. Maybe your problem is not exclusively the skeleton and you can have a problem in HDT. Try reinstall HDT Physycs Extension, reinstall the body model and run BodySlide.
  14. Been meaning to update the blog for a while, as there's a handful of photoshoots that were missing from it, so I might as well get the job done once and for all. Next up is another small(ish) set with Kara. I had been working on some random outfits based on certain characters, and while I lack the assets (and skills) to replicate them in Skyrim in a remotely acceptable way, I didn't want to let all the work go to waste, so I opted for having Kara do a cosplay of them instead. Getting her to shave her mane and dye her fur is pretty much the best I can do race-wise, so might as well have a proper reason for it to be so limited, lol. First up is her best impression of Bailey from Housepets!, in her iconic teal bandana and not-so-iconic white hoodie. And second set is Skye from Amorous, doing her own Renamon cosplay. Which means this is Cosplay2, I guess. Yeah, let's be honest, that's just Kara wearing (a bad knockoff of) Skye's cosplay outfit. Yellow fur dye only goes so far, what can I say. (PS: Skye best girl)
  15. I created that folder. That is my NIF - i made copy of the original (as i mentioned in one of my previous posts) so i can edit it as i need to. Well of course! where else would you want me to post it? into Fallout 4 section? The SSE section does not have a forum for requests or questions like this. No, it cannot be the culprit, because i am not using some other NIF, i am using my own NIF, and i already told you that billboard has nothing to do with the shadow. Honest question: do you even have the slightest clue about any of this? Maybe you are trying to help, but nothing you are saying makes any sense in given context.
  16. Hi Kimy, thx so much for the recent updates- the prison is absolutely fantastic- looking forward to more kinks and punishments getting added :-). I was curious about something I read in the patch notes for 8.1 about "the upcoming DD Furniture mod" this does not refer to this mod: " is it? And if not could you please provide some details what you are referring to maybe link to a page if it exists? Very much appreciated.
  17. GRANTED! You've been framed for killing thousands and are now locked up in maximum security solitary confinement cell, you now have all the time in the world! I wish I was undead...
  18. So far after 3 hours of play the stretching has not reaccured after leaving original horse gear in convenient horses. will post again if it occurs at a later date.
  19. Latest update: I finally made it work, after changing some settings in FNIS patches. So I'm good for now :). Thanks for your help.
  20. awwww sorry, that comment would leave a lot of people like what? It's just a game! True, but again might sound crazy but I've become quite attached to some of my sims. In a healthy way I really did feel a little sad and gutted when the grim reaper took away one of my favorite sims for the first time. But now of course with help of forums and blogs the members there have told me how to bring them back.
  21. No, but it's still not working in game, for some reason. At this rate, I'm never going to have Proper Male Everis Hermaphrodites TM or Headcanon Novakid Reproduction TM... Perhaps if I make the priority negative...? (Nope, that didn't work either.) I also notice there's no .../babySpeciesPicker, .../enableFemaleImpregnators, or .../enableMaleIncubators really defined anywhere to be patched in, ad it didn't work even when I inserted the changes into the files themselves. ... and yet it changes the pregnancy length from 3000 ~ 4000 time units to 7000 ~ 8000 time units!
  22. it is supposed to be installed after running BS: read the last 2 or 3 Pages....
  23. yeah that why i asked the cmar model is glitched after november or december update when u apply it, it comes with a white shorts texture along with penis mod.
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